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  1. Salam Aleykum, Thank you all for ur replies...very helpful and really appreciate it Wa Aleykum Salam
  2. Salam Aleykum, All over the internet now people have not only been attaking our beloved prophet (saw) with the cartoons but also targetting the Messanger of Allah (saw) through A'isha (may Allah be pleased with her). They are calling Mohammad (saw) a paedophile and how could he get married to a 6 year old girl and this and that. Can anybody tell me how to dispute these false ideas in a nice way. How can i inform them that paedophilia is not the case. Its really upsetting to read about these things about our prophet (saw) Please help Wa Aleykum Salam
  3. As-Salaamu aleikum For a while now there has been this debate in the home front. What marine life can we muslims eat? I have been told that only fish are allowed and the fish that are allowed are the fish with scales. Creatures like lobsters, crabs, octopus are not allowed. Because i am Hanafi, and because Imam Abu Hanifah did not allow eating anything except fish we follow this. However, the majority of my family are also Hanafi but dismiss this and continue to eat shrimp, craps and whateva they like. I try telling them u cant, but to no end. I would like to ask the brothers and sisters here whether eating marine life that is not fish is allowed. AS
  4. well the title says it all...ive heard and have explain to me that smoking cigarettes or pot is forbidden. Ive also heard that this was made official in 2003 by a panel, i think in Egypt. I keep telling the people i know not to smoke coz it is forbidden but they dismiss me. Smoking kills and its addictive, and any article which does so logically is haram coz it harms ur body but they still dont listen. Im afraid they are gonna burn for this in the Hereafter is they dont stop. So, is smoking haram?? Thanks