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  1. Opportunities In Canada

    and even Islamic Law, Tafseer and Seerah, Arabic Studies
  2. Opportunities In Canada

    PHd in Computer Science, Chemical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Systems Engineering, Software Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
  3. Opportunities In Canada

    Assalaam u Alaikum.... Dear brothers and sisters in Islam, i want to know about job opportunities in Canada. Which field is in demand, which universities provide excellent PHd scholarhsips, etc, plz help!
  4. Careers

    salaamzz... i am a grade 10 student, studying in International Indian School, CBSE.
  5. Nero

    well, is there any other software? like i heard abt roxio, which is best?
  6. Posting Limit

    and please, for what is this "Info Guy" here?!
  7. Posting Limit

    why r there so many restrictions on postings?
  8. Islaamic Economy

    hey man, from where do u get these sermons?
  9. Phone Guru's!

    hope u got it1
  10. Free Islamic Webhosting

    hey man, even i want to launch an Islamic website, currently i am running it at geocities, plz help!
  11. Lcd Monitors

    philips and samsung r the best, u should buy 18" one not 15" one!
  12. Calling You Web Designers!

    hey contact me - g e n i u . m e [at] g m a i l . c o m remove spaces, i can help u inshallah
  13. Idiot's Guide To Codecs

    hey thanks for the help!
  14. Citrix

    well, whats is it about?
  15. Video Editing

    hey i had been searching for the answer to his question myself, any1 plz help!