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  1. ya, people just like to think the government is lieing to them, and dont seem to understand that nasa isnt part of the government.
  2. Help Me Prove This Evolution Theory Wrong

    they arent, all our ancestors who linked us to apes (not monkeys) are dead. they died out a long time ago.
  3. Cnc Gantry Robot

    unfortunatly, i feel that it will be impossible to integrate automated machines into civillian aplications esspecialy large scale robotic devices without military funding, which is why im proposing a quadraped walking tank to the us military as soon as i get the chance.
  4. Big Debate About The Exitence Of God 1 Vs 10

    im a christian who dosent believe in the trinity, how am i a nonbeliever? am i not a person of the book? am i not mentioned as a freind and fellow believer in the quran?
  5. what you are saying is akin to saying that because osama bin ladin was muslim, all muslims are osama bin laden, its just plain wrong. in america we have literaly hundreds of different denominations all with different ideals. i personaly belong to a decidedly american form called united methodism, its something like the second largest protestant denomination, methodism was founded by a man named john wesley in the 1700s after he had his own revelation (he had a calling, but never claimed god spoke to him) united methodism was formed by the joining of the calvinist church with the methodist church, forming united methodism, we are not fundamentalist, we are not extremeist, we are not rabid angry anti-world jerks. we are just simple people who share one thing. we belive in god and we believe no one should be turned away from his table. and my ancestors did arrive here in the 1600s, but other ancestors arrived from various countrys at various times, its been 400 years, people do change over that amount of time.
  6. Judas Manuscript To Be Released Late April

    the thing i find interesting about judas, is that he was doing the will of god. christ said at the last supper "one of you shall betray me" he knew it was coming, and did nothing. so if christ new judas would betray him, was judas realy betraying him or doing what he was commanded to do?
  7. after i saw the cartoons i felt like burning danish flags because of how stupid, and unfunny they were. if you are going to make a terrible and offensive cartoon at least make it funny! or draw it well! now that i think about it the only good politicaly relevent and funny cartoons ive seen in the past decade were those of al jazeera's website! they reminded me of ron cobbs veitnam era stuff. the thing is denmark has been doing a lot of bad. anyone remember that peice of garbage theo vangogh made? i personaly wouldnt have killed him, but i would have thrown a brick through his window and maybe ##### or something. id say what we need to do here is counter these terrible cartoons with some good cartoons depicting the treatment of muslims by the danes and their hostility to all religeon, and how rampant racism is there. they made andy rooney mad for heavens sake! andy rooney was ready to rip their ministers head off! the guy didnt understand the difference between racism and free speech and then was offended that muslims got upset! who on earth gave that man any power? edited by thezman 2/14/06
  8. Holocaust Myths And Facts

    you cant realy even prove that, cause for all you know, you are part of someone elses dream. you can only prove your existance to yourself for absolute sure. this is all hypothetical of course.
  9. Sun Will Rise From The West One Day!

    i think that when the sun rises from the west it will do so when the sun goes super nova and engulfs the planet in what... 2 billion years?
  10. Evolution ?

    the thing is that god does not have a physical image, the thought of god having one goes against much of what is said in the torah, the bible, and the quran, god is everywhere and everything, and as such is not in human form, and at expense to myself ill post just how complex this is... ??? to bacteria to single celled organisms to multi celled organisms to simple animals to complex animals to invertibrates to pikia (the first animal with a back bone) to tunicates to hagfish to armored fish to complex fish to lung fish to amphibians to reptiles to endotherms to mammal like reptiles to mammals to rats to primates to simians to man and in listing that i skiped thousands of steps and dead ends and inbetweens, you need to understand that there is nothing simple about all this, it is all mind boggleing and has driven many mad, its as complex as the unified theory of everything is to physics. but considering all the fossil evidence and the progression of how life works, it makes sense.
  11. Evolution Debate

    there are far to many inbetweens to post between a sea lion and a fish, but i will post the inbetweens of a fish and a land animal (more specificly a tetrapod, which we are descended from) humans (and all other land chordates [animals with back bones]) descend from the Sarcopterygii or lobe finned fishes (like the cealocanth, arowana, and other socalled "lung fish") the Sarcopterygii appeared in the late silurian roughly 416 million years ago (thats 416,000,000 years ago) now what is important about them is that their lobed fins contain all the bones of modern land animals arms, and legs, now, i could post all the different members of this family but i will only post the ones that show the progression of evolution in action: the changing shapes of the heads of land animals: the fin of Eusthenopteron one of the first land walkers, well, it didnt realy walk per say, it kinda wobled, it is is a Osteolepid and is an example of the leftmost skull shape. a profile of eusthenopteron: a drawing of Panderichthys: a drawing of Ichthyostega, the first true land chordate, it resembled a giant salamander of sorts: thats basicly from fish to land animal in 3 easy steps (with maybe 10 acctual steps between them.)
  12. Holocaust Myths And Facts

    it would appear your site is a bit biased, so i found one with a bit less bias, it dosnt focus just on jewish deaths, but also various other crimes the nazis commited (like the sterlization and murder of the mentaly handicapped, and various crimes commited on the eastern front) now, while the content of some of the documents is questionable, i know from third party sources (including the rise and fall of the third reich, which is irrefutably fact, as it was based directly on the nazi documents retreived, various soviet reports also confirm the jaeger document, but, also say that odds are most of them werent jewish, but reported by the nazis as jewish, the nazis considered all eastern europeans to be inferior anyway, so would make no bones about claiming they, and all communists were jewish, when infact stalins purge had taken most of the ex-jewish communists out of the government.) to be correct. (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_fcit.coedu.usf.edu/holocaust/resource/document/document.htm"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_fcit.coedu.usf.edu/holocaust/resour...nt/document.htm[/url]
  13. Jewish Does Not Begin With 'z'

    we must remember that jewish dogma states that all that tied isreal to the land of palestine was the temple of the lord, and when that temple was destroyed the tie was severed, and the jews were forced out and wandered, according to jewish dogma, isreal is not the promised land, it is holy land yes, but not the home of gods people, as they are no longer tied to it, as such i dont see zionists as real jews, but more like poloticians masqurading as jews.
  14. Proof. George W Bush Takes Talmud Classes

    i find that hard to believe that he would be taking talmud classes, as he hasnt even read the bible. and as far as i know ari fleisher isnt a rabbi. it would be funny to see bush trying to learn hebrew though, he cant even say nuclear! id pay to hear audio of that!
  15. Proof. George W Bush Takes Talmud Classes

    ya, im used to that one looking like this: