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  1. Why Bow To A Pagan Shrine And Sacred Stone?

    Did they ? cause I thought it was only something Muhammad did to unwind. Could you provide some evidence for your claim ? Thanks, Real
  2. Genuine Question To Ask To Learnt Muslim ?

    You believe in this punishment for everyone that steals don't you ? Prove it ! If not then you are a hypocrite ! You see you only believe in it when it is not aimed at you. This is such a hypocritical teaching. If you can't do it yourself then how fair is it that you do it to other people ? Real
  3. Why Bow To A Pagan Shrine And Sacred Stone?

    When did the Jews pray towards the Temple ? They prayed at the temple only. Like they do now they pray at the temple mount. Do you mean the Jews around the world pray towards the temple ? Why was the direction changed all of a sudden ? Did God change his mind ? As far as practices of the pagan arabs being incorporated into Islam. What about the cicrling of the Kabaa before Muhammad received his revelation ? It's something Muhammad done to relax. Then it becomes something all muslims should do............. Also the worship of Jinns were an arab pagan practice of the time as well. Then it becomes a belief of the Muslims. Coincedence........... ?? Real
  4. Genuine Question To Ask To Learnt Muslim ?

    Conveniently you didn't comment on my question. Who is being honest here ? Have you (any Muslim) ever stole something before ? Cut your arm off then. If you speak the truth ! You say you believe in this command don't you ? Real
  5. Why Bow To A Pagan Shrine And Sacred Stone?

    You still bow towards it. Which is a symbol of Idolatry. Real
  6. Why Bow To A Pagan Shrine And Sacred Stone?

    Only according your definition. Read mine ; ) Fixed.
  7. Why Bow To A Pagan Shrine And Sacred Stone?

    So why is it even there then, included in the place where you worship, in the holiest shrine in Islam ? Real
  8. Why Bow To A Pagan Shrine And Sacred Stone?

    I clearly stated that it is included in the worship of God though. Which is not needed this is idolatry. The Jews pray at the wailing wall. cause it's the foundation of the temple where the israelis used to worship and offer the blood atonement, before it was destroyed and the Jews kicked out of their home land by the Romans in 70 A.D. Never heard of that law before. In the OT God resided over the Ark Of The Covenant in a cloud. And in the prophets and came in the form of Jesus. And God in the OT is described as having body parts as that of man. I believe Idolatry is believing that some kind of object can represent God and can help in worshipping him or that by praying some certain way physically can help you reach him. You only need to ask God in Jesus's name. God is a spirit he is everywhere. Real
  9. Why Bow To A Pagan Shrine And Sacred Stone?

    What about the fact that God despises "sacred stones", and would never include this rock in his worship, this is idolatry ? Do not bow down before a sacred stone ![using large font size is not allowed] Real
  10. Why Believe Muhammad ?

    What you call clear cut I agree with about the son and servant. This adds no weight to the argument that the Jews knew he was equal to God and that his words of wisdom were above any knowledge of the most learned people of the law (OT). What you quote is mostly true. I mean have you heard the saying "make a lie, make it a big one, repeat it often enough and people will believe". People can believe anything they want to believe. The truth that I can not escape though is that Jesus put the wisdom of the learned to shame, he stopped executions, he corrected the meaning of the 10 commandments. The numerous prophecies and symbols of the OT relating to Jesus's coming sacrifice. His disciples only at the last minute namely Thomas realised that he was indead God. And Jesus said nothing to him about his claim other than you have received this from the father. You see in Christianity, God loves free will, nothing can take away free will. God would never do that. This is why when Jesus spoke he went to the extent of never saying "I am God, worship me." Then God would be forcing you to believe so you are just following orders, it has to be of your own free choice to worship Jesus. Otherwise you have become a robot, God does not want robots following him he wants people who think, and develop self control, through temptation. And worship him in truth. So you see why I bring up my question about the God of Islam. Saying "follow this book of which there is no doubt." And "worship me." And the saying "Allah will cause more disbelief in someone's heart" is just so backwards to the Christian message of Jesus and of free will given to all. Real
  11. Genuine Question To Ask To Learnt Muslim ?

    I didn't claim anything you said. I said no one is perfect. But you insist on claiming Islam is perfect. Of course it is. Since it says it is. And you cannot question it. So it is. So you have no problem with this absurd logic ?????????????? Real
  12. Genuine Question To Ask To Learnt Muslim ?

    In the Bible though the law was only for the Jews not the whole world. If the law was for the whole world then this would lead to extremists much like the Jews were towards Jesus, and Muslims today, and not to mention a large divide amongst people not wanting their culture being over taken vs people wanting to have their religious culture over take the countries culture. Also the law of the OT was very Jewish. Much like the law of Islam is very Arab. So to spread your religous law is wrong for anyone to do !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is not only treason but to over take everyone's culture to be replaced by one religious culture. What should people think of this ??? Me too. Real
  13. Genuine Question To Ask To Learnt Muslim ?

    Not to mention the cultish behaviour that Muslims are told to behave like. No one may criticise the Quran or Muhammad otherwise you are to be punished or silenced, etc... You don't believe in freedom of speech... therefore you don't believe in democracy.. therefore you don't believe in freedom.. etc .... No questioning = no truth ! This is the reason why nobody wants Islam !!! ...... Except of course people who choose not to question.... oh that's right..... Don't you question the wisdom of these teachings ???? Don't you believe in democracy ? All the crap everybody had to put up with when religions ran the countries. Even now you can see the effect of these silly laws in countries ran by religion (especially in Islamic ones) that stop's the nation in their tracks for further development. To help the sick with technology advancements and give everybody jobs, a roof over their heads, freedom in religious beliefs, food for their bellies, social outlets for people to relax, etc.... Western countries have had so much success compared with religion run countries. Much more stability. Real
  14. Genuine Question To Ask To Learnt Muslim ?

    Oops multiple post alert. How do I delete 'em ?
  15. Genuine Question To Ask To Learnt Muslim ?

    Well in Australia we got rid of all those things a while back. So Islam is barbaric. And "Carpet bombing " in a war against an agressor who is hell bent on getting their way, no matter who they hurt. I say is OK. If negotiations fail that is. That's fine live in your Islamic country paradise .... or whatever but don't come here and claim that your religion is perfect and Islamic law should take precedence over civil laws and that Muhammad wasn't a pedophile, etc.... Real