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  1. Fun For Muslim

    Fun for moslim people i think could be to do any hobbies, but they have to be "halal"! e.g. i like to go in for sports with my sis and my mom. In addition i love to go shopping. But nevertheless do not forget your religion and god!!
  2. "hope" In Diffferent Languages

    salam! Italian: speranza Polish: nadzieja Kurdish: hiwi regards
  3. A2 English Coursework

    Salam Islam4ever! u could change a poem or a song into a shortstory! i think it would be quite easy :D good luck
  4. H A S B I R A B B I

    salam talha aj! u can download this on the page: salmiya My regards
  5. Sami Yusuf My Ummah

    I just want to download any songs of sami yusuf! But i don´t know where! Can anybody help me? I would be really pleased. Thanks a lot and may god protect u My regards
  6. Online Poker?

    I agree with u that such games are just a waste!! god bless u :D