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  1. Not Marrying A Guy Because Of His Health?

    salamu alykum sis, Subhanalah Don't think of leaving this wonderful man. Its a test from Allah, your mom is not coming from a religious aspect. He has problems but pray and make dua to Allah. Like someone else said what if you find a healthy guy who isn't a good person? and even if he were to die and you were married to him. On the day of judgment you'd still be with him as his wife. This world can end any second. God forbid but what if you got in an accident the next day? he'd live longer than you right? all am saying is this, he loves you a lot and you love him, love should blind you (in a good way). Anyways its your choice all i know is that if my future wife were to leave me i'd be devastated especially over something Allah has put in me that i can't do anything about.
  2. :sl: i actually feel bad for israel. because our dead are going to heaven and their dead are going to hell. also Allah said that he will punish them like no other people he created. so to get punished like that they must commit horrific acts. so insha Allah israel will lose and the muslims will win, the nasru Allah is near insha Allah. :sl:
  3. Amd Dual Cores..

    well i don't know if am correct but either they don't have it or have a weak math co-processors, compared to intel whom has included it in all their processors. i'll have to look in to it again. :sl:
  4. Wierd/scary Experiences

    :sl: i guess i thought i was the only one that this happend to its been happening to me since i was nine. they say its sleep paralysis in recent article i was reading but Allah knows cuz it happens right after salat al-fajar. sometimes i get like that and i fall endlessly until i scream allahs name and then it goes away. i usually get it when i do a lot of bad sins. :sl:
  5. Help Brothers And Sisters

    :sl: bro you should wait until you can support her. let her finish collage and you should finish collage. as for ÚÈà Çááå i strongly disagree with you. women are not objects that you get and then when they are usefull to you, you start loving them. if you are not inlove with her from the beginning then don't go for her. :sl:
  6. Sound Effects

    :no: bro i would try ubuntu studio :sl: :sl:
  7. Right Course Of Action In Difficult Situation?

    :sl: brother go after her, but give her sometime. untill their family is settled. but race is not a reason not to marry someone. good luck bro :sl:
  8. Sound Effects

    :sl: you want the sound effects you hear to be applied to you voice and then burn your voice as mp3 on a cd. well the sound effects you hear are only ment so that you can feel that your in a concert hall and other places. Realtek HD Audio manager is a program that manages your audio meaning it cannot alter what you record. what you need to get is an audio editor simple free programs that you can search on google. i use Roxio 10 its got a bundle of audio video editting programs. hope this helps :sl:
  9. Help Brothers And Sisters

    :sl: brother Allah will help you i say go for it. and insha Allah you will get her. may Allah help you :sl:
  10. Blackout In Besieged Gaza City

    masha Allah bro what a wonderful community. :D Allah knows that justice will prevail we know that justice will prevail Allah will punish those yahud in a way that he has not punished anything else he created. we all know that yahuds are parasites they need to kill or harm their host or what ever their around to survive :sl: :sl: :no: :j: :D and yet other surrounding muslim countries don't help out their afraid of america they are all pathetic. and when israelis are "attacked" bush is there to help them. anyways allahuma sa'id kule muslimeen fii kule makan. :D :D here's tha latest news (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_english.aljazeera(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/NR/exeres/7ECF3A31-7190-4FA8-8D50-349C960370A3.htm"]aljazeera[/url]
  11. Urgent Help Needed Please

    :sl: babel fish or you can just buy the rosetta stone collection :sl:
  12. Web Design?

    :no: try the dummies books bro they are very helpful and often come with cd's :sl:
  13. Mac Os On Pc Via Vmware?

    :no: ok, why don't u make iso's out of the mac cd's on a mac computer then get a drive emulator for ur pc and then download mac extensions under ur favorite .rar/zip program and open them from there then make a bootable iso cd and then go to ur bios and set the boot order to cd-rom first and then you should be able to install it. i did a few yrs ago with the help of my friend we also installed vista on a mac much easier :sl:
  14. Hotmail

    :sl: lets not forget that if anybody knows ur email they can freez it am not gonna say what programs do that but i'll tell u its possible i've had to get a new account 3x till i found out me geeky friend has been freezing it. well best of luck :sl:
  15. Youtube Videos

    :no: there is a much easier way to do this. u'll need a program that can convert to mpeg4 so that its easier when u burn the vid instead of getting it as a flv and then converting it back mpeg go to this site (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetdvdvideosoft(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/products/dvd/Free-YouTube-to-iPod-Converter.htm"]the site[/url] it says its a psp converter but its the same thing a psp uses mpeg4 format so does your computer. once you do that you can nero or even windows movie maker to make your videos burned on to a disk. if u need more detail just pm me. :sl: