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  1. Islam in South Africa

    Slm, Well i am from South Africa too. Yes, it is definitely a nice place to live as a muslim having all the freedom to practice your religion and so on. We also have all these advantages that were not available to us about 10 years ago. With Black Economic Empowerment (BEE), we as muslims of this country benefit alot. But having grown up in an Islamic country, i definitely prefer the Islamic environment more. :sl: Peace :sl:
  2. Middle-eastern Vs Western Muslims

    Salaam, I'm not sure whether i understand you correctly. I would like to give clarity on two issues. Islam is a universal religion and a way of life. When one is muslim, or becomes a muslim, he follows the same teachings as everyone else. Whether he may be in the west or the east. And that is the beauty of Islam. The basic laws of Islam does not change from one place to another even though maybe the perceptions of people may change. 1) So according to biological evolution, in Islam, we do not believe in evolution but rather in a creator who created things the way they are and science is just a means for humans to understand the creation of Allah. 2) The 911 bombings: Most of us have enough evidence to believe that it was an inside job. Your opinion might be different. But no matter who did it, no act of terror against innocent human beings is justified in Islam. Yes, of course, we should defend ourselves like for example the people of palestine. They have all the right to fight back and defend themselves but nowhere is killing of the innocent justified in Islam. So my opinion is that Islam is the same wherever you go but the only difference is like you rightfully mentioned, in tradition and culture. Not all the muslims in the west are respected and muslims in the east are also not disrespected but all is relative and is influenced by many factors that differ from one environment to another. I will speak about South Africa for example as opposed to Egypt. In the one instance, you have an Islamic environment and the next, non-Islamic. So if we have muslims who are not Islamically concious ( and you get those in all religions, i'm sure you agree!) in South Africa, they will easily fall into 'wrongs' that are accepted by the wider society, like premarital relations, drinking, etc. But a person in Egypt who is not Islamically consious will most probably not fall into those 'wrongs' because it is an Islamic state and these acts are not accepted by society. So if i may put it this way, their 'wrongs' are generally 'milder' than ours. I'm not sure if you understand what i mean but that is my opinion. Oh and forgive me if i misunderstood your question. Peace
  3. Passion For Life! Need Answers!

    Slm brother, I have read your message and i am quite intrigued by your way of thinking. I have also had a peak at your previous post and i do not agree with the statements your make therein about God. I have an idea of the 'problem' that you are faced with. Firstly, i'd like to know, are you muslim? If so, a revert? I will just share with you my idea about what i think you are experiencing. It is quite normal and encouraged for muslims to ponder about the beauty of nature and the all the creation of Allah in general. But doing so solely for the pusrpose of bringing us closer to Allah and understanding how truly divine Allah (swt) is. One grave danger thereof is when one starts to think about what is known as 'Ielm al Ghayb' or the knowledge of the unknown or unseen. This is when our mind might take us on a dangerous journey. It is at this time when the opportunities for 'shirk' arises. And as you may know that shirk is the worst sin one can ever commit. There are limitations to what you think and how far you go. For example, whatever you think or ponder about should be in the sense of 'Subhaanallah, Praise be to Allah' rather than 'but i wonder why and how?' I think that many people are faced with a similar problem. They feel like they want to do more. But at the end of the day, the best place to start is your own home and surroundings. Before you can think of changing the world, you have to first make changes in your home and in your immediate surroundings in order that you may find fulfillment in what you do. You can do just about everything you want to but only with the will of Allah. What is also important to ask yourself, is why am i doing this? Is it sincerely for the sake of Allah or for any other reason. or that people in the street know who i am! the best way is to do god in secret and to do it sincerely for the sake of Allah and then and only then you will succeed and gain the satisfaction of your Creator. So once again, every deed is as good as it's intention so weigh your intentions out carefully before you do anything. Think about why you want to do something and what you expect to gain from them. And if your sole purpose is to gain Allah's satisfaction and bring you closer to Allah, then go ahead with optimism. Starting from immediately your surroundings and remembering that the smallest deeds can carry the biggest reward. I wish you all the success in your journey and i pray that Allah guide and bless us all insha-Allah. I also pray that Allah forgive me for any shortcomings. Slm
  4. God's Existence

    Peace llogical Im sure you have researched this topic well in search for answers or evidence as you say. Still nothing? I will say again that Allah guides who He wishes to guide. I mean, even after this looong discussion? There is definitely something wrong. The only advice i can give you and this only applies if you sincerely and honestly wish to find Allah. Who better to turn to but the Creator Himself. Turn to Allah with sincerity in your heart and ask what you wish. You might just learn what you want to know. There's not much we can do. Maybe one day inshaa-Allah, Allah will open your heart and eyes and you'll look back on this day and wonder how you didnt see the truth whilst it was staring you in the face. Peace Peace
  5. Evolution?

    Peace Maybe the correct scientific way is to start at the end and work your way back but are you just gonna stop at the single cell organism? even though your logic ( :D ironic isnt it?) tells you that it cant possibly be the beginning? My other question: If it was a christian who believed in evolution, then the argument changes. But you are an atheist, you dont believe in no God or religion. Nor do you believe that anything will happen once you die ( how sad :D ). Would there really be any difference if you just believed that there is a God who is the Creator? Peace
  6. God's Existence

    Peace llogical, I honestly don’t think that this discussion is leading anywhere. Judging from how actively you are posting in this topic, it is clear that you are not at all contented with your decision that God does not exist. Take this example: A mother and her little child. If the mother disappears from the child’s sight what will the child do? Cry, right? Whether it was unintentional or whether the mother wants her child to find her. The child will feel that he has lost his mother and he will cry and give up without even trying to look around the corner. This would be perfectly normal for a child at this young age since his mind is not developed fully in order to know that he should go looking for his mother. The reason why not all people find God could either be because they are looking in the wrong place or using the wrong basis or concept. The other truth also remains and that is ‘He whom God has guided, none can lead astray and he whom God has lead astray, none can guide’. Personally I think the latter is the main reason why not all people find God. llogical, if you want a more interactive discussion, I think you should try using laments terms. Im not sure whether your mathematical formulae are more confusing to us or to you yourself. I agree with the person who said that God is infinite. Let’s think logically, if God was anything less of infinite, would He really be a GOD? Having said this, I think you should first come to understand and accept what God is, before trying to prove that He exists because He IS infinite. And if what I am saying is true (and it is) then all your formulae and concepts are null and void. Peace
  7. Evolution?

    Peace Eoin Thanks for the offer. Ok, here goes. Im assuming that you believe in evolution. If you read the previous posts you will see that the discussion is two fold. One where people like myself and other muslims believe that evolution does occur as things change and adapt all the time. Others believe that the world started with evolution even though we cant really use the word STARTED. Because like my argument goes, there HAS to be a start. Almost like we (muslims) we believe in a Creator (Allah swt). But even this creator cannot create another God because Gods are uncreated. They have no beginning and no end. So one uncreated cannot create another uncreated. So my point is that whatever you believe was the starting materials for evolution, had to be created by a Creator. Thats my view. What im confused about is the view point of people who believe in evolution. You are non-religion and others who are christian etc. also believe on this. So where are the similarities and where do the differences come in? Peace
  8. A Question To Atheists

    Salaam sister resend I am not an atheist but i hope you dont mind if i comment. With all due respect to atheists, they obviously dont believe in God, right? I just think that it is the saddest thing ever. If i was an atheist and just the thought that when i die, that would be the end of it. I mean, no life after death, you die and thats it. The thought is just so depressing. It just makes things so much better knowing that your work on this earth is so that you can obtain the Jannah in the Hereafter. Peace
  9. Evolution?

    Peace all I do not need a 'wild card' to get out of anything. If you followed the topic from the beginning, you would have noticed that i mentioned that i am no expert on these issues but merely wanted to know more about what people think about evolution. I do not need an excuse to get out of anything and yes, you may be right when you say that i should do my HW ( even though my intetion was never to debate about this topic on this level) because i have admitted that i do not know enough. HOWEVER you too need to do your HW because judging from your posts, i get the clear indication that you do not know your facts from an Islamic perspective. You are making the mistake that many non-muslims do and that is, misinterpretation of the Qur'an and the teachings of the Prophet (pbuh). I do understand that you are maintaining your point and what you believe but maybe you should just try being a little objective about things. even thinking logically about it might result in you seeing things the way the truly are. I think that your concept is full of gaps that you wish to find explanations to and if you truly study Islam you will find that It will put all your doubts and confusions to rest. Peace
  10. Evolution?

    Peace llogical. Where have you heard this? The ulama (scholars) do not disagree with any of the basics of Islam. There are cases when we experience change of views and interpretations amongst ulama when it comes to the various 'schools of thought' and how different scholars interperet the teachings of the Prophet (pbuh). However, these are usually minor issues and the differences in view does in no way affect the basic teachings of Islam. Secondly and as i have mentioned before, the Qur'an is extremely complex but there are no contradictions in the Holy Qur'an. The teachings in the Qur'an are clear to those who study the Qur'an and hence understand it but can also be vague to those who do not understand it. I assume that you have read the '4 days' statement in Surah 41 Verse 10. Revisit this Surah from verses 9-12. It makes perfect sense. Im not an expert on tafsir but the way i understand it, 2 days for the earth and 4 equal days added up for the earth and the mountains and sustainance. the last two are for the heavens, that does add up. Peace
  11. Evolution?

    Peace In Islam, we firmly believe that we have a CREATOR who says things 'BE' and IT IS. So yes, that would be my logical reason for the beginning. Please read the translation of the Holy Qur'an carefully. This will not suffice to understand the deeper meaning behind it, you will need to read books of 'tafseer' (translation) of Ibn Katheer etc. Peace
  12. Evolution?

    Peace Ok, so you say amino-acids. This is also made up of chemical elements. It must have started somewhere and do you honestly believe that science will come up with an explanation to the beginning. One really cannot just believe in something that is incomplete. And like it was said, its just a theory and cannot even be proven. The Qur'an is very complex and cannot be interpreted by just anyone. However, there are translations and explanations of the Qur'an that was devised by great scholars and this WILL never change. Unlike the Bible, the Qur'an has not change over the centuries and neither does Its interpretation. Shukran anthony for those verses. :D salaam
  13. Evolution?

    Peace 3dshocker, please do not quote me out of context. The second paragraph of your first quote were not my words. Secondly, i am giving my view from an Islamic perspective. The existance of science is an affirmation that God exists. Since you are a believer in science, my question to you still stands: Has science proven anything (besides evolution) in the Qur'an to be false? The reason why i say 'besides evolution' is because this theory has been devised so many years ago and scientific findings have been established based on the theory of evolution. So in my view, the basis is incorrect. The other thing is, im sure you have heard and read about the great achievements that muslim scientists have accomplished over the years. So if what you are saying is true, that science and Islam are incompatible, then how could these scientists have succeded given that their main source was the Qur'an and Sunnah (Islam)?? I did mention that i am a student of science and not a scientist, so i am still learning. One more thing. Science does not give a logical and reasonable explanation to how evolution started, im sure you agree. Things that evolve always evolve from something to another. So how can you just take for granted that the first 'something' was just there. From where did it come? Peace
  14. Evolution?

    Peace You are entitled to your opinion but at least give us some proofs why you think science and Islam are incompatible? Regards
  15. Evolution?

    Peace Yes, im sure almost everyone here knows what science is. "Science is a way to get knowledge by finding out what is true and removing what is not true. " Firstly, lets try to refrain from terms such as hypocrites. In Islam one does not just call anyone a hypocrite because our Prophet (saw) describes a hypocrite in detail and may Allah protect us from such accusations. We are all here to learn and benefit from others point of view in the most civilised manner possible. I believe that Islam and science are compatible and i also happened to believe that Allah (swt) created Adam (as) and all other creation. Just follow our train-of-thought for a minute. We are saying that us humans and other creation cannot be a product of coincidence or random process, right? So we obviously believe that their is a creator (Allah swt). So if this creator created these complex organisms, creations, humans etc. Then wouldnt He in His great wisdom put in place a medium in which this very complex, intelectual human being can understand the wonder of His creation. Science is a way of understanding Islam. I am a student of science and i have been for the past four years. I still see no incompatibility. :D Peace