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  1. 101 Ways To Annoy People

    lol very amusin....think ill try a few out :D
  2. Halal Petition

    :D im aware that i cant post links but wanted to tell ya about a petition..i got it in email and so thought id post it on here...just go to google and type in 'halal petition' it should be the first one that comes up.. :D
  3. Fav Quotes

    :D i dont know if theres been a previous topic on this but...whats everones favourite quote? it can be from the Quran or Hadith..or just general... :D :D
  4. Ne1 Selling A Nokia 6230?

    ok...jus been on ebay n theres looads of nokias...pretty cheap too...HOWEVER...canot tell wich are reliable etc..and how exactly do you pay..and will the definately arrive if i order them....i just dnt understand how it works :D :D
  5. Ne1 Selling A Nokia 6230?

    £60? ah wat a good offer!! :D but can u be sure phones sold on ebay are reliable.. yeh im sure...i know ur after a samung...which i am in possession of muahahaha :D
  6. Ne1 Selling A Nokia 6230?

    salams bros n sisters, i wondered if anyone has a nokia 6230 theyr looking to sell. i dont mind second hand ones...has to be cheap tho lol. jazakallah in advance.
  7. Babysitters Jailed For Rape

    salams these people dont deserve to live. there are so many sick people around the world. :D May Allah swt protect us from them.
  8. Michael Jackson Spotted In Robe And Veil

    iv never liked jackson neway :D :D
  9. Bush And Rice. Joke. Funny

    lol very funny!! made me smile. :D
  10. Naughty Boy!

    salams aww bless!! :D
  11. Riddle

    salams um i dont get it really :D ...bt ill say ye it is true
  12. Falling Bush

    lol that was funny!!
  13. Salams!

    salams all.... im new here :D hope you can all welcome me :D