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  1. 101 Ways To Annoy People

    lol very amusin....think ill try a few out :D
  2. Fav Quotes

    :D i dont know if theres been a previous topic on this but...whats everones favourite quote? it can be from the Quran or Hadith..or just general... :D :D
  3. Halal Petition

    :D im aware that i cant post links but wanted to tell ya about a petition..i got it in email and so thought id post it on here...just go to google and type in 'halal petition' it should be the first one that comes up.. :D
  4. Ne1 Selling A Nokia 6230?

    salams bros n sisters, i wondered if anyone has a nokia 6230 theyr looking to sell. i dont mind second hand ones...has to be cheap tho lol. jazakallah in advance.
  5. Ne1 Selling A Nokia 6230?

    ok...jus been on ebay n theres looads of nokias...pretty cheap too...HOWEVER...canot tell wich are reliable etc..and how exactly do you pay..and will the definately arrive if i order them....i just dnt understand how it works :D :D
  6. Ne1 Selling A Nokia 6230?

    £60? ah wat a good offer!! :D but can u be sure phones sold on ebay are reliable.. yeh im sure...i know ur after a samung...which i am in possession of muahahaha :D
  7. Salams!

    salams all.... im new here :D hope you can all welcome me :D
  8. Babysitters Jailed For Rape

    salams these people dont deserve to live. there are so many sick people around the world. :D May Allah swt protect us from them.
  9. Michael Jackson Spotted In Robe And Veil

    iv never liked jackson neway :D :D
  10. Bush And Rice. Joke. Funny

    lol very funny!! made me smile. :D
  11. Naughty Boy!

    salams aww bless!! :D
  12. Riddle

    salams um i dont get it really :D ...bt ill say ye it is true
  13. Falling Bush

    lol that was funny!!