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  1. I have heard some true stories about the kindheartedness of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Such as an old women who use to throw garbage on him and a man who put leather or stomach of an animal on him etc.... I want to include these examples in an assesment of mine but i can not find the reference. pls help!
  2. Asslamu alaikum Only 12 people partcipated in this survey... please come on.... i need more... or can u tell me any other Islamic forum where i can post this survey on... please! its very important that lots of people participate! Thanks!
  3. Assalamu Alaikum! I am a Muslim living in Germany and this is a survey for my school assignment in the subject English. Thank you for you participation!
  4. Assalamu-Alaikum I am student living in germany. My teacher asked me the following question which I should answer untill tomorrow. I tried a lot to find an answer in the internet but no success. I hope some one can help me here. From when is a HUMAN LIFE a HUMAN LIFE. From the time the Zygote (Sperm+Egg) has been created or what??? Thanks