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  1. Let's Organize A March

    This can be done, this must be done. Even if it was done just in North America. Just simply marching peacefully and saying "here we are; we are human, just like everyone else" would go a long way. We already have Islamic Relief, and the Ummah Clinic in LA that do much humanitarian work, it still gets overlooked. Tens or hundreds of thousands of muslims in the streets marching & praying all over the continent could not be overlooked
  2. Native Deen

    Salaamu Alaikum As you may or may not know the Islamic nasheed group of Native Deen will play 4-5 benefit concerts this summer for Islamic Relief in the US. My young son (age 9) really wants me to take him. Should I? is anyone from here attending? What can I expect at this show?
  3. Explain This Verse

    Salams one reason is that mankind does not follow the command of Allah(swt) to help one another, and to share our gifts. As vicegerents of Allah (swt) on earth we can help keep people from starving by charitable acts and gifts. I am no so naive to think that this could end world hunger, but if all mankind acted in concert to reduce starvation & poverty, I am sure we could make a big impact.
  4. Segregation In Masjid?

    :sl: Well, she feel slightly put off by the separation. As if it is demeaning t women, I guess. She is just leary because she doesn't know any of the sisters there. but I tell her that when I first went to masjid, I knoew none of the brothers either. I think it is an American/convert thing to be so put off by the separation.
  5. How Does This Make You Feel As A Muslim?

    Sad.... Angry...... It hurts my heart to see children living like that. I think I would feel the same if they weren't muslim, or If i weren't
  6. Muslims For Flying Australian Flag Outside Mosques

    This is my only problem, your nationalism shoud not come before Allah(swt)!
  7. :sl: for the clarification
  8. Islamic Compass..

    :sl: I got mine from Islamicity Dot-Com bazarr
  9. :sl: I have two questions regarding this matter. 1) what is the latest that it is permissible to perform fajr salat? I mean if my time says it is fajr at 5:38 and sunrise is 6:46 is it acceptable to pray at 6:35? 2) One of the brothers at the masjid advised to delay my prayers by 5-10 minutes if using mechanical or electronic timer and schedule. That is like an athan clock or athan software. He said that it may not be 100% and it is better safe than sorry in that offer salat too early is not acceptable either. This goes the same for delaying salat till the last minute according to clock. If you are using the old ways to measure salat times this is not an issue.
  10. Why Islam? Why Not?

    :sl: I reverted back to Islam because it provides an easy to comprehend system to live up to God's expectation of me. Islam contains far fewer "ifs, ands, or buts" than any other religion. With Islam I can live with the peace of knowing that I am striving to live up to my purpose here. It is also a comfort to know that I am not solely responsible for everything- I do my best, but in the end it is up to Allah to decide. Everything you see is a sign that there is a higher power that created all there is in this world. Once you accept that fact you must wonder what our purpose is. Islam provides that answer. In one sentence the reason I am a Muslim is: Islam shows me the clear way to worship God, live my life, and defines a clear purpose for my existence. To the atheists who may dismiss this logic: If you are unwilling to accept that you were created and therefore have no purpose, don't bother to question me. I have no answer that you will find acceptable
  11. Segregation In Masjid?

    :sl: Jazakallahu Khayran to all who voted and/or expressed their opinions. I would still like to see more votes to get a larger sample, but this will suffice. I am a recent convert and surprised to see the total separation of genders in the masjid. We can argue back and forth if it is right or not. This argument must be settled at some time. I understand both sides to the issue, but was still totally surprised by it. The reason I ask is that this separation keeps my wife from visiting the masjid. I was wondering if our local masjid was was the exception or the rule on this issue. We have only 2 masjid within reasonable distance from our home, one is 60 miles the other is 90 miles away. After that the nearest is 200+ miles salaam
  12. Sleeper Cell

    Br. Anthony. It was worth reading all the posts prior to the above, just to get to this point. I think we all agree that the "media, the west" and all other boogiemen contribute to Islam's poor public image. But we must remember that it starts somewhere.
  13. :sl: What does one do if their work or activities makes their clothes unavoidably dirty. Things like mowing a field, painting, or auto mechanic work. I know that you must remove all dirt, paint, etc from skin while performing wudu, but what about clothes?
  14. Sleeper Cell

    My problem with the show was it had lots of haram in it. Also the the "good guy" muslim was guilty of repeatedly commiting zina, as were some of the "bad guy" muslims. Overall though I agree this series did expose people to another side of Islam besides what Fox News and the like put out. But be warned this is not an Islamic show at all.
  15. Segregation In Masjid?

    :sl: I am wondering how many people go to masjid where men & women are separated. Please answer this it is very important to me, as I will soon explain. Also feel free to name the geographic area where your masjid is. I am not trying to start a contraversey as to which is right or wrong, that is certainly not my intent. So let's not let it devolve into that.