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  1. Israel Spent 30 Billion During Lebanon War

    I'm not "mad " , or even "angry " [correct English ] , I simply see you for what you are [phony ], and totally disagree with your views . Don't go getting "all personal " about it Tom . I call'em the way I see' em .
  2. Israel Spent 30 Billion During Lebanon War

    No Tom , they are HARDfacts , that you had better get used to , because they're not gonna change , especially with people like you offering idiotic comments and nonsensical solutions . But carry on ole' boy , you only affirm and stregnthen the cause . Your biased fangs show clearly through all your phoney smilies .
  3. Israel Spent 30 Billion During Lebanon War

    Uh .....the israel expense in US Dollars for the Lenanon war was ....1.6 billion . Wheredid you get your figures from Chrism ? Prpaganda ? US aid to israel should and DOES aid to Egypt . Although the figures touted on previous posts are inaccurate . I dont mind my tax dollars going to israel , as well as many Americans . If Americans in general,support philisophocilly israel's existence , then it simply follows that finacial support is commensurate . As long as the Arab/Muslim position on israel is percieved as unreasonable , israel will enjoy this support from America , just as Poland did , just as Afghanistan did , just as any cause Americans see as just . Sorry but the propaganda that is foisted up on the world stage day afterday , and year in and year out , is simply not credible in view of the behaviors observed for the past 6 decades . The more arabs and muslims do , the stronger the support becomes .. Don't you guys get it ? Face the facts , as far as the American people are concerned , the moral argument for israel's destruction has been lost . In fact the more ranting and raving and whining that comes from the opposition , the stronger the support becomes , and if you don't believe check the polls . And all that follows including 9/11 , where bin Laden stated clearly U S support for israel was one of his motives for that attack , confirms that position . Americans see the Hamas , Hezbollah , and palestinian charters asproof positive , of the correctness in their support . The more you hate the American position on israel , the stronger the support will get . All the wildtheories of "zionists " controlling this or that , the "zionists " doing this or that , all of it is considered hatefull drivel in the U S . That's the way it is . Oddly enough the U S has supported in each and every peace deal [that has failed ] , the creation of a Palestinian state , but the violence that is and was and will be , has negated all those talks . And the arabs and muslims involved , and in conjunction with the Palestinians are seen as the cause of it . So lets be realists , until basic changes in position occur in the arab muslim world , and of course the Palestinians position , support will continue , no matter how much ranting or raving that goes on . And the more acts of violence committed against Americans that are committed under this banner , the more galvanized that position will become . And Ahamadinejab ? A watershed for israel support ...if you can't see that , then you are totally out of touch .
  4. West Blocks Arab Bid On Israel's Nukes

    You know Tom , I'm getting a bit tired of you "palying stupid " whenever it seems to suit your purpose , don't you think it a bit childish , if not outright deceptive ? I have stated numerous times , a TWO STATE SOLUTION , is that which will be reached by negociation . Neither you nor anyone else for that matter, knows exactly what those borders may be . And no one will ever know as long as the Palestinians side insists on the destruction of israel as its paramount demand , for as long as that stands , there will be no negociations ....and you know that . It should be rather obvious to any intelligent person that such a negociation , if it ever takes place will be consumated by compromise . And just in case you don't know what that word means , let me clarify ....it means neither side will get all that it wants , and the latest word from Hamas , the representative government of the Palestinians , that they have sworn to God NOT to negociate with israel . That kinda renders the argument to be moot . Now speaking hypothetically , as I believe given this attitude among arabs and muslims , and given the inevitable effect of outside influences such as Hezbolla , Syria and Iran , that there will be no solution , but again hypothetically if they did , the borders would be close to the '67 boundaries , with Jerusalem either being split or an open city serving as theseat of government for both parties . Unfortunately this is NOT the intention of the palestinians , for they want ALL of israel with jews removed . So you go figure the odds of there ever being a Palestinian State . My bet , given prevailing attitudes ? You will continue to complain , arabs and muslims will continue to attempt to destroy israel , israel will continue to defend for its survival , the U S will continue to support israel . So , in reality , to raise issues about borders in view of such a situation , is really a disigenuous argument , and facetious to say the least . Therefore, although I gave you my view , and you are no doubt aware of the same facts and circumstances that I am aware of , I consider your question to be genuinely and patently PHONY .
  5. An eye for an eye , simply means the punishment should fit the crime .....and not exceed it .
  6. Taliban At It Again

    "my neighborhood " is not Afghanistan , and I dont have any Taliban running around . Simplistic anolgy Yasnov .
  7. The Enemy Within Our Midst.

    Well , now you DO admit that there is in fact a "panel board group " , so fall back to a position that they have no power . I never said they had any power , I stated that they would be advised by police preceeding a raid on suspected terrorists , to determine validity of evidence . That was not to say that the raid would rise or fall according to their determinations . What I found noteworthy , was that this was an etraordinary accomdation , unheard of anywhere else . A veritable trestimony to Brit patience , but also a harbinger of overt accomodation . Personally I find it ridiculous and foolish . But my opinion here was not the subject matter of the statement ....just the existence of the panel which at first you denied .
  8. Forced 'conversions' Should Have Been Condemned

    I agree , it is ridiculous. But it gathers suspicion when one hears of death penalties for leavingf the faith . For if the same arguments used to negate the credibility of forced conversion , they should also apply to LEAVING the FAITH . ....no ?
  9. The Roman Catholic Church , at least in recent history ,has taken the position, that it opposes the death penalty , no matter who . And that is a matter of fact .The pope [John23 ] accentuated that by forgiveness , even if there would have been a death penalty had the pope died of injuries recieved in that assasination , the church would have taken the same position . I disagree with that however , due to the depravity and decietfullness of the human mind . If murderers could somehow be totally removed from society , and any further influence on any segment of society totally removed , that is a total incommunicato accomplished ., then I would take the position of the church ....but at present that is impossible ....so , WHACK'em . :D
  10. Mark Twain for President !!!! BTW , the number of newspapers already shut down by the Iran Regime is more like about 12 . Also , no matter what you think of the U S ....a Theocracy , can NEVER be a Democracy . Religionists again trying to confuse issues . Religious views , once they leave the realm of the spiritual , and affect the corporeal , outside of the holder himself ,of such religious views , are tyrannical . And on a much "simpler level " , any country that shuts down a newspaper , is absolutely NOT a Democracy . That is a word whose definition can not be twisted to fit your particular arguments . Sir 's reasoning is simplistic , and heavily biased .
  11. Taliban At It Again

    Evil is evil . Let the chips fall where they may .....and that works BOTH ways . On the topic of the thread , yes , its the Taliban / Al Queda . Your rationale for whether or not they make public claim for responsibility , is hairbrained to say the least , and may be cause for innocence ONLY in a mind like yours .
  12. Bush Concealing Level Of Iraq Violence

    I agree . The First assault on Fallujah proved that . I say get the hell out to everyone and leave the Iraqis to their own devices ....which has been the rule long before BOTH invasions , and will continue long after .
  13. Taliban At It Again

    Tsk tsk ,Shaimahmood , you are indeed a product of propaganda . Livius is correct , and , I'm amazed , I find myself in agreement with oZZ on his latest statement , but I do not know if Al Queda can indeed be seperated , but if so , it's plausible . While you Shaimahmood are still mired in your self-made swamp of illogic . For you should know , BETTER than I , that the taliban are a product of Pashtuns and western Pakistani tribes . In fact pakistan more than any other entity is responsible for the Talibans existence So your theory is ludicrous , for it would mean all events leading to 9/11 and the subsequent invasion of Afghanistan were pre-planned for the sake of a pipeline ? Really Shaimahmood , do try to get in touch with reality , and not fantasy .
  14. I hope Bush hears you , I'd just as soon never been there at all . But that , doesn't justify what is going on ...Bush being wrong , doesn't justify , nor give cause for what muslims are doing to muslims in Iraq . Although many believe it does , I do not .
  15. Is Farrakhan Ready To Kick The Bucket ?

    Well that's on you ole man . I dont know if you can classify a success when along with "religiousness " comes bigotry and hatred , for Farakahn and most of his followers are virulent anti-semites and anti white . Guess you haven't listened to that many of his speeches . Most of his converts occur in prisons , you can make of that, whatever you wish . "too close to Islam " ? Polytheism ? ?