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  1. :D [at] bolded: two different places/countries, two different governments and two different ways of politics. Imperial1
  2. :D As I said, some people are so blinded by GWB's "religious" morals and beliefs that they believe every lie he tells. Imperial1
  3. :D Have you ever seen excerpts of KKK rallies? If not well I will be the first to tell you that indeed they do. Um, isn't that what religious extremists do anyway? Imperial1
  4. :D It's not rocket science to know what word that starts with an "n" was and still is used as a derogatory term towards African slaves and Black people. Imperial1
  5. He does so, some folks are so blinded by his "religious" morals and beliefs, they want to believe every lie he tells. Imperial1
  6. :D Who coined the word "Islamists" anyway? Why not? Because it should NOT be a word period. So that means I can call KKK members "Christianists" and not expect someone to be mad? Matter fact, I should coin that word and see what happens. Did I say you did? You're missing my point. Regardless of whether or not YOU consider them christians, jews, etc. Don't single Islam out and make a word for the extremists like "islamist" if you can't do the same for those of other faiths. Imperial1
  7. :D So use the same suffix often used to describe a misuse to those that misuse Christianity, Judaism, etc. Don't just limit it to Islam. If you don't know what the "n" word is, then clearly you've missed A LOT. How would you know what racism is but not what the n-word is? Imperial1
  8. :D Okay, so why can't you accept the same thing when we say Bin Laden is not of the Islamic faith or is no muslim? As far as I can see KKK members ALL claim christianity as their faith. Been doing that since it's organization after American slaves were free. (Well, at least they thought they were.) Saddam has killed MANY innocent people and children both muslim and non-muslim. He's not a muslim if he claims to be. ^^^^^ there's a double standard there. But all of those orgs you named affiliate themselves with CHRISTIANITY. Therefore, call them Christianists. Um, I LIVE in America, so GWB is DEFINITELY a terrorist to me. Imperial1
  9. :D Okay, so call them Islamic Extremist instead of a made up word offensive to those who practice the religion of Islam. That word is like the new "n" word for muslims. Imperial1
  10. :D So basically you're saying The groups you named in the first paragraph aren't called "other" names, but Al-Qaeda groups are? What sense does that make? My ideology is that they need to be called extremist rather than Islamist. PERIOD. How often do you hear people like Warren Jeffs being called a "christianist/mormonist?" Imperial1
  11. :D There you go with that "they used to hate black people" comment again. :D Imperial1
  12. salaam, Easy. They all have names don't they? Let's see: christian terrorists = kkk, neo-nazis, Warren Jeffs Islamic terrorists = bin laden, al zaquari (sp?) republican = George W. Bush Imperial1
  13. Salaam, Um, so that means you would also call a non-muslim person using Islam as a pretext for a "radical" political agenda an "Islamist" as well? i.e. The various non-muslims throught the media do that a lot. Imperial1
  14. Salaam, I call em religious idiots. I don't need a word to justify that about someone no matter what religion they practice. Imperial1
  15. Salaam, Um, what you mean USED TO BE black? Shoot it still IS black. Almost every time I inform someone I'm a muslim, they automatically think Nation Of Islam/Fruit Of Islam or Five Percent Nation/Nation of the Gods and Earths. Imperial1