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  1. Whos Line Is It?

    Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl: Here is mine, answer please: The oracle isn't where the power is. The power's always been with the priests. Even if they had to invent the oracle.
  2. My Grandad Is Dying

    may Allah bless your Grandad and keep him well with good health 'ameen'
  3. Pls Answer Question As Promised.

    When you are analyzing the things critically u need to provide the sources, what the heck with u? What is Tabari? If you don't know the full name or full context then don't try to write stupidity...
  4. Hindi Movies..

    AOA, OK guys! what aout Arabic movies?
  5. The Warning System

    AOA, Allah is given the free will, why do you like dictatorship? Its all free will, open a dialog, start reasoning and logic, its hard but its affective.. When Allah is giving shelter to millions of non-believers on this earth then why can't we do the same on this forum? edit by admin: This post violates forum rule No.8 kindly read our rules and abide by them. Proper action taken against poster. >>>08- Oppose rule or show disrespect to an IF official: disable 10 Can you please explain it, I respect mods team but here I didn't got your point.. Question: This is noway called disrespect. How can you judge the people? There is a "?" mark in my post, that means I am asking, finding solution, opening dialog so that it should be clear to all audience. Sometimes in order to see the light, you have to risk the dark. It's funny how all living organisms are alike. When the chips are down...When the pressure is on... every creature on the face of the earth is interested in one thing and one thing only: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> It's own survival.
  6. I Need Advice From Muslims Please.

    Basically you are not asking any solutions but giving some ##.. If you want to marry then findout "what is the way to marry a muslim lady"? If you want to betray her then why do you need all these advice? You are not a kid, you know what to do to avoid chaos.. My advice is comeout from confused zone and take an "impossible step", if you know what i mean..
  7. Counselling Room

    ^^^ That was my ponit..
  8. She Is My Life-plz Pray

    May Allah give marwa imaan, sehat and a speedy recovery inshallah, for Allah is All Hearing and He Answers Prayers
  9. Counselling Room

    Yes its good idea but... If 32 moderators can see then what is the point of hiding and privacy??
  10. Do You Have A Reciever?

    we didn't have that system in USA...
  11. About Atheism..

    3dshocker My special congratulations to 3dshocker because most of the people who believe in God are doing blind belief - he is a Christian, because his father is a Christian; he is a Hindu, because his father is a Hindu; the majority of the people in the world are blindly following the religion of their fathers. An atheist, on the other hand, even though he may belong to a religious family, uses his intellect to deny the existence of God; what ever concept or qualities of God he may have learnt in his religion may not seem to be logical to him. :D Here an atheist agrees with the first part of the Shahada i.e. the Islamic Creed, ‘La ilaaha’ - meaning ‘there is no god . we muslims also believe the same , now the only part left is ‘il lallah’ i.e. ‘BUT Allah’… You completed half jurney, Insha Allah the rest also you can complete.. :D 1- Give reasons please, why you are Atheist? ( My question is not about God, what you saw in Atheism? What principles laws, philosophy or any good thing or ideas or manifesto of atheism ?) 2- How you practice atheism in your life? 3- Did you consider Islam before accepting Atheism as your religion? Or First you accepted Atheism and then concluded that Islam is not right religion for you?
  12. Google Bans Web Site Critical Of China

    AOA mee too, Allah Haafiz
  13. The Muhammad Cartoons

    Exactly! that was my point.... thanks for your sharing.. These controversialists open their eyes in this century. Before that they were living like animals, they use to call them self talkative animals. Its the Islam which brought the dignity of woman and dignity of servant 1400 yrs ago. Its the Islam which gave every muslim girl "right to select' her hubby with her own choice even parents can't force them to marry against their wish. Its the Islam which gave the right of property to every girl of the family. Till 1965 black ppl were under horrible state sponsored crimes. Suddenly they become the champions of freedom.
  14. The Muhammad Cartoons

    Hold your horses dude.. If this topic is not about Woman and religion then why you are attacking on religion in non-religion topic. Same principle applies to you dude. Remember bill Clinton is not the son of Islamic world.
  15. Facts: Some facts about the usability of different forums.. 1- Islamic Forum > IF Library - Islamic Section > Islamic Download - Free eBooks! > Introducing Islam Last updated: 29th October 2005 - 06:42 PM Last post by: dot 2- Islamic Forum > IF Library - Islamic Section > Islamic Download - Free eBooks! > Holy Quran Last Updated: 6th February 2005 - 09:05 AM Last post by: Madeenahsh 3- Islamic Forum > IF Library - Islamic Section > Islamic Download - Free eBooks! > Quran Related Last updated: 10th January 2005 - 03:12 PM Last post by: Albani 4- Islamic Forum > General Discussions > Political Front > Audio & Video last updated: 17th February 2006 - 11:51 PM Last post by: Sister_Truth 5- Islamic Forum > General Discussions > Political Front > Books & Reviews Last updated: 16th February 2006 - 08:33 PM Last post by: zade 6- Islamic Forum > General Discussions > Sisters' Room > Sensitive Issues No topic my friend?????????????? 7- Islamic Forum > General Discussions > Brothers' Room > Sensitive Issues No topic 8- Islamic Forum > Islamic Forums (run by IF members) > Islam: the moderate religion > Enter the World of Islam > Miscellaneous Last updated: Feb 11 2006, 07:54 AM 9 - Islamic Book Reviews & Audio Lectures Last updated: May 23 2005, 11:02 AM In: Allaah Was Planning Against... By: aboo_uthmaan 10- Islamic Biographies Dec 26 2005, 07:33 PM In: Relationship Of The Madhabs... By: abuhajira 11- Avoid All Sects and Cults Jul 17 2005, 06:25 AM In: Be Careful who you call a K... By: al faqeer 12- Jihad & Misconceptions Mar 22 2005, 11:49 AM In: Islam & Terrorism By: aboo_uthmaan 13- Islamic Friday SermonsFrom the holy cities of Makkah & Madinah Feb 6 2006, 02:19 AMIn: Entering The New YearBy: Allah's Slave 14- Seasonal Islamic ForumsThese will be put at top of page when in season, but you may post here all year round, if you have any beneficial post.Subforums: Hajj & Eid ul Adha, Ramadan & Eid ul Fitr Jan 13 2006, 02:27 PMIn: Some Lessons From The Proph...By: shiningstar 15- Islamic LocationsLets fly there now! Jan 5 2006, 05:47 AMIn: MasjidsBy: ahamed_sharif How many ppl are coming on this forum per day? Which forum is active forum? I guess 50 % of the forums are not active. What is the use of all those categories and sub categories. I think its making too difficult for forum members to browse all topics. Its too early to divide the forums in multiple hierarchy at this point, I think its take long time to be mature to understand the whole indexing.