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  1. On Getting A Good Job

    :D Very informative. :D JazakAllahkir. :D
  2. Med-students Here?

    :D My apologies for not being much help. All the best with your studies and the future. :D :D
  3. Chocolate Gateau

    :D Okay, I'll try to get it. :D
  4. Fake Salat

    :D You need wudu in order to pray Salaat. It's regardless of what is in your hair, etc... How old is your brother ? :D
  5. Chocolate Gateau

    :D For the cake or the icing ? :D
  6. Allah Listens To Those Whom Call Him

    :D Jazakallahkir. :D :D
  7. Advice Needed

    :D Ameen to what has been said. You need to talk to your husband. :D
  8. Young Love

    :D The end decision is always upto the individuals and their families. If they are both mature enough, then there's no harm. In today's society I find that not many are ready to that extent for that type of commitment. This is just my couple cents worth. :D
  9. Pasta

    :D umm....I'll have to get back to you on that. :wl:
  10. Pasta

    :D Hope it comes out clear, but not to to big ! lolz. Gosh it looks oily....but it really didn't come out like that. :D :D Photo deleted by thezman, by the posters request on 6/13/06
  11. Chocolate Gateau

    :D Didn't come out as good as I wanted it to. Gosh some of the flaws can be seen...lol...didn't realise. Anyways, next time InshAllah improvement. :D Wassalaams.
  12. Chocolate Gateau

    Assalaamualaikum Finally, got it done ! Jazakallahkir for those who helped me...you know who you are. Really appreciated it. :D B) Wassalaams. Photo's deleted by thezman at the posters request on 6/13/06
  13. Chocolate Gateau

    :D I'll try to get the picture uploaded somehow. My apologies. :D
  14. Chocolate Gateau

    :D Could you please tell me if the picture has loaded ? :D :D