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  1. Cartoons. Another View

    I think that's a reasonable reflection of Europe though you need to carefully consider countries such as Italy and Ireland were religion is still extremely strong. The West in general has in my opinion grown, matured and developed into a place where tolerance is now increasingly genuine ... rather than the lip service paid by other areas of the world and other religious ideals.
  2. Auschwitz Myths And Facts

    I've always struggled to understand the importance of spending so much energy looking into the facts and figures of this tragic event. Hundreds died? Thousands? Hundreds of thousands? Millions? Nobody disputes a huge number died and that should be enough to close it as a shocking chapter in history. What exactly are you trying to prove with this sort of post?
  3. Iran Has Holocast Cartoon Competetion

    23# See what you're saying ... but as mentioned there won't be an outcry from Christian Europe. It is the very fact so much of the Muslim world DOES NOT have Freedom of Speech that the concept of satirical cartoons etc is completely misunderstood. I would suggest the Iranians would be better off fighting for the Freedom of Speech I take for granted rather than pointlessly trying to bait the West.
  4. Iran Has Holocast Cartoon Competetion

    quote]This newspaper is testing the "Freedom of Speech" boundries..lets see how the European press and the general public handle this. Iran does not have Freedom of Speech ... not in Newspapers nor general day to day life. Your statement is utterly incorrect and ignorant. This tests nothing, in essence it ensure the hatred and anger continues and wounds are harder to heal.
  5. Holy Holocaust!

    #4 An interesting and detailed list of violence against Muslims or so called Muslim countries, certainly adds up to a shocking number of victims. Do you have a similar list for us to reference relating to the hundreds and thousands of innocents slaughtered by Muslim (Arab) crusaders who wiped out tribe after tribe across the Middle East, North, West and East Africa all those years ago?
  6. Cartoons. Another View

    Interesting theory ..... slips up though as it uses a Jewish cartoon as a comparison. The fact remains it was a Christian country which ran the cartoons so the comparision would have been better suited to a picture of a Christian (Catholic or C of E) deity. Would there be riots throughout Europe? Nope. Some would be offended for sure, but I suspect Europe would probably laugh as it has for decades at a satirical interpretation of world events.
  7. We Need A Voice!

    That's exactly my intention. I genuinely want to understand how the UK should, can and or needs to fit into the bigger Muslim community. Personally I would expect that to be in parellel with the wider world.
  8. We Need A Voice!

    Based on that logic I'm sure you'd agree it would be a great idea if Iranian TV had a Western female reader from time to time NOT wearing Hijabi in order to boost understanding and acceptance of the West?
  9. Iran Has Holocast Cartoon Competetion

    There's absolutely no comparison between poking fun at a religious figure (however offensive) and moking the murderous slaughter of millions of innocents. If they can't work that much out there isn't any hope for them.
  10. We Need A Voice!

    You seem to imply Muslims only get a look in when there is something negative to report about their religion or associated acts. I'm struggling to think of any media events recently aired on prime TV news which interviewed non Muslims about great news and positive events. Lets face it, news only focuses on the negative and that covers all religious, cultural and national identities.
  11. Excuse To Riot?

    I'm starting to wonder just how much of the rioting and protesting in relation to the cartoons is actual true anger and how much is just yet another excuse to get out on the streets and cause utter hazoc. It seems to me that many Arab [##][/##] Islamic countries have a culture of rioting and seemingly sit around waiting for the next chance to get out and make a mess of their surroundings. Everyday seems to bring new pictures of mobs burning flags in the street, looting shops and fighting. I appreciate there is a lot of passion involved and many in the West simply don't understand it (lets nto forget that the West has spent decades creating satirical works regarding our political, celeb and of course religious leaders and seem mature enough to appreciate the difference between offense and intelligent debate) but is there really a need to constantly go out on the streets and trash what are often already run down habitats?
  12. Crusaders

    I can't write down all the Islamic invasion throughout History ... that would be like noting every single battle in WW2! Take Mali for example if you wish .. a country invaded by Islamic Crusaders intent on converting the local population via force.
  13. Crusaders

    I read with interest many Muslim banners and articles condeming the evil West as Crusaders against Islam. Clearly there is a belief in these opinions that crusades are wrong and must be stopped. Additionally there are frequently parallels made with the Christian crusades many centuries ago. I'd be very interested to understand the views and justifications of these people in response to the huge Muslim crusades which took place in the past not just across the Middle East but also much of North, West and East Africa where hundreds of thousands were slaughtered. I may be missing something but are the Christian and Muslim actions of the past totally identical (and equally unjustifiable)?