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  1. Conflicting Information...

    Exactly. To follow one view, wether it be from the Bible, Quran, or the Darwinian theory is just blind and ignorant. Islam is not evil, neither is christianity. All religions have their fanatics and dark poins in history...i just wish people would admit it more openly
  2. Former German Minister: "9/11 Run By Bush Administration"

    America is a sad excuse for a superpower...they have an awful foreign policy and a huge undeserved ego.
  3. Trigger-happy Cowboys In Afghanistan

    It happens on both sides. Many Americans do not speak out against Americans shooting muslims and many muslims do not speak out againt "terrorists" killing aid workers. Its all in what the media covers, sadly both sides need improvement.
  4. Conflicting Information...

    How is it that I am being insulted for tryign to be as unbias as possible...yet some people get away with being pro-Islam 100%?
  5. Conflicting Information...

    Ahaha yes because what I said is wrong? Its true...pro crusade? I knw christianity did some pretty violant things...just like Islam, no religon is perfect. My point is that Islam did nto spread "peacefully" and Persia is an example of that. If Islam was so great and didnt require an army to spread than how come Christian Europe didnt convert? When one side conquers another, conversion to belifs suaully happens...that doesnt however make it willingly. Stop trying to tell me Im brainwashed because I do read unbias articales....that why you do hear me saying "muslism re all terrorists" or "christianity is the best". Islam forced itself on alot of people (not all)...like any other relgion it gained a lot of ground through conquest, you cant deny that completely without being a fool. :D
  6. Conflicting Information...

    if the link doesnt work, just look up persia Islam relations(or somethign similar to that) in wikipedia...you should find that article.
  7. Conflicting Information...

    History makes it clear however, that the legend of fanatical Muslims sweeping through the world and forcing Islam at the point of the sword upon conquered races is one of the most fantastically absurd myths that historians have ever repeated. - De Lacy O'Leary Islam at the Crossroads, London, 1923 p. 8. This sums up what many muslims sem to belive...however (www.)"http://en.wikipedia/wiki/Persian_Empire#Islam_and_Persi_.28650.E2.80.931219.29"]en.wikipedia/wiki/Persian_Empir...E2.80.931219.2 [/url] This sounds like there was much resistance...resitance usually occurs when people do not willingly want change..in the case, ruled by Islam. Similar to what is happening in the middleast now...only the resistance is now Islamic militants...its the same situation, just now Islam is one being conquered. Just about any religion, creed, race will fight for their beliefs...there isnt much chance they will willing embrace somethign ew that is being brought to them through armies. :D
  8. 9/11 Cover Up?

    If it was a coverup it was a really bad one. They did one hell of a sloppy job. Althguh a lot of that conspiracy stuff is easily fake..some of it just makes you think...how does a enitre governemtn screw upo so big to let something like that happen.
  9. ~ Paris Signs Nuclear Agreement With Libya ~

    Well Libya gave up its weapons mostly(hopefully). Can you really trust Iran when their leder has threatened the destruction of Isreal? Whethter or not Iran wants it for power ONLY is still in debate but regardless of its use, they really arent making a good case for themselves.
  10. Muslims, A Virtue To Mankind?

    Its a compeltely differnet culture...one can onyl expect that there be oposition on boh sides. It is difficult to spread certain ideoligies to differnt religions and cultures. Some will embrace it whie others will fight it!
  11. Division Between Peace And Hate

    yeah that is definatly something to think about...
  12. Muslims, A Virtue To Mankind?

    Many muslims see adoptign western technology and ethics as wrong. that is a major issue.
  13. Division Between Peace And Hate

    Death to converts? Thats an awful idea. It should be everyoens right to believe in what they want. No one deserves to die for leaving one religion to belive in another.
  14. I caught this recent story in this months issue of Macleans Magazine: Taliban threatening a school for refusing to stop learning science and math. I know this is the taliban or whatever they want to call themselves, and not Islam but they claim to use Islamic law...how does this work? Or how about a Muslim cleric demanding death to a muslim who converted to christianity? These are seen has hardline Islamic laws...but still of Islamic decent...obviously this isnt the wide view of Islam but theres defiantly a large division between peaceful and violent/extremism.
  15. ~ Execution Of A Wounded Iraqi Soldier ~

    Yes...EVERYONE involved in the war. I say ungly side of Isalm because when hostages are killed as the killers are praising Allah, thats the bad side. I know MOST muslims are peaceful, but this shows that there are nutcases out their that will brainwash many into a twisted version of Islam.