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  1. Aisha

    Dear aboo im not sure what youre getting angry about, I am only here to explore this anti Islamic allegation. im not trying to ruffle anyones feathers. but if you are saying its ok to sleep with 13 year old girls and that its just a cultural fashion to say its taboo during these times, then muslims should be saying 'yes in theory, you could marry my 13 year old girl and sleep with her.' Im trying to look at the issue with no preconceptions. but if everyones getting indignant at the thought of people sleeping with their 13 year old daughter, then they cant condone it under any circumstances. thats fair and balanced right?
  2. Aisha

    please dont take these questions the wrong way, but like iftikharalam says, its often very hard for people to admit their own hypocrisy. you guys arent being hyppocritical at all, if you think its ok for me to sleep with one of your 13 year old daughters after i marry her. in fact if any of you have daughters and theyre over 13 im sure theyre married already!
  3. Aisha

    also i was wondering how many of the muslims on this board have slept with a 13 year old?
  4. Aisha

    if they agreed and were happy to do it of course. like you say, theres nothing unnatural or MORALLY WRONG with it
  5. Aisha

    would any of you guys mind if i married your 13 year old daughter and slept with her?
  6. Aisha

    the main point of my post here is that this is a common anti Islamic allegation. it needs to be discussed openly if you guys are ever going to be taken seriously. thank you for doing so. does anyone here think it is ok to sleep with a 13 yr old girl in todays society?
  7. Aisha

    so the official belief of muslims is that aisha consumated the relationship at 13? ok, im glad you guys are able to speak openly about this. i asked this same question in an earlier thread and was unable to post for a couple days.
  8. Aisha

    and just to clarify, i am not alleging it myself, but rather asking what muslims think about this allegation. if this is not what the thread is for then what is it for?
  9. Aisha

    i just want to know what you are told regarding aisha. i am sure youknow what i have heard about her. i am giving you a 2nd chance to explain yourselves after i was BANNED for starting a topic which is a clearly explained anti Islamic allegation under the ANTI IslamIC ALLEGATIONS thread. if i am fobbed off i will begin to worry. i have been told aihsa was 6 years old when she married mohammed and 9 whan the marriage was consumated, is this true? where did this informationn come from and what do muslims think really happened?
  10. Whats Ur Take On Bin Laden

    but no one has any solid proof that america and the UK iunvaded iraq? we know they did of course so we dont sit around being pedantic, but you KNOW osama was behind 911, yet you still wanna make a slimy american lawyer assertion that 'no one has any solid proof' *Insult edited by amani* 21:57 3/04/06
  11. the word kaafir

    THERE WE HAVE IT. was there any need to persist with xenophobic racist launguage? no. but some posters did anyway, we should ask ourselves, do these people have the right attitudes to represent their faith/people? i think not.
  12. Muslim Voice Against Hatred

    i beg to differ mate. plenty of subjects are 'jew related'. one could even argue that zionism threads are jew related. dont be such an arrogant mouth running cliche that you think muslims do one thing and non muslims another. things arent that simple.
  13. Islamofascist

    the problem is the highly pronounced attitude that muslim always band to gether without thinking and the articulated law that you shouldnt ever act against a fellow muslim.
  14. Adam Vs. Evolution

    Then theres no need for laws to change.
  15. Adam Vs. Evolution

    that sounds like you wanna interpret stuff and make your own decisions. not a good idea, cos that means you dont need to kill people for apostasy, no need to have veiled women, all music is no longer haraam, taking over non muslim lands is not allowed, no need to support terrorists or call people k*ffar. it means you may have to be measured on your own moral compass. a scary thought indeed.