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    Everything :D
  1. World Cup'2006 - Winner - Italy

    :D ITALIA! ITALIA! ITALIA! ITALIA! ITALIA! ITALIA! ITALIA! ITALIA! ITALIA! ITALIA! ITALIA! ITALIA! ITALIA! FORZA **** ITALIA **** CAMPIONI DEL MONDO! I feel sorry for Zidane, even as an Italy fan. Matterazi deserves to be banned from football for what he said about Zidane. :D
  2. Islamic Pictures And Videos

    :D Yeah I know, only in Ramadhan. Did you even watch the video above? The recitation isn't fast. Abu Ubaydah complains that it is too fast. I know he gets told to read fast :D Yes he does come and visit, But my dad usually visits him whenever he goes to Saudi. :D
  3. Guess The Surah!

    :D :D Oh well :D
  4. Guess The Surah!

    :D :D Surat Ibraheem? :D
  5. Guess The Surah!

    :D Yeah, why not? :D
  6. I've Got My Teeth Back

    :D Keeping your teeth straight :D
  7. I've Got My Teeth Back

    :D :D :D Yeah Definately! They feel really smooth! And really white lol :D
  8. Riquelme Or Messi

    :D Kaka is a far better player than Ronaldinho :D
  9. Riquelme Or Messi

    :D Ronaldinho isn't that good mate He's got the best skills in the world, but he's not reliable :D
  10. Random Incoherence

    :D Random: I bought a new watch today :D :D
  11. I've Got My Teeth Back

    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D Though I have to wear retainers for another 6 months :D :D
  12. Top Scorer

    :D Ronaldo mate, Ronaldinho isn't a very good goalscorer Rooney won't either And Zidane isn't a good enough goalscorer to beat Ronaldo, though he is obviously a better player, especially when he was in his prime. :D
  13. Riquelme Or Messi

    :D Not at the moment mate ^ Riquelme is the best player in the World at the moment Messi will eventually grow up to be better and more affective :D
  14. Who's Gonna Win It

    :D :D Yeah mate, I hate Reyes, Van Persie is alot better IMO Trabelsi was going to join like 2 seasons ago lol, don't know what happened :D
  15. Rio's Pranks!

    :D Oh yeah, It was on the second night of the world cup wasn't it! I only saw Neville's one, when he was with Giggs in the car park lol that was funny :D