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  1. First Holocaust Cartoons Entry! By An Aussie!

    :D heh, kinda off topic, but i should get used to using the :D and the :D .. i come from another non-muslim forum so i am not used to it :D
  2. First Holocaust Cartoons Entry! By An Aussie!

    ^^^ printing muslim and jewish stuff in terms of mockery(just a little correction) and who said the muslim stuff is ok.. atleast here, who said it is ok? right, there will be a lot of people who speak out against the anti-jewish cartoons, but there are also going to be some who do not speak out agaisnt them, and the fact of the matter is, they are both wrong
  3. Clarification Of Verse

    yep, chapter 2, 280 reads: And if someone is in hardship, then [let there be] postponement until [a time of] ease. But if you give [from your right as] charity, then it is better for you, if you only knew.
  4. First Holocaust Cartoons Entry! By An Aussie!

    still, anti-holocaust/anti-jewish cartoons shouldnt be published(unless they are political)
  5. A Final Exam

    that was actually a video
  6. 1st and foremost, you stated two kinds of governments, a democracy and a dictatorship/monarchy and explained why each wouldnt work, and i thought you were implying that Islam is a monarchy, which as i said, its not a system of government secondly so where do you think the basic laws that run our society come from? if it werent for religion or for god, then as i said, we would be just like animals. and you shouldnt disagree b/c you obviously beleive in evolution(no creator) which means that you think we are animals, just a different species.. so if we are "animals"(i never like to degrade myself to that level) then how come we are the only ones who discovered the civil laws? other animals have no problem killing themselves, however humans ended up with it b/c of religion.
  7. Mcdonalds Chicken Burgers

    Assalamu alikum.. sorry(?) "they say" was referred to the other argument. i wasnt giving any fatwah about "they say" my point was some people say(scholars) that because the majority of the country is christian, then you can assume that is the way secondly, this is not my fatwah. I heard this from a sheikh and i happen to agree with him, i dont understand your problem with my post.. and i didnt say there is a hadeeth qualifying christians.. i think there has been a major misunderstanding, however i do not have the hadeeth at the top of my had, the next time i meet with the sheikh i will ask him for the hadeeth and where i can find it(in probably a week, i will try to PM you) oh, and lastly, i didnt mean to be offensive or rude in my post PS: how do i use the arabic assalamu alikum and walikum al salaam? nvm, figured it out :D
  8. What's Wrong With Her?

    whos paying for it? honestly, the only way to do this is to do punishment, its too old for anything serious, but if your paying for it, refuse to pay until she gets good grades, and if she doesnt want to get good grades, then shes out of the university. And a little more harsh punishment is, my house, my money, my rules, you dont like them, the door is wide open
  9. Now A Blasphemous T Shirt In Usa.read The Sad News

    its all because of the rediculous ego. Why doesnt denmark want to apoligize? because if they do apoligize then the muslims won, they dont ever want that to happen
  10. 3d's Apology

    apology accepted here as well, and my bad for gettin pissed towards you(even though i didnt really show it as much)
  11. 3Dshocker, Islam isnt a system of government and furthermore, when man was created, he had no knowledge. and he(adam) got all his knowledge from Allah. Where do you think the basic laws that run our society come from? THe basic laws such as dont kill, dont steal.. etc etc? these all come from religion! if man was just put on earth without any guidance or laws, we wouldnt have a civilized earth, it would be jsut like animals who will kill each other for food, however religion was reveiled to us and thats where we get all our basics from, and yet you say religion is wrong, subhanallah and, and good reply thezman! indeed, Islam begins b4 the ottoman empire! lol
  12. nope, it is not. i can dig up the verse in the quran for you, but im too lazy to find the exact translation,s urah number, etc. But we are commanded in the quran to not make fun of other people's religions so basically no, we are required by the quran to respect all other religoins and not make fun of them
  13. hes arrogant, stupid, and in denial. Basically, he cant take it that what we are telling him cannot be argued about, so he tries to dig up more things, and those things are just answered, and it goes on. if you look carefully, he rarely ever answers to us, he just keeps posting new things, why, because he cant respond! he is sealing his heart off from the mercy of Islam
  14. Now A Blasphemous T Shirt In Usa.read The Sad News

    do you have a link to that article?
  15. the holocaust did happen, but let me tell you something. 11 million people were killed in the holocaust. 6 million were jews. that leaves 5 million NON-JEWS killed in the holocaust. only 54.5 % were jews, and as far as I can see, the only people i see complaining about the holocaust are the jews. but that still doesnt mean it didtn happen. It just goes to show you how things are portrayed, but it really doesnt bother me that the jews exxagerated it, after all they do have a right to complain about it, and to be honest ive heard so much about it, it lost all meaning. First time i heard a complaint i was really effected, but now after 10 billion complaints, all i say is thats old news, 60 years ago, people are being massacred now and they dont complain as much as you do, and youve havent even been through it!
  16. A Plea For Your Prayers

    May Allah make it easy for you and help you Do not think that Allah doesnt seem to be listening to your prayers/dua. Every submission(dua) is accepted by Allah, it is excepted in either 3 ways. Either what you asked for is fulfilled, or you are saved from somethign bad that was going to happen to you, or it will be saved for you in the day of judgement(by getting good deeds, I THINK).. and therefore on the day of judgement(i heard this from an IMAM) you will wish that NONE of your dua's were fullfilled in what you asked for adn that they were all saved until the day of judgement
  17. Mcdonalds Chicken Burgers

    I live in the USA. And there is always a question of, what if the person who slaughtered the cow ISNT a person from the people of the book? Then they say it is because the majority of the country is christian, then it is lawful. And there is a hadith, which means, that prophet muhammad(PBUH) said that there are people of the book that you shouldnt eat their meet.. and something along the lines of b/c they can hardly be called christians.. meaning that they are not religious, which is in fact the majority of the US population, non-religous christians. Furthermore, in the USA, there are regulations ont he slaughter houses, and it is said that a chicken will pass the health requirements even if it is killed before any blood is realeased(which is unlawful), and not only is that said, it is said that there is a percentage around 1 out of 4 chickens is killed before blood is released from the animal. So a conclusion to my statement, no you cannot, however there are some people who will disagree
  18. chess isnt necessarily unlawful. i could go into detail but i think thats all i need to say
  19. "Islam stole and perverted the true Word of God." AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Right, thats why the quran is unchanged and still in its original version. Thats why there are countless versions of the bible. If i asked you, could you even tell me the original language of the bible? That is by far one of the dumbest things I have heard on this forum.
  20. i will admit that i didnt read all three pages, i just joined a few days ago and that would waste too much of my time. Let me explain that even if there are cartoons, the cartoosn from Denmark made fun of Islam, and even further our beloved prophet. Cartoons in the middle east, if they exist, make fun of people, not their religion. Rarely ever do you find a muslim making fun of a jew or a christian b/c of his religion, its because our religions are so similar and mostly built on the same ideaology of 1 god, that if we make fun of their religion, we would be making fun of ours as well! However, what you might hear is that jews are cheap, or that they have big noses. Well that is wrong, but its not making fun of their religion. And dont say that there arent any posters or cartoons here that make fun of arabs and muslims in general. Ragheads, sheetheads, terrorists. There are soo many things that are published in the US that make fun of arabs and muslims, however if you look carefully, there are a few that make fun of Islam, the religion. yes, they say Islam = terrorism, but thats isnt true, and i can give the benefit of the doubt that that just is out of ignorance.
  21. Obligation To Make War?

    to be honest, i didnt read your whole post, it was kinda long! but let me reply to the title and what ive read: In Islam, we beleive that it is better to try to educate people about Islam and let them chose for themselves instead of killing them. If they are dead, that totally elimates the possibility of them finding a great religion which they may accept. The only time muslims are asked to fight another is when the others are commiting acts of oppression. If you cite excerpts(out of context, as always) of "KILL ALL INFADELS" or something of that sort, it is either wrongly translated or taken out of context. If you take it within context you will realize that it is talking about a specific battle where muslims are asked to kill all who have been oppressors or practice acts of oppresion. Let me make it clear that if i have two friends, one who is a muslim and one who isnt, and the muslim is oppressing and the christian is oppressed, i have to stand with the christian and stand agaisnt the muslim. Islamic war isnt agaisnt other religions, its agaisnt transgressors. oh, and i just read your last line: No, if you have read that somewhere it is probably talking about a battle(one of the few off the top of my head) that is when the muslims were fighting the christians they were asked to kill all oppressors unless they have accepted Islam and stopped their acts of oppression. The prophet muhammad(PBUH) made many deals and business relations with non-muslims who clearly knew about Islam
  22. Why

    1: the only people who havent spoken the truth are the non-muslims that say Islam is a bad religion and a terrorist religion 2: Christians are nice and genuine people, my mind is open about them, i dont have anything against them, but thats not the purpose of this forum like someone else said, you guys are here so we can educate you about Islam 3: Islam does not go agaisnt human rights or human nature. Go ahead, bring me some solid proof, why dont you start another thread, just to make thinks more organized. Trust me, i just joined a few days ago, and ive seen many threads about how people try to do the same thing, and they start the thread, and once someone replies, they never come back check out the "unholy quotes from the quran" thread, who was actually started by a preacher/priest
  23. Why

    sorry i had to delete certian text b/c the post length was too long
  24. Why