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  1. the only reason i said USA is because thats where i am. Why arent you willing to discuss it now, i must "find you a real Islamic society" .. well let me tell you two things. Currently, there is no society that is purely Islamic and follows the law of the sharia. And secondly, accoring to Yusuf Estes, woman and men are NOT equal. Woman have to bear the pain of giving birth, they have a different role in society, they are good at one thing, men are good at another. They are NOT equal, but just because they arent equal doesnt mean one is better than the other. And thirdly, trying to make them equal, like the USA does(and maybe canada) is what screws up people. When woman try to go and support a family by getting a job, kids virtually grow up without parents, and who knows what will happen to them. They do drugs, become convicts, obviously go to jail, and whatnot. So in an ideal Islamic society which follows the sharia, woman would KEEP THEIR DIGNITY AND THEIR CLOTHES, and 90% of the kids wouldnt be labeled as failures of parenting.

  2. The Danish flag has a cross on it, that's a religious symbol is it not? I've alslo seen on TV immages of Jesus and the Menorah being burnt. Maybe the Europeans should burn down every Masjid in Europe and expect the Muslims to "understand that we're very offended"


    Iran and the Hamas have both threatened to kill millions of people. I don't call that a very democratic process but whatever. How can you say that's ok and say that what the Danes have done is so much worse? Are you completely insane?


    Ok, you say israeli is a supremist zionist state. Iran is a Suprimist fundamentalist state. If they're both bad, how can you justify one.


    Oh wait, Muslims can do whatever right? Only the rest of the world has to be careul and apoligetic.



    burning images of jesus? well thats a lie, because muslims believe jesus was a prophet, you want to think before you say something? maybe you will make less of a fool out of yourself


    i dont know if iran and hamas threatened to kill millions of people, but how do you like this. US is the one who stepped in and said we need a democracy here, because US thinks democracy is the best form of government and it works everywhere, well they did do a democracy, and hamas got elected. Now they are complaining, saying that they are terrorist and should be taken out of power or having their power limited, what kinda democracy is that?


    oh, and muslims never burnt down churches or temples, youd just be lying if you said they did

  3. Tell me if any of this seems a little rediculas to you? Most critisisms said against muslims get either ignored or passed onto someone else (namely the Jews) Most of the people here have no problems pointing blame.


    Oh my, someone has made a cartoon of a Muslim prophet, lets protest, lets boycott, lets riot.


    Now someone says the rioting is wrong, and a 1/3 of you will justify it.


    Then immages of Muslims burning Christian and Jewish symbols like the Cross or Menorah and almost nobody has a problem with it.


    People are upset by the west wanting to Boycott Iran and the Hamas because of how this will effect the Inocent people who are not involved with the goverments dissisions. Yet you guys have no problems doing the same to israel and the Danes. Not Every israeli or Danish person is responcible with the acts of it's goverment.


    Explain this to me.

    nothing wrong with protesting, nothing wrong with boycotting, thats called civil disobeidience, ever hear of the civil rights movement for black people? im sure you think thats wrong too


    ive never heard of muslims burnign christian or jewish symbols, and besides, doesnt the KKK burn the cross all the time? lol, and if someone burned the cresent and the star, thats not as bad as making fun of our beloved prophet(PBUH) or burning the quran. I dont see any muslims burning the bible or the torah, and i didnt see them burning symbols either.


    let me explain the boycott: If the whole country is effected by the boycott, then normal people will push their government to apoligize, or maybe even follow its own laws and prosecute those who break the laws

  4. your questions are so stupid! first of all, its all been already explained


    and you just come up with stupid questions, particulary this one, the stupidest


    #5 - Why does there seem to be an obession with Muhammad in the muslim community?


    why dont you get off your lazy butt and go look it up and stop asking questions that were already answered, each and every one of your TOPICS(i was going to say single posts, but you really only have topics, no single posts) get stupider and stupider as they go

  5. :D

    this is a more accurate translation:


    O you who have believed, do not take the Jews and the Christians as allies. They are [in fact] allies of one another. And whoever is an ally to them among you – then indeed, he is [one] of them. Indeed, Allāh guides not the wrongdoing people.


    (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.islambasics(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/view.php?bkID=120&chapter=5"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.islambasics(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/view.php?bkID=120&chapter=5[/url]



  6. which 1?

    Assuming you mean "do not befriend chrsitian and jews"

    Yes it is. For arabic Aya...Look up Quran 5:51

    Here are 3 translations


    YUSUFALI: O ye who believe! take not the Jews and the Christians for your friends and protectors: They are but friends and protectors to each other. And he amongst you that turns to them (for friendship) is of them. Verily Allah guideth not a people unjust.


    PICKTHAL: O ye who believe! Take not the Jews and the Christians for friends. They are friends one to another. He among you who taketh them for friends is (one) of them. Lo! Allah guideth not wrongdoing folk.


    SHAKIR: O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends; they are friends of each other; and whoever amongst you takes them for a friend, then surely he is one of them; surely Allah does not guide the unjust people.





    It has been addressed many times by ulamaa. I dont know if you are arbic or not, but the word is one of those which is difficult to translate. The word is AWLEYAA. The CORRECT translation of this word, or the closest, i should say, is ALLIES or PROTECTORS. The only reason the word "friend" is put in there, is because in the arabic culture, a friend is different from a friend in the american culture. So, now to 3dshocker, it is permissable to have chirstian or jewish friends, or even athiest friends.



  7. :D

    as to answer your question 3dshocker:


    Islam treats all equally. For instance, zakat(giving charity to the poor) must be distributed amongst the poor, that means muslim and non-muslim. The justice system in Islam is not swayed at all if it is between a muslim and a non-muslim. There are two very specific examples, and if you really would like to know, just ask.


    The fact is, we must treat everyone with justice. I might not like you because you are an athiest and because you dont believe in god. I may not respect you, but nevertheless, I must treat you with justice like I must treat everyone.



  8. But honestly , I personally got mixed messages ,here is why.

    Quran states " do not befriend christians and jews" but we also know about the story where a women dropped garbage on the prophet everyday and when she became ill and couldn't, the prophet went to her aid. confused? yeah me too but Was the prophet a nice guy or what?




    that is not the actual translation of the verse


    please provide with the correct translation and base your argument on that(even though this question is directed towards muslims)


  9. Jihad is left as an option, but its a last resort option. If a muslim country is oppressing, it is our job, the muslim ummah(body) to stop oppression. Anthony, i love how you put (kill) in parantheses, would i stop someone? If i could i definetely would. First, i would weigh the benefits and the harms, whichever option exceeds in the benefit is supposed to be done

  10. Dot. You reply is evident of the fact that you didn't understand the sentences in quote.

    Does Quran say anything about Cars, computers or the quantum theory? No.. because these things were not around at that times. About prophecies, einstein made prophecies lik ethe exact time of eclipse, does that make him a prophet?

    Complete way of lifestyle you say but does lifestyle change? Yes. Does the teachings of quran change ? No. Do you see the problem?

    Example:The prophet used to travel on horseback or camels, that's the sunnah. How do you travel?


    You must understand, quran is telling us how to live our lives. It is much more complicated than "methods of transportation" or computers, you get the point. It tells us the rules and guidlines. Yea, true, its an old book. But you cant say that the teachings have to change as well. Stuff like not killing innocent people, well, that doesn thave to change one bit, and it shoudnt either. Thats why when people say that the quran should be "modernized" they are wrong, because it works just as well as it did when it was first written. Now, the prophet used to travel on camel, that is sunnah? Well that doesnt really make that much sense. Are you saying he didnt walk? As far as im concerned, i walk everyday! And, in the quran, it doesnt say to only travel on camels, that would be ridiculous and absurd and unpractical, and you know why it doesnt say that? Because the quran will be applicable forever, whether when it first started or 500 years later.

  11. Peace Zukiful


    Perhaps I am misled to expect better from Muslims. This course of action in "retaliation" against the offensive Prophet cartoons will not derive any kind of positive result. It will not help non Muslims to understand Islam in a positive light and it will not help them to see Muslims as anything but the stereotypes we should be working together to dispell.


    This, of course, would be a great step toward further alienating Muslim from non Muslim. If that is your goal, then you certainly need to be out there hawking holocaust cartoons to the masses.


    In the end, I hope that wiser heads prevail and Muslims do not end up defining themselves by these holocaust cartoons.


    Peace out




    very well said, and very true! you arent misled to expect better, however sometimes a few bad apples speak for a bigger group(whether it is true, or not, or whether it is intentional or not)

  12. :D

    i apreciate what you are saying thezman. however the iranian cartoons were to retaliate for the prophet cartoons. they were to show the hipocracy of the west.


    you are right in saying it is immoral to print such stuff, as it was to mock the prophet.


    however, is it right for muslims to turn the other cheek? considering all the crap we put up with? even if it is immoral?


    war is immoral. but we engage in that. at least cartoons are passive!!





    you have a good point, but like many say, two wrongs dont make a right. Yes, many people are hypocrites(i dislike the saying of 'the west' b/c the west usually refers to the USA and this is in denmark) but doing something wrong to show it is no excuse.



  13. again, i didnt read your whole post, just the beginnig


    absolute freedom is better than restraint... well is it? you must understand that these laws that we follow, the quran and the sunnah of the prophet(PBUH) are for OUR good, they only help us. Of course, every human has a choice, i dont have to be a muslim, i can do whatever i want, but i chose to(the best of my ability) follow these rules because i know they are for my own good, and i know where ill end up if i dont follow these rules


    no pun intended, but say in your house when you were a kid, the rule was do not stick your hand into the fire. Thats something i would take and go by it b/c i know its for the good of me. What you are doing is saying, well no, thats wrong, thats not freedom, i chose to go stick my hand in the fire