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  1. Re: Was Jesus God

    The book of Revelations are considering dreams that Paul had, please use better sources to justify that Jesus claims divinity, or says "warship me". Now, u state that salvation does indeed come through Jesus. However, there is a very odd dilemma involved with this notion. Because the pretext of "original sin" must constitute the death of Jesus. Also, u must validate that Jesus is to be worshiped without contradicting the words of god. NOTE: I have provided full context for these passage, to make sure that the information that I have read in the Bible, is accurate. I am using the New International Verison. If you prefer me to use a different bible, please let me know. God, proclaims non is to be worshiped but him the LORD. He also states that the sin of the father well be passed on to his children. God, states that the sin of the father is to be board by the father, and not by the children. NOTE: There are other quotes that I can provide that states the same contradictions. If the fallowing quotations have any flaws please let me know. Now, since we established that Jesus is to be born, only to die in the cross. We must come to another dilemma. Was Jesus, a god or man? As u are a student of the Bible, I well not quote you about places where Jesus states to have limited knowledge. As I am looking at Jesus as man/god in a logical perspective, perhaps u can explain to me why he has limited knowledge. But having limited knowledge is not the only issue. A question arises if Jesus as god, had limit less knowledge, and knew that he would indeed die in the cross. Did Jesus as god commit suicide? NOTE: Please forgive me if this offends any Christians, as to a Muslim it is very offensive to commit suicide, and to attributed to a man of god is even more heartfull. But, this is a debate, and a place to share and learn. For this reason, I am stating certain facts in the Bible, with skepticism. As stated in the bible: Now, the only notion that Jesus did not commit suicide is that, he was killed. But Jesus affirms that "I lay down My life so that I may take it again". If the "My Father" is a different entity, then Jesus has not committed suicide, but rather became a martyr. However as Christians stress that Jesus was god the "Father". A simple rule of god is broken, by god himself. I hope to discuss this further after u presents a logical basis for: - Jesus having limited knowledge. - Jesus committing suicide. - God stating contradictions in the bible. - God stating that worshiping him well lead to salvation.
  2. Re: Was Jesus God

    The topic is question was "Was Jesus God", for this I have made the post. You must understand that God does not want us to be ignorant, at least in the Quran he does not. "Elm" Knowledge is constantly emphasized, because god wants us to learn and explore the universe and our surroundings and question our existence. As stated in the Quran, god revealed it as a mercy upon mankind, so NO, he does not "need" to do anything, but he does simply as a mercy to mankind. I am dumbfounded that Christians believe that God did not need to become human and die for propitiation for our sins. Why? because the concept of "original sin" states that everyone is born of sin. But, let us move away from that for a moment, and question that if Jesus (god) did not have to come to earth and die for our sins. Then the notion that Jesus must be worshiped, is fallible. Because god would have other options rather then creating a "begotten son". What I am trying to exemplify is that, Jesus is no longer a central point in Christianity if the statement u provide is true to all Christians. This would make portions of the Bible subject to being false. Because u would no longer need to receive salvation through Jesus. U are becoming more of a Muslim everyday. :D
  3. Aisha

    Just 100 years ago the legal age in the United States was 13. Here is a site so u understand what I mean: (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.avert(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/aofconsent.htm"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.avert(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/aofconsent.htm[/url] (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_en.wikipedia(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/wiki/Age_of_consent"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_en.wikipedia(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/wiki/Age_of_consent[/url] If facts just run by people, then there is not point in continuing this debate. These show the legal age of consent in many countries of the world. Please consider that in religion, the age of consent is not determined by "social laws", but most often my biological norms.
  4. Quran Refutes Itself!

    Umm, how can u read that and come to a conclusion that god (Allah), is stating that the Trinity consists of "Father, Son, and Mary"? The quote clearly states that god (Allah) gave Jesus (PBUH) to Mary out of grace. This whole statement is about "Jesus (PBUH) not being the begotten son of god". If Jesus is not the begotten son of god, then Jesus is no longer a PART of the Trinity. Therefore, god (Allah) says “Say not "Trinity". I am sure, u are a student of the Bible, so this should be a simple matter to understand. I don’t see why I had to explain this to you.
  5. Salaam, Brother I am confused as well, the Quran clearly says that he (Jessus PBUH) was not crusified. Yet, he keep asking for proof that in the Quran it says, that Jessus (PBUH) was not crusified. Its plain english, het doesn't want to understand it, why?
  6. Hair Dye

    What about putting hana on hair, is that permissable? (to change the color of the hair)
  7. Islam And Reincarnation

    And where are these so called evidance?
  8. clear my question

    We should have a topic posted saying, don't google in contradictions to the Quran, because there aren't ANY contradicitons in the Quran. Read the Quran, in full context, then ask ur questions.
  9. Re: Was Jesus God

    To tell me looking by if god is not logical, then answer these questions for me. 1) Can god exile me from his domain? 2) Can god create something that he can not destroy? God is logical, he does godly things. Yes perhapse god can become man, but does god need to be a man to forgive our sins? Does he need to secrifice his "son" to forgive our sins?
  10. Islam And Reincarnation

    Could u give me evidance of good muslim families getting abducted by Jinns? :D
  11. Afterlife

    Yes, Muslims have a "Heaven" and "Hell". No, non-muslims don't automatically go to hell, they are Judged by Allah, before getting their punishment. Some non-muslims well go to a place between heaven and hell (I am not perticular on the details, a more learned brother/sister can fill u in). Well, there are 7 Levels to heaven, the 7th level is for Prophets and Marters who died for the sake of Islam. Marters go to heaven directly, they don't have to wait for the "Day of Judgement".
  12. the word kaafir

    Salam, Thanks for clearing that up bro. :D This topic was getting a little out of hand.
  13. Re: Was Jesus God

    Just use simple LOGIC to answer the question. Can a Immortal go reside in a mortal body? Did Jesus (PBUH) have infinit knowledge, while having limited knowledge? Did Jesus (PBUH) know he was god? If so was he really human? U can ask millions of questions as to why Jessus (PBUH) is NOT god.
  14. Aisha

    As for ur first comment, u must understand that the Prophet marrying Asiah is a non-issue for Muslims. As for ur second question the legal age in Japan is 13, did u know that? Infect many countries with a population decline its the same. For example in America the legal age in some states is 14, also the Mormans have more wives younger then the age of 16 then any group of people in this planet.
  15. Pls Answer Question As Promised.

    Wow, people Google in these things everyday. I hope that person found out that this is not a part of the Quran, I was looking for info too on this "Chapter" of the Quran, but found nothing.