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  1. Why

    1. Why are lies being told about muslims and why did the us army kill children in iraq. plus it is the way asian people are treated. 75% of white people are racist 2.They need to calm down and not riot. Plus they belive in there religeon 3.Is lam is not about suicide. those who commit suicide are not mulim and the bbc lie by saying there muslim when the y r not. 4. as i said people who commit suicide or murdeer are not muslim. 5. im not sure why but i didn't know that. 6. i hate bin ladin he is not muslim and he is a terriroist like the CIA. 7. muslims have been treated like terrorists by america and some got to over excited and want revenge. would u like it if you were treated like noythin and one day that person gets killed and u are free. 8.Not true israel started it after a war years ago 9. I don't know btw your dad hates muslims because of somthin a non muslim did no offence but your dad is a B******
  2. Divorce

    the main reason is family my Dad dosn't like my mums family and it is just me
  3. Divorce

    how can i get rid of my worries
  4. Who Is To Blame? Muslim Or Islam?

    salaam yeah sorry iran and ur that was what i was trying to imply
  5. Spooky Car Commercial

    http:// w w w . p l a n e t c r i c k e t . n e t / f o r u m s / s h o w p o s t . p h p ? p = 3 1 8 5 2 5 & p o s t c o u n t = 1 sorry about the spacesx bu when i post a link it covers it up
  6. Spooky Car Commercial

    This is a car advert from somewhere. When they finished filming the ad the people who made it noticed something moving along the side of the car, like a ghostly white mist. The ad was never put on TV because the unexplained ghostly phenomenon frightened the production team out of their wits. Watch it closely and at about halfway look and you will see the white mist crossing in front of the car then following it along the road... Spooky! Download Below: (www.)"http://motherhensplaypen####/GhostlyCarAd.wmv"]motherhensplaypen# ####/GhostlyCarAd.wmv[/url] if u turn ur volume up u can hear the ghostly thing say something
  7. Divorce

    my parents are getting a divorce and im worried and don't know what to do. They did fight but not that much. I love them both to much to split please help
  8. How I Found Islam

    this is great but your mother should not have tried to harm u if you wanted to change your religon she should have agreed because it is a free world. i
  9. Who Is To Blame? Muslim Or Islam?

    I agree but bush dosn't belive about world peace they blamed muslims 1 day after the attack and they are now blaming iraq on making a few nuculear bombs when they have 26,000 more than anyone,. The muslims need to calm down and not take it in the wrong way. How can we be the bad guys on the news if it was a danish cartoon that started it. People do not think about how much that cartoon hurt us.
  10. Who Is To Blame? Muslim Or Islam?

    Also muslims have to use self control when non belivers try to make them look bad they have to have faith in Allah
  11. Who Is To Blame? Muslim Or Islam?

    Salaam it is not muslims or Islam its george bush who has been telling lies about muslims that has been making people angry and causing all of this. plus george has brainwashed everyone into thinking muslims are bad and bin laden does not like this. There was no reason for the iraq war. bush said muslims are are terriorists build ing nuculer bombs when america have 26,000 more bombs then anyone. The reason for the war was oil and they decide to get saddam hussain when the locals told them to.
  12. Salaam

    Never thought i would get this many welcomes Thank you for your kindness.
  13. Salaam

    i already am brother
  14. Salaam

    salaam a laykum everyone i am new here hopefully this will be a good site