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  1. Muslim Gangs?

    salaam, i believe the gangs you guys are talking about are serious ones, where i live trust me people think that their gangsters but their not
  2. Acne Treatments ,here Is Help For You

    salaam, jazakallah brother, so what did you do, did you take vitamin tablets with those ingredients in them?
  3. Do You Have A Kunya?

    salaam, jazaaks sis outlaw. But to be honest im still a bit confused. I understand these names are given out but.......do you chose them or your parents? Also why is it weird to have one when you don't have a child?
  4. Lloyds Tsb Or Hsbc Amanah?

    salaam, like you brother i am also looking to join a new interest-free bank. A brother gave me advice on an interest free bank: co-op bank. i haven't properely checked it out the site is www.coopbank.co.uk. Also whats the deal with the lloyds Islamic thing?
  5. Gelatine Halal / Haram

    salaam, ok check this out: (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.ivu(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/faq/gelatine.html"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.ivu(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/faq/gelatine.html[/url]
  6. Gelatine Halal / Haram

    salaam, lets look at what gelatine is made of. As mentioned plants and mainly crucshed animal bones. Mainly crushed animal bones, and the main animal that is used is pig..pork gelatine. So i think its fair to say that it is haraam.
  7. Wrigleys Haram & Halal Product Alert!

    salaam, jazakallah any wayz. ^^thats what i wanted to know. Because only polar ice was mentioned as being haraam, but the picture shows virtually all of the extra products as haraam?! very confusing :D
  8. Life Is A Test

    salaam, jazaks bro...im gonna start thinking, inshallah i hope this turns out to be a long and helpful thread.
  9. All U Wine Experts..

    salaam, we all know what a £%£$^^&%!!! musharraf is. Rightly so we should look at our own sins, most probably is wine, just to keep everyone happy...
  10. Islamic Mugs

    salaam, i think that is a well good idea :D . id buy one but it would have to be really amazing :D
  11. Psychiatry

    salaam, thats a new one to me^. but then again it is some really deep stuff, so it depends which way you lookat it.
  12. Wisdom: The Value Of Parents

    salaam, jazaks for that, an excellent reminder of the value and respect we grant our parents especially our mother. I thought this was very fitting, 'a person came to the prophet(saw) and was complaining ' i had to carry my mother across the hot desert/land for so long' (sorry can't remeber exactly) the prophet(saw) replied 'that wasn't even near to the pain of one contraction your mother had when she gave birth to you!' i always think about that, whenever i get upset with my mother, i feel bad because she has done everything for me.
  13. An Inspector Calls

    salaam, jazakallah guys. does anyone like have paragraphs on the different like themes? w/salaam
  14. An Inspector Calls

    salaam, im studying 'an inspector cals' by j.b.priestly, has anyone done this book jazaks :D
  15. Marriage Questions

    salaam, Salamz 'Acutally brother I didnt see anybody because he asked me to marry him when I was 16..lolz..so ma parentz agreed to that ...even though he was only 20 (I really duno y ma parentz agree now that I think bout it ...lol)..so I acutally neva gotta chance to ask nebody any questionz :'(' We'll i hope everything has turned out ok inshallah. :D ^^yes siter the parents have alot to do with it. If they are good practicing muslims then inshallah thats a good start. But how about the family in general...do they have to be to your expectations..what questions would you ask them? LOL yes i think it is best to find their proffession i mean if there a piolot or something there gonna be away for half a year!!