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  1. jazaky illahu khair...sis/bro wallahi my arabic ya'ani shu bidy akool...its not very good but nevertheless jazakyillahu khair
  2. Asalaam

    salaams welcome :D
  3. ithan tislam, shukran...sowf astamir bil kitaba hakatha :D
  4. Women And Sexual Harassment

    no i dont thin it is right to sexually harass anyone :D its just plane dismal behaviour
  5. She Is My Life-plz Pray

    ameen ameen
  6. I Have Officially Declared War On Muslims

    this is amusing you seem to say your a freedom hardliner...what is freedom in your point exactly :D
  7. mashallah i think he is one amazing brother...very inspiring
  8. sis rimaas its soo difficult lool..is it ok if i answer in english in this section
  9. It's All About The Coffee

    wasalaam welcome hope you enjoy, i have a teacher who has the same interest at you, cool stuff
  10. Kamal Uddin

    yeah he came to b'ham last sat...mashallah amazing voice...i was impressed :D
  11. We're All Going To Die!

    lol welcome welcome
  12. Quran

    amazing subhannallah, beautiful
  13. how do you type in arabic here
  14. Difference Between Men & Women

    yes MEN do lie more :D