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  1. What The Bible Says About Muhummed (saws) ?

    Well the shrimp thing is in Leviticus.. that extends to all christians, so... And yeah, both views are meaningless. My point is people shouldn't get so hyped up over these holy books, when they may contain errors and mistakes.
  2. Seperate Religion And State?

    Duck, the rocks are gonna come flying, Fallow me girl!!
  3. Show Yourself!

    Just wondering where everyone is from, and wanted to start a topic about it. We really don't know anything about each other, other than our argguments.. so here goes. From the East Coast of Canada where my family has been for a couple hundred years now. Irish Catholic background, though I don't practise.
  4. Thai Regime Oppress And Massacre Muslims

    HAH. Pot, meet kettle...
  5. What The Bible Says About Muhummed (saws) ?

    Or it's gobbledy gook. I mean, seriously, the bible also tells us that eating shrimp will send us to hell...
  6. Guantanamo Bay And The Taliban

    I'll agree that the US is worse than the Nazi regime when they start gassing millions of people because they are of an undesirable race. Until then, stop exaggerating. It devalues the Holocaust. Why do you seem to believe that I support torture. I simply explained what Guantanamo bay is. And Believer6, if the Taliban are the most Islamic group out there, then maybe we should be fighting Islam itself, not just terrorism...
  7. How The Fbi Framed A Muslim Charity

    Pouting won't win any arguments Yass my lass. Let's hear it, Egypt was planning war against israel. israel acted quicker and took out the main threat. All military equipment and all military deaths. What's the beef?
  8. Martyrdom Anniversary Of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein

    Seriously, there's not too much difference.
  9. How The Fbi Framed A Muslim Charity

    They were at war. Would you consider Egypt to be "brutal aggressors" if they had done the same thing? That's strategy, not a war crime. And the Egyptians had already closed the straits of Tiran to israeli ships at that time, and demanded that all Arab countries attack israel. What else should israel do? Wait until the Egyptians attacked them?
  10. Martyrdom Anniversary Of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein

    He gassed the Kurds, had "Rape rooms" to keep his citizens in line. He's created a lot more mass graves than El Presidente Bush has... Bush is a poor leader, and possibly a moron, but for all his faults he isn't as bad as the dictators people compare him to. He's not into executing his own citizens en masse or any type of ethnic cleansing.
  11. Ayaan Hirsi Ali - The Liar

    ?? I'm not sure what you're asking I believe that everyone should have the RIGHT to free speech, and I don't think that laws that LIMIT free speech are RIGHT, as in proper or useful. In my opinion, every regime that has ever limited free speech is horrible, and the more they limit it, the more horrible they tend to be. Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany, Zimbabwe.. It's a symptom of a tyranny. And I have to say that I never understand why so many muslims are hostile to the idea of free speech. especially those that live in the west. Don't you realize that without our belief in free speech, you would never be able to speak about or practice/spread your religion in the western world? Don't you get that without that loyalty to free speech, most of these websites and crazy imams who spew out the garbage some of you guys post, would be shut down?
  12. Martyrdom Anniversary Of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein

    ...So he will be a hero. To muslims.
  13. Ayaan Hirsi Ali - The Liar

    Just because they exist doesn't mean they are right.
  14. The Catholic Church does NOT support suicide at all, let alone suicide bombing. You are wrong Yasnov, as are you ######. But... Vito, you should know by know that arguing with the resident crackpot dynamic duo is useless. They're like a paranoid Bert and Ernie, with the weird homo undercurrent. Never wrong, never unsure, never quiet. If I wasn't sure that you both lived lonely, frustrated lives in dead end jobs and roach motel apartments, I'd pity your family and friends.
  15. Bhutto Killed In Bomb Attack

    1) ??? Britain prospered a hell of a lot under Margaret Thatcher.. I doubt the gender of a leader really makes that much difference. 2) I am a Kufr, and extremely proud of it. Mostly because of slavering jihadists like you. 3) Abu Hamzy, people like this only believe women are equal in Islam when it aids them in an argument. Any other time, you get this kind of thinking.