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  1. hey abu ubaydah if you trainy your german, you will better every day. my english is not good but its not so important, i will learn more and more. übung macht den meister.
  2. Can't Find A Job

    hi sister, i cannot help you, because im in germany, but i have some qustions to you. cant you find a job because youre a muslim or why? have you a "esarp" on your head? here in germany muslim women dont become a job, if they have a "esarp". esarp--> something on the head of muslima= what du you say in english.... Believe in Allah, he will help you!!!
  3. ES WÄRE SEHR SCHÖN WENN WIR DIESE SEITE WEITER VERBREITEN WÜRDEN. DIE ENGLISCHEN SOWIE DEUTSCHEN FOREN. MICH PERSÖNLICH HATTE ES GEREITZT; ANDERE MUSLIME AUCH IM AUSLAND FÜR ERFAHRUNGS AUSTAUSCH IM FORUM ODER chatrooms KENNENZULERNEN. Leider klappt das irgendwie nicht. naja, macht ja auch nichts. kann mir jemand verraten, wie ich ein bild unter meinem namen bekomme???? mucahit
  4. I'm New

    hi, an welcome dear sister. i am new too, but i have not become a drink and so nice messages. :D maybe if my englisch will be better, i will understand how this forum goes.how can i put a picture nearly my nickname? mucahit
  5. How I Found Islam

    Selamünaleyküm. i am very happy and proud of you when i read something like that. the first what Allah send to the muslims was "ikra-bismirabikellezichalak" (read-read in the name of Allah). so its very important for a muslim to read the holy koran and other books. here in germany and in other countrys its in the moment not easy to be a muslim. the most of the people in the world has fear from Islam because they dont nothing from Islam. i hope the future will be different! its very important that we live as a real good muslim, so the other people (not muslims) can see what the real Islam is.a helpful, friendly and a nice religion!!! im sorry for my bad english. mucahit (serhatg[at]web.de)
  6. Freedom Of Speech

    i cannot understand, if someone (bush)say irak, iran and northkorea is a dangerous devil country is everything ok. but if a iran president say there was no holocost he is a bad human. and after that france and israel ministers sad we will attack iran when they start to produce atomic reactors, no one says something to this countrys. why can the west have atom bombs and the muslims cannot? why can the usa or the west decide something like that? i think its better if noone have atom bombs, but the usa, israel, france and great britan will not destroy his bombs. a lot of things in the world are not fair. think about it!
  7. essalmünaleyküm, ich bin ein junger muslim in deutschland. ich möchte gerne muslime in usa und in aller welt kennenlernen. meine email adresse: serhatg[at]web.de in msn messenger bin ich auch unter der gleichen email adresse erreichbar. ich freue mich über jeden kontakt. -i am a jung muslim from germany, and i hope to meet other muslims in all over the world. please contakt me. my email adress: serhatg[at]web.de at the same adress you can contact me at msn messenger. allahuekber mucahit