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  1. Concerning Shirk

    so basicly if tou have commited shirk and ask repentise before death, its forgiveble and perdise is not forgivabe to him?
  2. Maricals Of Allah

    salam guys u have to visit this site Islamcan then clik maricals of Allah to see them soory about any mistakes
  3. Shoud Suni And Sheha Fight

    salam brothers and sisters i wanted to know that shold sheha and muslim fight
  4. Sword

    salam plese just tellme
  5. Islam in CANADA!!!

    salam i live in canada too, ontario ,brapton
  6. Islam in CANADA!!!

    salam i live in canada :D
  7. Islamic Eating Manners...

    :D salam you mean we cant cook with oniens etc :D
  8. Help Me

    salam brothers and sisters i have something to show u gaays, they r pics ,i got of the internet about the maricals of Islam u have to see them ,but i dont know how how to paste the pics here ,plese tell me a way :D plese i will b very :D
  9. Please Help A Confused Brother

    salam so does that mean i can eat chiken patties that dont say HALAL on tham :D
  10. salam brothers and sisters ,what does Islam say about the egsistence of dinosores :D
  11. Online Poker?

    salam i agree with u brother plus ,if u play it online ,u might start 2 like it realy much and might even play 1 day u never no ,but if u dont no how 2 play ,u cant so i would recamend u stay out of it kudahafis :D :D :D :D
  12. What 2 Do If U Want 2 Bcome A Good Muslim

    salam txs guys :D
  13. Fun For Muslim

    salam what ever u do ,try not 2 whach lots of tv or play video games they can be really bad for you in some cases
  14. Please Help A Confused Brother

    10. I attend public school, so sometimes I eat the chicken and burgers there. If I say bismillah on it, am I still allowed to eat it? I would refrain from eating meat if I were you because you don’t know whether they have used any part of a pig in it. But if you are sure they do not contain anything haram and they are made by Christians or Jews, you can say bismillah and the salam i dont realy agree with this becuse i was wahching tv once and a muslim scoler said that if u say bissmilalh on any type of harram food[chicken not killed properly or anything] u still wont b able to eat it [sorry about the spelling] :D