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  1. Buying Islamic Clothes

    Assalamu alaikum, I know this post is ages old, but...you could try medina imports, they are at capalaba (but it's a lot of womens clothes they sell from home, so you may have to wait for the husband if you are by yourself) (www.)"http://medinaimports#####au/"]medinaimports##### .au/[/url] Global convenience store sells clothes as well (it's a halal store, on Beenliegh rd Kuraby. Um you could try one of the Islamic book stores, i think some of them may sell clothes. One thing I find though is that people tend to sell from home more than stores, so it's a prob trying to find them. But if you can wait I think they will have another Eid Fest this year around end of Ramadan insha'Allah. So they had lots of clothes stores there last year. I have no idea about toowoomba though I have never been there.
  2. Have You Ever Stop And Wonder...

    Assalamu alaikum, :D they are so funny and so true.
  3. Beef Stew With Dumplings

    Assalamu alaikum, Made best in a slow cooker, it takes about 5-6hours to cook. you can cook on the stove top but the temperature needs to be about a quarter or less. All vegetables are approx you can have more or less depending on what you like, and you can add things like parsnip and turnips etc (well my sis does not me). And if you like spicy food add a little chilli. Ingredients for stew: 500gm beef cubed (no bones more meat if you desire) 3 medium-large potatos cubed 2 carrots peeled and sliced 1 large onion diced into small pieces cauliflower brocilli peas 1 packet of french onion soup 1 - 1 1/2 cups of water Salt and pepper to taste Method: Seal meat in a fry pan (but don't cook through). Put all meat and vegetables in slow cooker. Add french onion soup mix and pour water over (water should not cover everything) give a good mix. Cook on high (slow cooker temp) for 2 hours then turn to low for 3 hours. Check taste and thinkness if it is to runny you can add a bit of cornflour to thicken up sauce (or if you can get beef packet gravey powder that works good to) Dumplings ingredients: 1 cup of self-raising flower salt and pepper 1 tablespoon of butter approx 1/2 cup of milk method: sift flower, salt and pepper into bowl. Rub in butter. Using a knife mix in milk slowly till it is glugy (can't explain that bit well) Spoon mixture in big dolops on top of stew, replace slow cooker lid and cook for approx another 1/2 hour when it looses the wet look it is cooked. (Also do not open lid whilst dumplings are cooking because they will not rise and be yucky) Enjoy :D
  4. True Phone Conversation- Help Desk!

    Salam, :D those are so funny, some people really don't think do they.
  5. Serious Ones

    salam, haha these are so funny, who would've thought you could get so many laughs out of one man.
  6. Husband And Wife Chat Conversation

    salamu alaikum, haha thats so funny.
  7. A Husband's Store

    salamu alaikum, :D Thats so funny and kinda really true :D
  8. When Giving Salaam...

    Assalamu alaikum, My husbands culture (I'm not sure if all Malays do this but all Malays I've met do) when you say Assalamu alaikum we touch the other persons hand (if they are the same sex) and then touch your heart. I can't remember the reason behind it, but yes I do this.
  9. Can A Man Love More Than One Wife?

    salamu alaikum, Yes I think he can, ya'll love more than just one person, so of course you can love both wives.
  10. If You Had The Money, Would You Do Hajj Alone Or..

    salam, I would want my husband and if possible my mother in law to come as well (I guess I need my husband there lol) well I guess family cause even though my FIL is already a hajji I would ask if him and my husbands step mother wanted to come as well.
  11. Confidence In Your Work.

    Salam, thats so funny.
  12. Miscommunication

    Assalamu alaikum, LOL thats hilarious.
  13. Wudu And Teeth Jewelry

    Assalamu alaikum, What is teeth jewlery? I never heard of that before...
  14. Do You Have A Reciever?

    assalamu alaikum, Nopers and actually I don't even know I don't think they do that here.
  15. Do You Agree A Woman Rules A Country?

    assalamu alaikum, Jazakallah kheir brother. I think it's probably more to do with I'm still learning so I do tend to think more with emotions etc. But insha'Allah over time these will change and I will be better with it. I know over the last year I have had a lot of views change for the better but everything in it's stride. hehe Ask again next year I'll probably have a different view.