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  1. :sl: Ppl are cheering...I dont think so...the war isnt over yet.
  2. Assalam-o-alikum!

    :D Salaam and welcome brother!! Ramadan Mubarak!! Hope you enjoy it here, take care. :D
  3. Random Incoherence

    :D :D Ramadan Mubarak Everyone!!! :D :D :D
  4. Please Pray For My Son

    :D May he recover insha'Allah. :D
  5. Hoofddoeken

    :D Ik draag een hoofdoek, omdat ik het wil.
  6. ~<(rasool (s.a.w.s)'s Quote)>~

    :D May Allah bless you for all your good work, masha'Allah!!! :D
  7. When Is Your Birthday ?

    :D 1st of November :D
  8. What Do You Want To Be Later

    :D I want to become an aidworker insha'Allah. But I am going to study bio med next yrs so science I suppose. :D
  9. Get To Know Alpha Dude

    :D loool Welcome to the forum brother :D :D
  10. Famous Leader Personality Test

    :D OMG I'm Adolph Hitler. A'udubillah :D :D :D
  11. Are You Brave?

    :D first option, however I would call my mom. I can already see myself screaming, MUM!!! lol :D I dont like insects though :D :D
  12. In A Shelter Finally , Alhamdulillah

    :D OMG sister Chaand!! I just read this now, I had no idea you were in this situation. Alhamdulllilaah, you are out of that disfunctional relationship sister. I always hate it when a marriage breaks apart but in your case I think there was no other possible way out. I am glad to hear that you and your children are doing ok, please give them a hug from me :D And You will be in my prayers sister :D :D :D
  13. New Sister!

    :D Wecome sister :D Hope you have a beneficial time here. :D
  14. Islam in Somalia

    :D Yeah, I have also heard that both the 16 yr old boy and the killer of his father where from small tribes. What the people are asking is why dont they deal with the other murderers that are hiding behind the big tribes, doesnt the rule apply for everyone? However, that incident makes me unconfortable anyway, whatsup with a 16 yr old having to do a revenge murder? And the knife that he used, isnt it supposed to be in a single move because we have to show mercy even when taking lives right? I hope they clean up their act otherwise alot of people are going to be againt them very soon if they dont act with justice. But they are chasing the warlord out though arent they :D May Allah make Somalia a peaceful Islamic country that follow the rules of Allah. :D
  15. Are Women Allowed To Drive Cars ?

    :D They are allowed to drive cars, there is nothing forbidding it. And I dont underdstand and I think I'll never will understand why KSA doesnt allow it. But like the brother said it is a cultural aspect of their lives, the woman there should stand up for their rights and fight for the things that they want aslong as it is Islamically accepted. :D
  16. A Gift For If Members

    :D Masha'Allah sister, thank you for thinking of us :D Beautiful thoughtful gift. May Allah bless you. :D
  17. Plz.i Need Some Guidence

    :D I think that you should involve family members to try and work it out. Talk to him aswell and try to explain to him that you cant live with a person that drinks alcohol and doesnt pray. I would advice you to be direct and tell him about his duties as a husband and father, and the lines that he shouldnt cross. Try to educate him about the importance of salat. I pray to Allah that your marriage works out :D :D
  18. Please Make Dua For "iqra"...

    :D I pray that Allah will guide you and make your situation easier and may He bless you and your family. :D
  19. Darth Vader Will Read Your Mind

    :D lolz :D I was being unfair, I was thinking of an unicorn :D :D hehe, anyway he didnt find the answer :D :)
  20. What About Hemaphros

    Salaam, I think that I have heard that if a child is born as a hermaphrodite, the people responsible for the child should wait till puberty. When they find out what gender this person is mentally, they can operate with consent and remove the organs of the other sex. However not all people can afford to pay for a surgery. I have heard in that case, if you can tell whether this person is a female and/or male then you treat them accordingly. If you can't know whether they are a male or a female then I havent got a clue :D This is my view on this aswell by the way :D I am looking foreward on reading the Islamic answer on this :D Salaam.
  21. 5 Conditions...if You Can Meet Them

    :D :D :D that is so true :) for sharing this sister. :D
  22. Islam Youngest Muslim Reverts In The World.

    :D :D it is so heartwarming to see the little girls so steadfast eventhough some limitations eg. the Masjid are put in their way. I pray to Allah to continue guiding them well into adulthood and may He grant them paradise. :D ps: the're soo cute with their scarf's :D
  23. Dua For A Muslim Brother.

    :D inna lillahi wa inna ilayhe raji'oon, May Allah grant him jannah tul firdua's :D
  24. Peace Actually we are omnivores so the design of our jaws say that we can eat both meat and vegetation (so does our stomach as it can digest both). On the topic of one God, I think everyone deep inside acknowledges the fact of His excistance. For example when people are in desparate situations eg. life-death, they often pray to God. On gays I couldnt care less what they where up to, but I dont think anybody can be a Muslim and gay. I know some people claim other wise, but the qur'an strongly prohibits it. Peace