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  1. Saddam Hussain

    Salaam, Salaam, I know I promised to leave this site but I was challenged to bring a proof to what I said. It wasn’t in one day he killed 182000 Kurds. Sorry my mistake . I got excited but he did kill around 188000 people in the north and more who he made them leave Iraq to Iran and they took their properties and a lot of the people who survived still suffering from leukemia and other diseases because of the chemicals he used against them. By the way I am not a Kurd but I consider them my people and it was not easy what they went through . Well all Iraq suffered during his regime any way check this site it will show you in pictures what he’s done to them. By the way the site is in Arabic at this moment I don’t know any English site. If you know a friend who speaks it, ask them to translate it for you but you can see the pictures and you will be the judge. 9neesan
  2. Saddam Hussain

    Salaam, So you don't thing he killed dmillions. Where are you from if you don't mind me asking. Just in the north in one place only he killed over 182000 in one daypeople and how about the iranian war,kuwait and the south and the people who died from so many different diseases and hunger and so on and on. And maybe my english is not that great but I try my best to say what I know Salaam
  3. Saddam Hussain

    Salaam, I am and by the way I hope you read yesterday my opology to you and about what I said. One more thing it is not you who tells me when to go. I had to finish th argument I had with the person who thing Saddam trial is not fair. I had to defend my people Salaam
  4. Saddam Hussain

    Weather I am shia or not it makes no difference to me. In Iraq we don’t talk about that because we all brothers and we believe in the same god and the same book and your statements are actually are very stupid and has no knowledge and comes from no where listen to the truth and if you think my statement is stupid, come up with an intelligent comment please so far you came up with nothing but insulting Iraqis
  5. Saddam Hussain

    If your talking about the insurgents of Iraq, it’s their country too, perhaps you may feel happy about America invading Iraq, and to some Iraqis it may seem like a liberation, but I assure you there are thousands of other Iraqis who are not so delighted by the outcome of thngs. Salaam, Again you did not read the whole thing I said especially about America. I told you and all Iraqis we all say the same thing we know their intention and they are not doing it for us, but if we depend on the Muslim world nothing will be done. They would rather seeing us being tortured than help us and it was proven by them sending us their terrorists to blow themselves up or chopping Iraqis heads just because they are Shia because they believe we worship ally (ASTUGFUR Allah). Iraqis rather sacrifice than depend on you and stop all this double standard. how do you want him to be judged be like MILOSOVICH WHO WAS TRILED BY THE WEST AND NOTHING WAS DONE TO HIM. That IS WHY IT IS a WAIST OF MY TIME AND ALL Iraqis time TO EVEN BOTHER TRYING TO TELL YOU THE TEROER WE LIVED during his regime weather you came from a country which has the same thing or not he should be in an Iraqi court and only judged by them not the west and be lesson to all of those who treat their own people like that. And I am not judging anyone all I CAN SAY That Allah is watching and he is the only one who will judge you not me because I am a very simple person and have no power but asking Allah to for those who wish Iraq to get worse not to be succeeded Salaam
  6. Saddam Hussain

    Salaam, Again I am so disappointed by people who think that he should not die or let Allah deal with him. Well we know that Allah will do that but how about people who have suffered and tortured and killed by him. I assure you if that was your family who have been in that situation ,you wouldn't of that. Again you disappoint Iraqis and believe me we won't need your advice because we are hurt so much by people like you who think just to leave him alone to the day of judgement. My blood boils when I hear this kind of talk. Be just to Iraqis and feel for us. That is all we ask from you. We didn’t ask you to come and fight for us. And don’t send us terrorists there so they blow themselves up in the name of Islam. If you claim to be Muslim how about what Allah said in terms of killing only one person what will be his punishments. Imagine Sadam the criminal who killed millions yes millions and made us go back 100 years. Salaam
  7. Saddam Hussain

    Salaam, I agree to lock him up if the situation in Iraq is good and make every Iraqi go and spit on him but look at the damage the USA and the terrorists which they created themselves by supporting them behind the curtains and all Iraqis know that. Americans are deceived by their government thinking that they are doing us a favour. They forgot or ignore the fact that they are the ones who brought him to power and trained him and brought Alqaeda. Well in Islam if you kill someone then you will be killed this is fair and weather you think it or not you won’t know the pain and the suffering Iraqis go through and the diseases in Iraq because of their bombs Salaam
  8. Saddam Hussain

    Salaam, Ohh. where do I start. Finally someone brought the issue of the world’s most criminal people on earth Saddam Hussein. I hope you are not Iraqi because if you are then it won't satisfy me because all Iraqis wish the same thing for him but if you are not, then finally we heard it from someone who feel for us and our people who are dying every single day in that beautiful country and no one cares especially Arabs who think that he is a hero man. He deceived them and they took it just because what they thought he stood to israel. Fools. No one know the pain we go through everyday but us but all we wanted from them is just to support us. We all wish death for him now because of his supporters and their doing in Iraq other wise we all want to drag him in the streets and spit on him one after the other and cut him into pieces that criminal. No house in Iraq wasn’t affected by him. Anyway thanks for your nice words and wish him death that means too much to Iraqis Salaam
  9. Eating Pork

    Salaam Accept my opology and you are right I should be careful and read before writing anything Salaam
  10. Eating Pork

    Salaam, Well if you bothered to read my post which stated that I am thankful for the liks and the help from others you wouldn't of said that.
  11. Jihad

    Salaam, I urge my Muslims brothers and sisters who have enough knowledge about jihad to explain it clearly to people who misunderstand it because the west brained washed the people to make them thing that jihad mean only killing and torturing non Muslims . To us Muslims it means whatever good things you do everyday considered jihad for example. Going to work to better your life and your family is jihad, teaching Islam is jihad, saving lives is jihad. Whatever you see on TV from killing by Muslims who use the Quran in the wrong way to justify their doing are not Muslims and God won’t forgive anyone who kills in the name of Islam unless they fight you. There are a lot of examples about Jihad and I beg Muslims to tell what they know and correct their views of Islam and jihad Salaam
  12. Was Jesus Really God?

    Salaam, My question is to the person who posted the topic is If JESUS(PBUH) the son of God or God then who is the other prophets God Salaam
  13. Eating Pork

    Salaam, Thaks theses are some of the answers I am looking for and lets talk like that with logic otherwise no one will be convinced
  14. Eating Pork

    Salaam, I hope no one gets upset that is not why I am here I just wanted some information that is all and I have no problem in terms of trying to to educate non muslims about us but all I meant is lets help each other first and then try to tell others obout what we believe and what we don't and why Salaam
  15. Eating Pork

    Salaam, I really hope from my muslims people to start sticking to the subject because as muslims it doesn't mean we are perfect and we know everything. I have very limited knowledge about alot of things when it comes to the QURAN AND THAT IS WHY i AM ASKING BUT I would never doubt what the quran says. Please understand what I am saying Salaam