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  1. Asalamulaikum

    how do i de-register my self from this site
  2. Asalamulaikum

    thanks sis but i wnt be using the sisters section as guys can easily go in there as well so dnt feel comfortable, i dnt want my posts to be a cause of fitnah for idiots like them.
  3. well i had a kwik browse in the sisters forum and if a guy was to go in there it cud cause fitna, even small things like talking about hair cuts n waxing etc. anyways i wnt be posting on there which is a shame because i tend to go on sisters sections the most in other Islamic forums. never mind.
  4. Report Bad Ads Here

    y cant u just now allow google to advertise on ur site
  5. Report Bad Ads Here

    singlemuslim.co.uk email4loveasia. com mate1 . com theres so many
  6. Report Bad Ads Here

    mate1 datingbuzz.co.uk
  7. well ive noticed there are lot of ppl here that are fairly new to practicing and i think alot of em are probs not sincere in their intentions (Allah swt knows best) however we shud do what we can to minimize the level of fitnah, i for one defo dnt feel comfortable dicussing personal issues with my sisters knowing a guy could easily have a gud read of everything. ill just stay out of the sisters section then if nothing can be done about it.
  8. Asalamulaikum

    thanks every one, nafisa u have the same name as me how weirdddddddd, mine is spelt nafeesa. i bet i already know what niknames u get called.
  9. well can u sort it out because on reviving Islam they are completly seperate and no brothers can access the sisters bit and vice versa, plus that site is exactly the same tpye of forum n they can do it so theres no reason u shudnt be able to jizakallah khair.
  10. Just A Suggestion...

    wow what a break through of an idea.
  11. who is info guy n why is he advertising mortgages astagfirullah someone needs to ban him.
  12. right im a bit annoyed because ive just realised that bros can go into the sisters section n the sisters can go into the bros section because the password is displayed right under the forum heading. now im worried because this can cause major fitna as any tom n haroon can go in to the sisters bit n read person stuff, and also same with the sisters, i know we shud trust out bros n sis, but i use the sisters sections loads on forums and i really dont feel happy knowing that any guy can read my msgs. can we not please change the passwords and keep em hidden or something of that nature because its just well bad, what if a sister read a bros personal question or something on the bros part its not gud. please can u do something about this. much apreciated. asalamulaikum
  13. Avatar!

    how comes i cant upload an icon that i already have on the comp, so far it only allows me to upload an icon that is from this site grrr. its cuz im new aint it, u dnt like me is that it grrr. lol so how comes it dnt work.
  14. Asalamulaikum

    Asalamulaikum, Im dawud uks wife, can i have full privliges please so i can use the sisters section and other sections. etc.