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  1. About Atheism..

    Peace alim_in_training :D I'm sorry, but I don't believe you. In spreading the word of Islam, you are directly saying to people "Believe or be tortured forever." It is equal to putting a gun to their heads. If I was told I had to put a gun to someone else's head, or to my own, (no other choices available) then I would choose the latter. But then again, no loving, all-knowing god would make that kind of threat anyway, right? :D Peace. :D
  2. Refuting Evolutionists

    Peace freedslave :D You're right, he did not. Modern-day evolutionary biology also has nothing to do with ancient cultures or civilisations. I believe you are referring to the theories of anthropology, the study of ancient human culture and civilisation. Modern-day evolutionary biology has nothing to do with cultures or civilisations at all. Please name some, and preferable give where and when they were published. Thanks. :D I don't have cable. So far, all I have seen from creationists are attempts to punch holes in evolutionary theory. Do you have an argument that does not ever mention evolution? You need to learn more about the scientific method. Gravitational theory is "just a theory" as well -- will you try to tell me that gravity is just angels pushing us down on the earth? Scientific theories aren't just some neat idea some dude had during a beer bender at the local pub. It amazes me that so many people seem to think it's like that. Seriously. If only being a research scientist were that easy... [ (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_physics.ucr.edu/~wudka/Physics7/Notes_/node5.html#SECTION0212000000000000000"]Scientific Method[/url] -- University of California at Riverside ] The Easter Bunny tells me that you're a big poopyhead. :D As Buddha said, even a fool has a lesson to teach. Then why do you trash evolutionary theory when it is obvious that you haven't yet studied it? :D I think that our ideas of what is credible and what is not are very, very different, freedslave. But I do always do my best to read articles with an open mind and in good faith. If I were to be closed-minded, I only do myself a disservice. I don't think evolution is a matter of belief. It just is, much like gravity -- doesn't matter if you believe in it or not; it's still there. I can't hand you the piles of books I've read that show the scientific observations supporting evolution. I can tell you that you need only go so far as your school or public library. You don't have to read Darwin's "Origin of Species" -- it's unbelievably dry and BORING! But many biology textbooks give a basic outline, and if you're in school right now you can even just ask the faculty in the biology department for some help. Unlike evidence for gravity or the curvature of the earth, evolution's evidences can't be shown quickly or easily. I can show you a (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.time(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/time/health/article/0,8599,1180415,00.html"]fish with feet[/url], but without a decent knowledge of evolutionary theory, what good will it do? In the end, I don't expect you to listen to me, anyway. :D Peace. edited to add: I can't get these quote tags to work, and can't figure out what I'm doing wrong... :D sorry!
  3. Refuting Evolutionists

    Peace freedslave :D I would assume so. I think you already know my answer to that. :D Yes, metal artifacts are known to have been used well into the Stone Age. This is nothing new or groundbreaking. Hardly. Evolution has little to do with archaeology. If the archaeologists have named the ages incorrectly, I suggest you take this up with them. Wrong. Human is human. Humans have culture and civilisation, primitive or otherwise. Evolutionary theory states nothing of the sort. Anthropology might, but evolution does not. If you feel that anthropologists are incorrect, I suggest you take it up with them. I understand. If man were created, any number of things could be possible. But origins and evolution are two entirely different things. Are you arguing against evolution, or against abiogenesis? :D Um... all that site does is make a bunch of claims. It doesn't even cite sources. Anyone can have a website. Anyone can paste photos and make statements about them. Nothing makes it true. Freedslave, I respect what you're trying to say, and I respect your ardent belief, but unless you can produce evidence against evolution (the theory of change over time) then why should anyone listen to your claims? Can you link us to a professional article, perhaps one that has been reviewed by the author's professional peers before publication? There are many, many professional scientific journals out there to choose from, in many languages. Surely you can provide evidence of young-earth creation with a peer-reviewed professional article? Thanks for your thoughtful post. Peace :)
  4. Peace Jibrael :D I respect your opinion Jibrael, but this is a discussion on evolutionary theory, not the big bang or mathematics. :D I am having a hard time finding a scientist or professor by that name. Could you please source your claim for me? I would prefer a university or scholarly website, or perhaps a paper authored by him. In a Google search for "Schlomi Lesser" all I find is (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.google(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/search?q=%22shlomi+lesser%22&hl=en&lr=&safe=off&start=0&sa=N"]this[/url]. I suspect he doesn't exist, I'm sorry to say. That makes no sense -- they must be 90ft tall so their offspring wouldn't inbreed? I'm sorry Jibrael, but that's ridiculous. No matter how tall they were, two people can only produce offspring between themselves, and to grow in population there *must* be inbreeding if there is only one original breeding pair. :D Peace to you, Jibrael. Thank you for your input. :)
  5. Peace and thanks for your reply, aburafay :D Well, my point is that scientists do test and experiment to prove their findings. However, in testing and experimenting based on the Quran (or Bible), it is directly testing the supposed word of God. I think that, if I believed in God and the word of God, I would find that an insult to God. Wouldn't you? You believe the word, or you don't, but testing it is like saying "Gee God, I believe you and all, but you need to prove it now." According to the description of the Abrahamic god, I would think He'd not like that too much, hence my opinion. I'm not saying it's wrong or incorrect to believe in the creation story as the Quran (or Bible, or Torah) state it to be. But to subject it to scientific testing is like subjecting God's word to testing, which God has already said in scripture that He will not abide. Does that make more sense? :D Peace. :D
  6. Refuting Evolutionists

    Peace :D OK, here is my initial criticism of this website: The author makes sweeping assumptions and generalisations of what the terms "Stone Age," "Iron Age," and "Bronze Age" mean. I suspect he assumes the pop-culture ideas of these ages, i.e. equating "Stone Age" humans to neanderthals (an extinct cousin to humans). However, it is true that Stone Age people had many skills in working stone, wood, and even pottery and clay. The impressive stonework is what gave the name "Stone Age," if I recall correctly. This holds true for the Iron and Bronze ages as well. Evolution has nothing at all to do with culture or tradition. The author's argument is moot from the very beginning. His whole line of reasoning falls apart in light of the fact that evolution, changes in genetic structure over time, has nothing whatsoever to do with human culture as we know it. Social culture is an innate human trait -- it came into existence at the same time humans did, I would speculate. Why would it not? In short, he's dead wrong from the get-go. So, there's a fairly objective criticism of this particular website. You can, of course, feel free to research various university/educational sites on evolution theory and prove me wrong, if you'd like. I will not take that personally at all. :D Peace.
  7. Refuting Evolutionists

    It's like T3H MAJIK! Hehehe :D
  8. About Atheism..

    Peace to you :D But, in wanting for another what you would want for yourself, it becomes a difficulty to call someone to Islam, doesn't it? I mean, I don't want to be tortured forever. I don't want someone else to be tortured forever. Why even give them the chance to be tortured forever? Would it not be better to let Islam become a secret, hide it from others, so that no one has the chance to go to hell? I would rather take on that punishment personally by refusing to spread the word, than be responsible for spreading the word to countless others only to see them choose not to convert and end up in hell (this goes for Christianity too, btw). I feel it's akin to holding a gun to someone's head. :D Peace. :D
  9. Peace and good wishes to all of you. :D Please excuse me for interrupting the discussion. I know very little about Islam and cannot offer any wisdom concerning Islam and the science of evolution and natural selection, but I do have one small piece if wisdom to offer. It is only an opinion of my own, formed after some years of study in world religions, so you may listen or not -- it is your choice. :D Trying to reconcile God and science will only insult God and science. Neither gain; both lose. Science relies on testable concepts and vigourous experimentation. Will God subject Himself to tests and experiments? No. So do not insult Him by trying, and do not insult scientists by suggesting they should either. Religion and science are separate, having very little to do with each other, and I would suspect that if there were a God, they're probably separate for a reason. Just an opinion, nothing more. Peace, in the spirit of understanding. :D
  10. Counselling For Atheists

    Peace to you Aboo :D Answer 1) I was raised Catholic, converted to Methodism as a child when my mother chose to leave the Catholic church. I was taught to believe in god since I was very small. Answer 2) I wonder if I ever truly believed in god at all. I finally realised I was atheist when I was about 23 or 24, so only a few years ago, but before that I was searching other religions and beliefs. I knew Christianity wasn't right for me since I was probably 8 or 9 years old -- I remember that the idea of god killing himself to save us from himself was so funny I had to keep myself from giggling at church. Since my mid-teen years, I have been searching and learning. I don't believe there's a god of any type, but I wouldn't mind being wrong about that either. I hope that helps you. Peace and good wishes to you, Aboo. :D
  11. Refuting Evolutionists

    Peace, freedslave. :D Remember that even open-minded people can come to very different conclusions than your own. It is a disrespect to insinuate that those who disagree are simply closed-minded. Peace, and in the spirit of respect and mutual understanding :D
  12. If God Is So Powerful...

    Peace to you alim_in_training. I really enjoy your thoughtful posts. :D Erm... not meaning to be rude, but I just said that about 10 times. I tried again holding my Qur'an. The thing is, I could say it all day long, but I don't feel it. Allah must not want me to believe. :D Peace.
  13. About Atheism..

    Peace, I just wanted to say, I have a very religious, pious friend who likes to say, "Atheists are good for nothing." She's right -- we're good only because we want to be. We don't expect anything for our good works. :D (It's a friendly joke between us, if you were wondering.) Peace and good wishes. :D
  14. About Atheism..

    Peace alim_in_training :D Pardon me for snipping your post -- I just want to cut to the chase, so to speak. :D I don't know what he would say -- I'm not him. I can say that many times I've been tempted to steal, but I have not because I do not want to be stolen from myself. I, and many atheists I have personally come into contact with, base morals on empathy. I don't want someone to steal my money, so why would I steal someone else's? I don't need god for that, just knowledge of how I want to be treated. The Golden Rule, some call it. :D Everyone does choose their own morals, at least where I live (USA). The line of law is only drawn where your choice affects other people, and/or society as a whole. Some arguments can be made that some US laws impinge on private choice (abortion, drug laws), but on the whole that's not the case. When it comes to morals handed down via religion, I'm pretty firmly convinced that we all choose what we believe and follow. Many people are Christian, and follow Christian morals in the way they interpret them to be. Many are Buddhist and do the same. Many are Muslim, and also follow the Islamic morals as they interpret them. You choose what you believe, including morals and ethics. To ramble on, I suspect that people choose their religion based on whether they agree with the morals taught -- as we can see, a good amount of people agree with the morals of Islam, but many agree with the similar morals of Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc. I find it interesting on a psychological level that so many religions teach that people are inherently evil when we can plainly see that people choose to follow, for the most part, morals determined by the Golden Rule -- treat others as you would wish to be treated. How can we possibly be inherently evil when we freely choose to follow the Golden Rule, in whatever religion it has been packaged? To throw this long rambling post into a nutshell, you too have chosen your own morals, alim_in_training. You chose the morals neatly packaged in a religion called Islam. Peace and good wishes to you, alim_in_training. Thank you for your thoughtful responses. :D
  15. Question About Reversion

    Peace and thanks to you al malabari, for your hard work to answer my questions. :D