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  1. Laws

    Is this supposed to be funny cuz it aint
  2. Is The Room Right?

  3. How To Create A Poll

    :D its easy to make polls :D
  4. What's This Picture?

    :D i knew that
  5. Do You Brush Your Teeth?

    youre breathte would stink if you didnt brush toure teeth so everyone brushes thier teeth
  6. Do You Brush Your Teeth?

    :D is there a reason why you should.'t brush your teeeht how r u supposed to eat witout brushing your tetth
  7. Im Leaving

    :D what do you mean with taht :D
  8. How Many Hours Do You Revise

    :D you lot revise revision is for nurds i don't revise and wehn i do my exams i get the highest or the 2nd highest grade of my class
  9. Im Leaving

    :D i think i got an answer forr you you can talk with me about footbal :D
  10. Im Leaving

    :D why do you have to lwave you were my closest friend in the forum i ever had please stay abu ubaydah
  11. Riquelme Or Messi

    :D what do you mean riquelme is the bets player of the world he aint cuz ronaldhinho is the best and after him is ronaldo
  12. Top Scorer

    :D tottaly agree and make betifull passes and crosses
  13. Hello

    :D it's nice to have joined here to gawaher Islamic forum have a enjayble time here on this forum and feel free to posy :D
  14. Riquelme Or Messi

    :D nah abu ubaydah i goo for messi hes way much better :D
  15. Is V.persie A Muslim

    yes it does cuz i heard he was and i didnt believe thats why i started this topic to get other peoples opinions