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  1. Man Never Misses Trip To Gym For 5 Years

    :D Oh my god, what a phsyco :D , damn he was desperate. That is not good. :D :D
  2. ~ No Coward Soul Is Mine ~

    :D One of my school building is called after her but i dont know what she is famous for. Actually all of our school buildings are called after famous women. :D Wait...our whole school is called after a famous woman :D Oh yeah, that is probably because my school is a girls school :D :)
  3. Assamalikum

    :D Congratulations brother!! Masha'Allah that was soo sweet. May Allah bless your marriage and may both of you find happiness in this world and the hereafter. :D
  4. What If...

    :D No, because that is like killing a human being. I would try and pull him out. And by the way why would i put him first through the whole anywayz. :D
  5. I Need Advice From Muslims Please.

    If you love her and she is pregnant you should get married to her. You should both tell her mother that she is pregnant. It is easier for her than to find out.
  6. Whos Line Is It?

    :D A famous German scientist :D
  7. Whos Line Is It?

    :D Ok i have one; "Science whithout religion is lame and, religion whithout science is blind" :D
  8. In Memorium

    :D :D I have not knew these gisl but from what i have heard they seemed like very nice girls. May Allah reward them with jannah. Ameen :D
  9. :D Ofcourse angered at first, but then I realised that it is my responsibility to show people otherwise. To tell them about Islam and our prophet and its teachings. In some ways it was a wake up call, people are spreading lies about my religion? Then I am going to be the one to tell the people buying the lies the truth. :D
  10. Islam

    :D Beautiful :D :D
  11. Psych Test!

    If your answer was that she killed her sister so she could see the guy again it means you think like a Psych. You think like a serial killer :D
  12. Humorous Talk Of The Prophet :s:

    :D :D Thanks for the post. :D
  13. Make Duaa For Me Pls

    :D :D i will make dua for you sister. I hope that you and your fiance wil be together :D Your sister in faith :D
  14. :D Thank you for sharing you story sister and may Allah bless you and your family and make Islam strong with faithful believers. :D
  15. Saddam Hussain

    :D Brothers and sisters I dont think you should fight over whether or not he is supposed to die or not. Do remember that you are Muslims and in the end Allah will bring justice. :D