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  1. Hello From Califorina

    :D Welcome to IF brother :D
  2. Islam in Somalia

    I do not understand why not even one of you talked about Somalia, like, how many % of Somalian are Muslim, what the Somali people are like and what Somalia is like...... And is any body in here Somalia and if so why are you not given people information about Somalia. I am very interested in Somali people, i think they are great people and funny, but i want to know more. So can anybody help Please. I went through 3 pages and found no information on Somalia, WHY, Write Something People if you are Somali
  3. A Teaser For Everyone

    :D loooool that was a good one!! :D :D
  4. Grandma

    :D Inshallah i will pray for her sister. :D
  5. Wearing Jeans

    :D Thank you brother. :D :D
  6. Wearing Jeans

    :D Yeah as long your body's covered it allright. That means your body shape aswell and trousers dont exactly do that. :D :D
  7. Wearing Jeans

    :SL If you are female you are not alowed to wear t-shirt but as a male you are and as for trousers woman arent allowed to wear that in the same way that men arent allowed to wear skirt, dresses ect. :D :D
  8. :D Are you saying that you believe in God? Well then that doesnt make you an atheist. :D
  9. The Jumah Khutbah

    :D Thanks for sharing this with us sis. Jazakallahkhair :D
  10. My First Day At If!

    :D Hi everyone i am new. Hope to meet loads of you guys and :D i will learn more about Islam!! :D :D :D :D :D :D
  11. Quran Memorization Projects Room

    :D brother its really great!! :D
  12. :D Hoi ik woon in engeland maar ik woonde in nedereland vroeger (and by the way i am writing you can see that have forgotten all about dutch :D . I am not saying i am proud:no: ) :D
  13. Why Do You Visit Gawaher?

    :D The reason why i joined here is to is to learn more about Islam and to meet my brothers and sister all over the world because we all have one thing in common: Islam :D
  14. 4 Us Soldiers Killed In Afghanistan

    :D Can someone just tell me what exactly are the american soldiers still doing there???
  15. Gcse Revision!

    :D Try to teach other people about the subject your revising because it will stuck in your head. I have my GSCE coming up aswell and helping people understand something is a real help to me
  16. Bored Out Of My Mind

    :D Try and mix with some of the girls that go to your local Masjid and inshallah you will find a good muslim friend there. Done that myself and trust me it will help :D :D
  17. Gedichten!

    :D :D :D :D :D
  18. :D Een andere Nederlander hier!! Ik ben 16 jaar oud, woon nu in Engeland, maar ben een echte kaaskop :D Ik ben nieuw hier in IF, en het is prachtig dat het een Nederlandse forum heeft :D :D
  19. Barakah

    :D Ja ik denk haar naam is Um Ayman omdat haar oudste zoon's naam is Ayman. Maar haar echte naam is Baraka(ra). :D