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  1. For Practising Muslims Only!

    What is the point of this thread?
  2. Thanks for your warning. I believe that Allah does not let his true and faithful believers be misguided.
  3. Abu Zakariyah, if there is one thing I am sure of, its that the being in my dream had absolutely nothing to do with shayateens. Let me repeat that, I did hear Allah's words and felt Allah's presence, but did not recall hearing a voice or seeing any form of Allah. In the dream he was there and until I woke up, I did not realise there was no shape or form.... it is kind of very difficult to explain. As a believer, I guess you are aware that Allah (swt) is capable of anything and Allah can do what ever He pleases. If Allah wishes to deliver a message directly to one of his slaves, there is nothing to stop Him from doing that. Do not every doubt the power of The Creator, however "far fetched" it may seem to you. "When Allah intends a thing, all He has to say, is Be and it is." Imediately I woke up from that dream, I wrote down every detail I could remember so that I would never forget it. In the dream, I was in Heaven and felt a total sense of peace and loving. I could hear some very beautiful music being played. There were some people sitting under some trees and drinking something. It was the most peaceful place I've ever seen. I remember thinking in the dream that I wouldn't go back to earth if I was given the option to. The being (Allah) radiated love and forgiveness. In fact the first thing He ask me, was why I have not forgiven someone(whom I won't mention here) who had done so much wrong to me. I was shocked that he would ask that and when I said I forgave that person, I felt a total sense of forgiveness and from that moment let go of the anger I felt towards that person. He told me something about a certain person whom I did not know when I had the dream. I did not know the full meaning of His word then. I have just recently met that person, and I am beginning to understand the meaning of the dream. I have for a long time been very grateful to Allah and wished so much for the opportunity to just hug him one time and say THANK YOU. After He gave me the message in the dream, I asked him whether I could hug him and he said yes. I then hugged him and that was when I disappeared from his presence and found myself on earth again with a man beside me. The message in the dream was personal... some kind of guidance to push me to the right direction... I am so grateful to Allah for giving me this rare opportunity. It was the most amazing moment in my life ever. I can't say Thank YOU enough.
  4. I had a dream about Allah where he discussed a certain issue with me and gave me some very valuable information about something important in my life. At this point I do not want to discuss the contents of the dream. When I woke up from the dream, I realised that even though Allah was present in the dream, I did not actually see him and don't recall him being of any shape or form. And even though he spoke to me, I could not recall hearing His voice. Its kind of difficult to explain. It was the most beautiful experience I have ever had in my entire life. I'm grateful to Allah for giving me the opportunity to feel his presence and for the guidance I got from His message. I have searched online but have not come across any muslim saying they did have a dream about Allah. That is why I created this poll.
  5. Gay

    Like someone said, I think its a mental disease. I don't hate gay people but they make me sick. the thought of two men kissing or having sex is just totally disgusting.
  6. I believe the miracles of the Quran can be found when one reads and practices what it teaches. That is when you notice its miracles in your life. The purpose of the Quran is not to prove scientific facts. Some "scientic facts" have been founded not to facts years later. So for me, if a verse in The Quran agrees with a scientific fact, gud (nothing miraclous). If it doesn't agree with a scientic fact... What the quran says is the right one. The Quran is always right :sl: . The facts in the Quran will never change, the ones made up by science sometimes change and errors are found in them as the years go by. There is nothing miraclous about The Quran tallying with some scientifics facts. The micracles of The quran are found in reading and practicing its teachings. And believe me I have experienced some of the miracles.
  7. Difference Between Male And Female Brain

    Salam, First A. I had to try real hard to finally see B
  8. Paris Airport Bars Muslim Staff

    I do feel sorry for muslims living in the west. They've got so much to put up with
  9. I'm Here Finally...salam Gawaher

    Welcome to IF. May your stay here be beneficial
  10. Males Having Underage Sex

    I agree with you. All over the world, girls are more singled out. And I guess its also because its the girls that get pregnant.
  11. The Universe - The Trip Across The Universe

    First time I ever heard anybody say that. :D
  12. Difficult Riddle!

    Stand in the first position and be truthful :D I really dont know what the answer is. I wait for some else to answer
  13. Introduction

    Welcome to Gawaher. May your stay here be beneficial.
  14. Greetings

    Welcome Sis. Am sure you will soon feel at home here. Feel free to ask all the questions you want
  15. Hello Fellow Friends

    Welcome to IF sister. Hope your stay here would be beneficial