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  2. French Thief Steals Tv And Returns For Remote

    :D Guess if he got away with it the second time, he would have come back for pop corn and chips... :D
  3. Gold/silver Plated Watches From Dubai

    :D peace, bro llogical.. long time no see, mate! Hope u doin' fine yep, it's kinda of a matrix, tho i'm no 'Neo' :D Peace out...
  4. Gold/silver Plated Watches From Dubai

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  6. Eid Mubarak Everyone

    :D Eid Mubarak, dear brothers and sisters. More than a public holiday, it's a time to appreciate and reflect on all the qualities we cultivated during Ramadhaan! Oh, and don't forget to rejoice a bit also :D
  7. How Should We React To What The Pope Said?

    :D if the Pope's words hurt, there's no reason to hurt back... Anyaways, tho his speech was highly controversial, it nevertheless brought the opportunity for dialogue with non muslims, who were curious to know our reaction to those words. That was a great opportunity to explain them that Islam is not at all this type of religion... So, in the end, we should try to turn the negative into something positive... :D
  8. New Cartoon Series Attacks Religion!

    :D :D hi bro. u made me blush (i'm a guy, i know i'm not supposed to! ) and smile at the same time! :D u return u the compliment!
  9. Watching Anime

    :D kamehameha... BOOM! :D
  10. New Cartoon Series Attacks Religion!

    phew.. such anger... No, i'm not on a superiority trip. i was just trying to be pleasant. Obviously, that did not work and i'm sorry abt that. I also apologise if my last comment went down like being sarcastic or something. That was not intended. All of them, obviously :D Come on, Anon. U can't be serious. U're constantly talking of double standards and i'm commenting on it without any malicious intent, and U STILL FIND SOMETHING to pick a fight about?? Should every discussion turn into a bawling match of who's right or wrong? Anyways, good luck trying to find someone else to fight with, i'm not interested. Still it would be nice to talk pleasantly for once... :D
  11. New Cartoon Series Attacks Religion!

    peace. Well..Firstly i don't have any problem with israel existing. Difficult to tell that to those kids and civilians in Lebanon. I don't quite think that telling them, "We bombed you and your houses because suicide bombers killed some of our people. so an eye for an eye..." :D Please tell me you actually read my post. Kos i find it impossible that the Prophet Muhammad PBUH, who lived 1500 years ago, actually was the source of the bali/911/madrid etc attacks???? Man, that's really gross if you meant that. I really hope not. To re-phrase my point: Cartoon of Prophet Muhammad: Depicts something that is quite false and unfounded Cartoon of israeli policy: Depicts something (even if exagerrated) that is based on what has recently happened. No. i definitely did NOT say that.What i said was: "4 BTW, the symbol used on the arab cartoon, the star of David, is more likely to be from the israeli national flag than religious symbol..." by which i meant: Given that the star of David is on the national flag, I believe (which was why i used the word likely ) that its inclusion is more political than religious. Again, i've got nothing against israelis or Jews. Really. U remind me of George Orwell's Animal Farm. "All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.." :D Anyways, personally i don't think that we got anywhere/anything positive from those cartoons. I can only hope that this type of criticism no longer has a purpose in the near future (by this i mean i'm hoping for sustainable peace in the ME and thus no need for that type of cartoons to be published) There! u have my replies and my personal opinion. I'm not interested in arguing any further in the matter, lol! :D
  12. Is This Grammatically Correct?

    :D knock knock! uuuh, is this the thread where everyone gets a pain in the left toes? no? oh, the knee.... i see... sorry to have interrupted ya then! :D
  13. Is This Grammatically Correct?

    :D :D
  14. Is This Grammatically Correct?

    :D i would have said: I is paining my knee :D :D in fact, "my knee is paining me" would be correct because to feel pain, there needs to be a recipient, hence, "me". If i'm not mistaken, the verb form of "pain" acts as a linking verb, to the same extent as the expression "to be" Hope that helped :D
  15. New Cartoon Series Attacks Religion!

    :D just my 2 cents worth comments... 1 Anon, u must agree that the israeli policy has a fair amount of flaws in it, when it comes to working towards peace and justice. 2 The way those arab cartoons depicts killing innocent people has some truth in it. if u don't agree, that would be waaaaaaay biased, brother! :D 3 However the danish cartoons depicted something totally false in the sense that our Prophet (PBUH) always condemned violence and used the Jihad (holy struggle) only when there was no hope of peace/reconciliation/in self defense. 4 BTW, the symbol used on the arab cartoon, the star of David, is more likely to be from the israeli national flag than religious symbol... Whoops, that's 4 cents worth(just a joke...) :D