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  1. Severe Sunburn

    The alcohol in the creams is not halal because it is synthetic, but because it's a different type of alcohol. It's not ethanol (which is the addictive, edible kind...it can also be produced synthetically, so it doesn't mean it's halal).
  2. Is It Necesary To Learn A Certain Number Of Surahs?

    Concerning my last post, by saying "understanding the Qur'an", I mean "understanding the meaning of the message of the Qur'an."
  3. Is It Necesary To Learn A Certain Number Of Surahs?

    It is not necessary to memorize the Qur'an, but it is VERY, VERY important (and obligatory) to understand the Qur'an. And understanding the Qur'an is a lifelong project, because, even infinity is not enough time to understand the Qur'an.
  4. Stress...

    Salaam Hard work, is the key to success, and Allah only helps those who help themselves. Hashim.
  5. White Gold?

    Silver is halal, but I think most other precious metals/gems and the derived jewellery from them is haram for males.
  6. *question Troubling Me*

    Haha brother Aaqib, I'm only 16...so I'm not an uncle yet. :sl: But yeah, if they are given a choice on the day of judgement to obey or disobey, then, in my opinion, it's pretty much certain that they will go to heaven. Why? Because if they have just spoken with Allah, and just seen his might in action, who wouldn't believe and do what Allah didn't say? So I would think that it's automatically Jannah for them as they have just seen Allah...so of course they will believe. That's what I'm basing my thinking upon. What do you think brother?
  7. Forgetting Quran, Surahs, Ayahs... Or Even How To Read

    Hmm... I don't know if I am wrong, and please, please correct me if I am wrong so that I may learn, but I believe that understanding what the Qur'an teaches is a 100 times more important then blindly memorizing it. I think that if you understand a particular part of the Qur'an, and understand the message well, you will automatically begin the process of memorization, and soon it will become second nature. Early Muslims clung onto Islam and the teachings of Allah like a drowning man might cling on to a piece of wood in the churning ocean. They literally breathed in the message, and read/heard it day and night until they understood it perfectly. And then...well...without even thinking about it...the message was memorized. So if a person begins to forget the Qur'an, is it not a sign that the person has not understood the message well (what interests us, we remember, what' doesn't...we forget)?
  8. *question Troubling Me*

    I disagree with brother Aaqib here (but there's nothing wrong with that right? :sl: I believe there is a sunnah saying that uniqueness in the ummah is a blessing). Anyways, as far as I have always learnt, whenever a human being is born, they are born as pure Muslims. If a baby dies, it doesn't matter if it was born to the most ardent anti-Muslim...the baby is still Muslim. So if that baby dies, it will go to heaven. Islam, unlike other religions, does not believe in original sin or the concept that the human spirit is naturally evil. Therefore, in that vein of understanding, a person who is mentally ill, can also not make decisions for himself/herself just as a baby cannot. A mentally ill person therefore, would go to heaven if they died. Islam places great importance on will, and the ability for someone to make decisions, because Allah will base the heaven/hell judgement on the decisions the person made in life. Also, as I mentioned before, the afterlife is not as literal as the physical world we are used to. Thus, in sunnahs, heaven and hell is described with metaphors, so I don't believe that hell literally has a long neck, and literally screams. It's just a metaphor. What do you think brother Aaqib?
  9. Forgetting Quran, Surahs, Ayahs... Or Even How To Read

    Nope, I don't believe it's possible unless he even forgets his religion.
  10. Answer The 5 Questions?

    And it's just not Adam, it's Adam AND his descendants (a.k.a YOU AND ME!)!
  11. Alcohol In Medicine. Can We Still Take It?

    The rivers of "wine" as translated by some, is a bad translation, not because of the quality of the translator's faith but because of the lack of an appropriate word for the corresponding Arabic word. The heavenly "wine" is mean to be a very invigorating and refreshing drink, and of course, perfectly halal. Also, please, keep in mind that the world of the afterlife is NOT the physical world we are used to. That world is on a spiritual plane, and everything we are used to right now does not exist in it. In fact, we cannot even IMAGINE it, that's why the Qur'an uses metaphors (such as refreshing drinks and filling fruits) to describe to some small degree the fulfillment the righteous will achieve in the afterlife. Now, back to the topic at hand: I belive (as other brothers and sisters have stated in this thread), that if you can find an alternative non-alcoholic medicine, that is preferable, but if you cannot, then it is halal to use the medicine in question. Also, the KSA would be pretty dumb to not allow the use of isopropanol (also known as rubbing alcohol, which is DIFFERENT from the edible ethanol alcohol that is used in beverages) considering that it is one of the best disinfectants around. It's important to realize that there are many different types of alcohol, with many important uses, and there is only ONE edible and "non-lethal" version: ethanol. This is the one that is haram. Perhaps Muslim scholars should now not say that "alcohol is haram" but instead, "ethanol is haram", since all the other alcohols would kill you very quickly if you drank them. Ethanol is used in some quantity in some medicines, because it is one of the best solvents known to man, and thus, very important in fields such as homeopathy and production of medicines. Alternative solvents are being found, but if a Muslim cannot find them, then it's halal, since it's not used for intoxication.
  12. *question Troubling Me*

    Indeed, without a doubt, suffering is not merely a punishment (although it might be so in some obvious cases). In fact, suffering is a blessing. What you learn from it is something invaluable. Something no one can take. Pure guidance from Allah. Also, remember always, that Allah never puts a suffering greater than we can bear upon us. Also remember that Allah is a grand planner, what we see happening in front of us many times, we may not be able to understand, but rest assured, Allah's great wisdom is behind it. Have you ever read the story of Musa (the prophet), and his companion that he accompanied for a while in the Qur'an? Well, it's a story about how his companion asked him not to ask too many questions about the actions he was going to committ, but Musa after each action, was too curious to hold his tongue. Eventually, his companion lost patience with him and explained to him the reasoning behind all his actions, showing how he had received such wonderfully deep knowledge from Allah, and Musa was very surprised. It's a story worth reading, I am not sure of the exact verse numbers, perhaps someone in this forum knows what I'm referring to and can help me by reminding me once again of the verse and surah number?
  13. Forgetting Quran, Surahs, Ayahs... Or Even How To Read

    As far as I know (and I can't back this up, because I've heard this mainly from my parents, and relatives), it is next to impossible to forget the Qur'an once you learn it. Sure, you might think that you have "forgotten" it, but rest assured, it's alive and well in the subconscious. Such a beautiful and powerful message cannot be easily forgotten. Try going through what you have forgotten again, and you'll soon see that you see bits and pieces coming back to you, eventually, enough to fully form the beautiful picture again.
  14. Hoors Of Paradise- For Men Only?

    I think it's important for Muslim men to realize the fact that we are NOT allowed more than one partner UNLESS it is absolutely necessary. One of the major conditions for being allowed to have more than one partner for males is to be able to deal with each and every one of them in EQUAL JUSTICE. That, the Qur'an says, is next to impossible for most men (prophets being exceptions), and thus, most men CANNOT have more than one partner since they will not be able to fulfill the biggest condition required. Next, more than one marriages were only allowed in times of crisis. Example: after the battle of Uhud, where many Muslims died (may Allah bless them), their widows were left alone, and without protection. There was a major crisis in the Ummah, who would take care of the many widows who might not be able to support themselves and their children (remember, that in those days, most men were the earners & the women the homekeepers...but there were some exceptions, like Khadija)? It was under this dilemma that the verse that allowed more than one marriages for men. It is important for Muslims to always recognize and understand the context in which different verses in the Qur'an have been revealed. It is only then that one can understand their true meaning. It is by ignoring the context in which a verse was revealed, that people twist Islam. Just wanted to clarify this, as I saw in a earlier post a brother stating that perhaps they will be able to have more than one companion in the afterlife because they are allowed more than one in this life.
  15. I Know This Thread Has Been Opened, But I Am Gay

    Well, if they believe it, they should rest assured that it is not so.