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  1. Responding To Feedback

    RE: ANOTHER ONE HITS THE DUST‏ I am posting/pasting two feedbacks here, one from my twin, dr.munawar….who was the only person after my father’s death(when I was 21) who kept reminding our whole family of halaal/haraam..fair/unfair…(mama Yarhamhallah died when I was 22) he was so insistent and persistent that finally I gave in after 20 years .(when I was 41) However; I used all my mental/cognitive faculties and the data I had from books (of all kinds…I was a very ‘fond’ reader, of books..i read every one from Fredrick forsyth and Harold robins and loius la’mour to shibli no’maani and qudratullah shahaab..and sartre’…the best European/western book I came across was ‘zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance’and the ‘life of Muhammad from the oldest sources…by martin lings{who has a muslim name that I forget] keeper of the British libraries….i don’t mention names like agatha Christie or authors of books like ‘papillon’ and many other prolific western writers)..my dad Yarhamhullah had bought me my first story book when I was only 7…since then I always had a book that I was busy reading in my spare times…. . What I intended to share here was that for 28 years, I used all my knowledge to find some fault in Islam…but every effort actually proved Islam even more true to my awareness than it was before that specific exploration/investigation Alhamdulillah that gave me the habit of analyzing everything I saw scientifically/biologically/medically and then weighing it against the data I had from the Holy Quran and rasoolullah’s life story (I know 70% of Arabic…and I think in Arabic, because that was my first language..later I and my twin learned Punjabi and urdu and English…and even arabs know only 70% of Arabic…the language is the only language that is INFINITE in it’s extent and is the only language that has an ‘absolute’/[##][/##]'eternal[##][/##]' tense of expression also…besides the present, past and future or the good, better, best kind of limits that all other languages remain bound by…. and I say that because I lived as a son in law to English, Russian, arab, malay, Pakistani and pakhtoon/pushtoon families and I speak all these languages with the exception of ‘pushto/pukhtoon’…. .i share my personal details here to try telling what kind of language Arabic is…arabic is so different and so complete a lingo…that it ACTUALLY..changes the character/creed/breed of a person…no wonder when rasoolullah was asked, “who is an arab?”…he said, “anyone who speaks Arabic)” Syrians, palestenians, Lebanese,Jordanians,Iraqis,Egyptians,Tunisians,Alg rians,moroccons, Sudanese,Ethiopians were never arabs…but since they were ruled over by arabs for centuries and they adopted Arabic as their language, they are today called arabs. So my analysis of whatever happens/happened around me was ‘tamed’ by my Owner to be ‘multifaceted’ and each moment of my life since 13 years of age (when I read about a cell/the basic unit of construction of living tissue/living things) added to the data I had in favor of Islam…I only surrendered to my knowledge at age 41…for 28 years I tried all kinds of shortcuts/easier wayouts…until at 41 I realized the basic law of geometry/common sense “the shortest distance between two points is a straight line” means “siraat mustaqeem[##][/##]" . As is clear to all my readers, my writings here are meant for my children and their’s (insha-Allah)…so I can not be less than earnest/honest or else I will pay through my children[##][/##]'s welfare….and I have to be very very explicit, lest they fail to understand or they misunderstand….. The other feedback is from my neice..’yusra’ who is 21 or 22.. is a master of computer sciences…doing her internship presently…. First I will try answering my twin’s warnings…..next I will address Yusra… Dr.Munawar[##][/##]'s letter: chaudry.iftikhar.(chief.justice) is the ِne who [##][/##]'stayed[##][/##]'(means ordered through the supreme court to temporarily stop the application) against the muhasba.bill that was unanimously passed by the provincial asembly & governor of n.w.f.p.(north western frontier province of Pakistan).when m.m.a.(united front of practicing muslim political parties) was in power for 5 yrs. muhasba bill meant shariat(islamic jurisprudence/philosophy of law for humans). u should not judge ulema.e.haque(scholars of truth) only on few words the etiology(cause) of which u r not aware of. sufi mohd stayed all the 2 months in tablighi markaz mangora. all elders of raiwind recognise him as ustad.(teacher) u shud not dare to insult ulema . he is ustaz al ulema (teacher of ulema/scholars of Islam) Dr.Munawar.Rafiq my response: The fact that the present chief justice was the only person who resisted the appliance of ‘shariaa’/Islamic jurisprudence….and thence Sufi Muhammad’s statement that, “the supreme court of the nation of Pakistan will not have any say over the Pakistani shariaa’ courts”…proves my whole statement correct… Sufi Muhammad should have said,[##][/##]"chaudry Iftikhar will not have any say over the Islamic courts[##][/##]" About him( Sufi Muhammad) being [##][/##]"ustaz-ul-ulema[##][/##]"/teacher of Islamic scholars[##][/##]"..i have only the answer, the Quran states about such titles, [##][/##]"they are only names you have crafted[##][/##]". I do not mean here that I don’t consider Sufi Muhammad a better man than myself, but I do not agree with him, is my God given right, and yes I agree with rasoolullah that I should respect ulema/Islamic scholars… but rasoolullah did not say [##][/##]"don’t disagree with them[##][/##]"..so I choose to disagree with the way he belittled/demeaned the whole pakistani nation, it[##][/##]'s constitution and it[##][/##]'s supreme court ; forgetting in his hurry to name the man he was addressing, and instead saying something that degraded the whole Pakistani nation…a nation 94% of whom are muslims. I also don’t mean/never meant that Sufi Muhammad will never ever do a good deed now…I just pointed out the mistake many muslim scholars make in their zeal… I wish/pray/hope that all muslims broaden their focus of concern to the whole human race(not only Pakistan/or their own countries), and that we all be very careful in our choice of words because whether we intend to or not, each act/sound of ours is preaching…either positively or negatively.. either for the deen of Muhammad or against it Rasoolullah/Allah[##][/##]'s messenger is considered the ashraf-ul-ins(best of men) by jews,Christians,hindus,Buddhists,agnostics and atheists due to his tone.attitude and practices, not because the above mentioned sects believe in him being the prophet of Allah. Yusra[##][/##]'s letter: From: Yusra Ali Sent: Friday, April 17, 2009 8:23:51 PM To: moodi mamu (moodeaz[at]hotmail(contact admin if its a beneficial link)) Everytime i read your e-mail , it does create an urge in me to research a few things in Islam, #092"]now the question is[/font] All the strict followers of Islam in Pakistan ( as most often seen) tend to be rude in nature, there selection of words is ruthless, they don[##][/##]'t teach Islam or preach Islam but directly impose Islam, to my understanding and knowledge ( though it[##][/##]'s not perfect), Allah didn[##][/##]'t impose Islam through Quran and Prophet, but taught it, preached it in a way that those who read quran and read the history of Muhammad alaih assalaatu wassalaam, fall in love with it. Why the Pakistani Muslims/Maulvis do not understand this simple basic element of Islam? Hypothesis 1: Those who teach Islam to them do not them selves have the proper knowledge Hypothesis 2: Those who learn about Islam, do not anymore know the difference between Pride & Prejudice Hypothesis 3: THose who learn it, learn it in an envrionment - where they were impossed to learn it, as reaction they impose it. I believe preaching Islam is not everyones ball game, Only those with the blessed ART of doing it can do it......... for got to mention one thing........ We need more Learned Teachers who do not only teach you but sway you to think more, learn more, and do more for the religion, or atleast for ones own self Regards Yusra Ali my response To Yusra…: Yes my dear daughter, your observation is absolutely correct…. . I have learned through personal mistakes while preaching here to my patients and their families, that there is a very, very thin/delicate line separating [##][/##]"preaching Islam[##][/##]" from [##][/##]"dictating/advocating personal beliefs[##][/##]"… A hundred or more times I have realized that my loss of cool/temper while addressing someone while I (thought I) was preaching , was not for [##][/##]"Islam[##][/##]", but for [##][/##]"proving myself correct[##][/##]"/proving that I knew better/talking not for [##][/##]"Allah[##][/##]" but for [##][/##]"Myself[##][/##]"/my [##][/##]"Ego[##][/##]".… This happens when one forgets that the whole situation : .the listener with his/her disbelief/misbelief/illbelief/less-belief and you/the preacher with his/her correct or better or true belief is Created by the Khaliq(Creator),Al-Bari..(the Designer/shaper), al-Musawwir(the Painter)….and that the whole purpose of the [##][/##]'differences[##][/##]' of opinion/faith/belief/wealth/knowledge/beauty/youth/health/creed/pedigree is: to [##][/##]'test[##][/##]' [##][/##]'The extent/magnitude/quantity of our belief, that all is done/created by Allah and He/Allah wishes to show us how truly/falsely do we practice what we say….. The rudeness/ruthlessness/anger creeps in only when one is focused on personal goals and aims and is oblivious/indifferent/careless about what Allah wishes of us to do in that particular situation. Or when one is suffering from the misunderstanding that the results of his/her debate are upto his/her powers/prowess of speech/canvassing and not upto the Owner of all results/Allah. I will go into detailed narration now…to explain what I meant by my last post/entry and what I mean now… After Mecca was conquered by rasoolullah (alaih assalaatuwassalaam)…and this was conquered without any bloodshed…only three people died …one the arch/head caretaker of the idols in the ka[##][/##]'ba..and two others , one of them was a poet who used to disgrace the womenfolk of rasoolullah[##][/##]'s tribe/family in the national poetic moots of Arabia (and it was an arab custom then that such a man be killed for his filth against womenfolk) and a third one whose crime I forget….and the companions of rasoolullah told that when rasoolullah(prophet of Islam) entered mecca, he was so humble in his attitude, that his head was so lowered as he rode the camel, that it nearly touched the [##][/##]'hump[##][/##]' of the camel[##][/##]'s back…. anyway..after Mecca was a muslim city, the tribal leaders of Taif..the city that had idols second in status to the idols of mecca, visited rasoolullah…the dialogue then was : {not accurately stated here} Taif tribal leaders: Muhammad we will accept Islam but we will not say the 5 obligatory prayers. Rasoolullah: that is not possible for me to allow because Allah has made them Obligatory Taif Tribal leaders: alright we will say those, but the 30 days fasting of Ramadan(the month of fasting), we can not observe/practice that Rsoolullah: that too is not for me to say, your and my Lord/Owner has made it obligatory/compulsory Taif leaders: ok, we will do that but the 2.5% tax(zakat) per year from our incomes, we will not pay that Rsoolullah: That too is not for me to allow because our Owner has made it an obligation/compulsion. Taif leaders: ok we will do that too, but our idols we will not break/destroy them.. And omar razi allahu anhu interrupted, [##][/##]"idols of stone, and you say you cant break them.. And the Taif Leaders interrupted Omar without looking at Omar and said, [##][/##]"Muhammad, we came to talk to you[##][/##]".. So rasoolullah raised his hand as a signal to Omar to stop interfering, without looking at Omar, although in usual living he always turned his chest to whoever he addressed, keeping eye contact all the time with the taif leaders and said, [##][/##]"alright, you don’t break them , I will send someone to do that[##][/##]".. In another instance, after a war was won and the bounty of war was being distributed, there was an argument between an ansaari and a qureshi..(ansari..locals of medina…qureshi..immigrans from mecca)… The argument started because the medina local felt deprived of the bounty which was given by the prophet mostly to the immigrants…the argument however became violent and swords were drawn and it was close to becoming a full fledged war when rasoolullah learned of the argument and the drawn swords, he abruptly went to a higher spot and addressed the ansaaris… He said,(not accurately translated) [##][/##]"oh people of medina… if I say to you that you were in darkness and I brought you the light of knowledge ..and you were enemies to each other thirsty for each other[##][/##]'s blood and I made you brothers and you were living in absolute ignorance and I brought you knowledge and enlightenment, what will you say..? they all shouted..we agree with you rasoolullah.. so the messenger said, [##][/##]"NO..you should say..muhammmd when your own relatives were thirsty for your blood we gave you refuge…and defended you with our lives…when your own tribe kicked you out of your home we gave you our homes and when your own relatives tried killing you we protected you with our lives and I will say [##][/##]"YES,YES AND YES..[##][/##]" that was it..the entire crowd of ansaaris started weeping and shouting..[##][/##]"stop it Muhammad please fopr Allah[##][/##]'s sake stop it rasoolullah..[##][/##]" so rasoolullah said,[##][/##]"is it not better that the qureshis take the goats and the camel and horses, and you take Muhammad[##][/##]"? and they all said [##][/##]"ofcourse[##][/##]".. the drawn swords went back into their sheaths and the argument vaporized… The tragedy with (not only the Pakistani) maulvis/clergy is that they are ‘lakeer-keh-faqeer/slaves to the line engraved in stone… I will quote examples from the life of Suhaba(the companions of rasoolullah) that show that being ,”lakeer-keh-faqeer/slaves to the lines drawn by the ancestors is not Islamic..is unislamic…because the only constant is change …and the only unchanging constant is Allah... When rasoolullah shifted to the after-life/paradise and left this world, Omar razi allahu anhu insisted that the Quran be compiled in book form… Abu-bakr razi allahu anhu said, “how can I dare to do what rasoolullah did not” and omar razi allohu anhu said, [##][/##]"how do we know he did not plan on doing that but his life span did not allow that? And if we do not compile it in book form , some parts of it may be missed by the later muslims[##][/##]" …so it was commonly decided to compile it and it was compiled in book form by omar razi allhu anhu…. Rasoolullah only lead the taraveeh prayers for three consecutive nights in ramazan(the fasting month), on the fourth night the suhaba(companions of rasoolullah) gathered outside his house, waiting for him to come out and lead the taraveeh prayers but rasoolullah stayed in for long and then he came out and addressed the suhaba and said,(not accurately quoted here) [##][/##]" go home and say your taraveeh yourselves, I do not lead them because I fear they may be made obligatory by Allah and that may be taxing/hard/difficult for those who come after you”… But omar razi allhu anhu made it compulsory(not obligatory) when he was the caliph, so that the whole quran is read by the one leading the taraveeh (in every village, town,city, block) where muslims live and those following the reader correct him if he makes any mistakes…so that the quran remains un-altered for ever. Rasoolullah said it very explicitly that, “you should always travel as a group, and 2 is a group, because like a single goat is eaten by the jackal, the satan devours a single muslim’s faith”.. But later, when six suhaba went to Indonesia for preaching Islam, the emperor of Indonesia played a trick…he sent each one of them to a separate island, hoping that when alone, each of them will fail at preaching….but the suhaabaa did not resist the emperor’s command, instead they scattered on those six different islands, each alone, and eventually those six islands became muslims…today Indonesia is the largest muslim country by population… . Similarly six suhaba went to china..the Chinese emperor also played the same trick, sent each one of them to six different provinces…all those six provinces are muslims to date.. I was a translator for a couple of Chinese from one of those provinces(they spoke Chinese as well as Russian because that province was in Russian speaking territory’s neighborhood), in one of my journeys with the tableeghi jamaat. In the journey for the war at Tabouk, the muslim army was very scantily provided for…so one of the suhaaba who had some camels , with the army, went and spoke to rasoolullah and got his permission to slaughter a camel each day to feed the army… When he was about to slaughter the first camel, omar razi allahu anhu saw him and went and grabbed his hand..and stopped him from slaughtering the camel..so he told omar razi allhu anhu that I have the rasool[##][/##]'s permission, because the army has not eaten well for days and I wish them to feed well today…so omar said ,[##][/##]"let[##][/##]'s go to the prophet and talk to him[##][/##]"…both of them went to rasoolullah and omar razi allahu anhu said, [##][/##]"rasoolullah, we are already so poor in provisions/food and we have not even reached the battle field yet, we don’t know how long our war will last and we don’t know how much our need for these camels will increase with time, so if we start eating them now, when we are not even at the battle front yet…what will happen if our war gets prolonged?[##][/##]"…so rasoolullah said, [##][/##]"you are right, no slaughtering of our rides/camels[##][/##]" Now I tell you from the 21st century.. You know I was in Malaysia..nov.2008… I saw that the Malaysians are the most developed muslim nation of this planet… Their women wear head-scarves with pride..malysia is 60% muslims, 32% Chinese(the Chinese women are dressed in the usual western dresses for summer..shorts and t-shirts or even less)…nearly half of whom are Buddhists and the other half Christians, and 8% hindus.. Their women(Malaysian muslims) can not even imagine that they are inferior to men…nor can their men imagine that their womenfolk are inferior… Nearly all women are educated and nearly all of them do their own jobs or businesses..they are not dependent on men… Malysian muslims are as proud of their culture and national dress as the arabs (of Saudi Arabia) were in the 1960’s…to the extent that at eid-al-azha, my Malaysian friend insisted that I wear their national dress, and I said I will wear my own, but he said, [##][/##]"no brother, we Malaysians must wear our national dress on eid/weddings..even our guests[##][/##]"…so I wore their national dress on eid. The staple/main diet in malyasia is rice…I ate in many restaurants when I was there for 27 days and most of them were five star…I NEVER saw a malaysian use spoons or forks…everyone ate with their fingers…professors, doctors, ladies and gents and children…. When a family sits down to eat and an acquaintance of theirs or even a stranger comes to eat in the same hall/room/restaurant, the visitor will go and sit with the family…sitting alone and eating is considered rude..(I realized this only on the 24th or the 25th day)..and I realized that I kept a distance from other people[##][/##]'s womenfolk because of the filth in my own head/heart, fed it by having lived among Pakistanis and arabs..who consider women inferior and who treat their women like goats and who consider their own women honorable and everyone else[##][/##]'s simply objects of sex.although I don’t think like that, but because of the fear of being considered one of those who do,(the fear having saturated my head/heart by living among those who do) I kept my distance from those extremely affable muslims of malaysia Now coming to the purpose of this essay about Malaysia… In the 1960’s Malaysia was one of the poorest countries of asia.. The privileged/rich/educated sent their children to Pakistan for studying. .pakistan then..in the 60’s, was the most developed muslim country… Dr.Mahateer Muhammad, who was the president of Malaysia for 22 years, did his M.B.;B.S. FROM King Edward Medical College, Lahore…I met another Malaysian whose family were bigtime transporters of that country and he had done his early schooling from the public school at Ghora Gali Murree.. Anyway, Dr.Mahateer muhammad rasied the status of his country from one of the poorest to the STRONGEST economy of Asia;.. the Saudi riyal is 3.75/U.S.Dollar and the Malaysian Ringit is 3.20/U.S.Dollar… Dr Mahateer Muhammad is the only leader of a muslim country who is on record of having said, “the biggest terrorist is Bush”… President mahateer once visited Pakistan as the president of Malaysia..he was asked how he had managed to raise his nation’s economy and living/thinking status to the strongest in Asia and he had said, “ we applied the Pakistani president Ayub’s 5 year plan, repeatedly and it worked for us”… Then he was asked, “..you studied here as a young man and this country(pakistan) educated you to be a doctor, why do you think Pakistan regressed/went downwards instead of making progress?” and he said, “the only reason this country did not make progress is because these people do not have tolerance for religious difference of opinion”… This is the statement/testimony of a man who has the “Degree/qualification/certification” of having raised his own nation from one of the poorest to one of the strongest…and this is a man who lived in Pakistan for 7 years in his youth…used the Pakistani 5 year plan…and applied it continuously for nearly 5 presidential terms … And our poor nation has gone from poor to poorer…only because these lakeer-keh-faqeer mullahs drag it a foot down every time it goes a few inches high.. And I am not arguing here because I believe in this material/worldly/ending life…no I am arguing here because Malaysian muslims are making/causing changes in the non-muslim world through example of character… the Therapeutic community for addicts ,”pengasih” where I stayed because it’s founder/project director, ex-addict(Haji Yunus Patti) became a very close friend, because he too gained shifa/cure through the tableeghi jamaat and his therapeutic community is also Islam-based… had addressed the U.S Congress as the vice president of the world federation of therapeutic communities……. And here in our great Islamic country…our capital city, Islamabad.. the mullah of the red-mosque who was liberated from jail a few days ago, just stated,[##][/##]"our path is jihad[##][/##]"…and my friend who told me that, I asked him [##][/##]"jihad against who?[##][/##]"…and my friend said, I cant figure that out. . So I concluded that if the mullah means jihad against self, then he is very right..and if he means jihad as warfare against other humans then he is very wrong… .because there is no example of an absolutely muslim society that we can present to those that we argue with and they deny to accept that as a model for a state and then WE ASK THEM TO PAY US TAX FOR SAFEGUARDING THEIR RIGHTS UNDER THE ABSOLUTE IslamIC CONSTITUTION THAT WE PRESENT/REPRESENT…AND THEY DENY THAT TOO and so we declare war on them.( this is the only Islamic/rasoolullah[##][/##]'s method/reason for declaring war on humans…there is no other Islamic reason for warfare. So in conclusion…I would advise you and your generation to know so much about deen/religion/Islam that no scholar of Islam can mislead you or mislead the world opinion against muslims through his/her incorrect inferences of Islam or the Quran.(amen).
  2. 22 Yr.paki,muslim Girl's Feedback

  3. Another One Hits The Dust

    ANOTHER ONE HITS THE DUST Friday, April 17, 2009 (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_recoverychat(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/"]######you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_recoverychat(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/chatlink.gif[/img][/url] That is the lyrics by 'doors' that resonated in my ears when I heard what I will write below and it is appalling: The song goes, "another one down, another one gone , another one hits the dust" My dad Yarhamhullah (may Allah Bless him with Mercy) used to say, "what misses is common sense, everything else is plenty "… I am sure anyone who reads what I am about to share here, will agree with the lyrics I wrote above… Sufi Muhammad, the Pakistani from the north , who leads the movement (in this democratic country) for Islamization of the judicial system. Sufi Muhammad ,after being Blessed with Mercy from the Almighty, in the concession granted by the President of this nation ; the affirmation of the Islamic Jurisprudence(science/philosophy of human law) as the law of the northern areas of Pakistan, stated : "the supreme court of Pakistan will not interfere in the verdicts adjudicated by the Islamic courts in the north"… when I heard this, that song from my twenties resonated in my ears, "another one gone, another one down, another one hits the dust..".. imagine this man leading the movement for Islamizing the land's law, and being the first one to negate it in practice( when granted the movement's purpose). And this man's attitude explains the ENTIRE story of why , what and how , muslims are losing face all over the planet…which actually means, losing face in their Owner's/Allah's book. The Purpose of Islam, is to create a 'brotherhood' among humans, a bond , an adhesive factor that makes men treat others like they want themselves to be treated… And this gentleman after being granted Victory by Allah, negates the law/Islam in his very first statement after being rewarded… The statement reeks of egoism, of polarization, of telling the rest of the Pakistani nation…. Off. This is exactly what Omar razi Allahu anhu, the second caliph of Islam and the friend and father in law of the Prophet Muhammad alaih assalaatu wassalaam said : "deen/culure of Islam.. is not praying and fasting, it is the 'MUA'AMLAA/DEALINGS' that one exhibits/practices"…. And this gentleman failed at it the very first minute the President of Pakistan approved the law of the northern land to be Islam. That is why my mind replayed that voice in my head, "another one hits the dust".. What this man wanted to say was," The supreme court of Pakistan, if it interferes in the verdicts of the Islamic courts, will have to abide by the Islamic jurisprudence"… And instead the poor guy went and said those words that the negative part of each of us extorts. That is how sensitive, tender, delicate the philosophy of Islam is… There is no room for emotions in Islam… Literally the word Islam means, "surrender"…and this gentleman is aggressive in his tone.. Instead of his tone/attitude/words showing gratitude and humility, The man is playing 'lord'………. Which actually means; 'hitting the dust'. Rasoolullah(the prophet alaih assalaatu wassalaam) said,(not accurately translated) "you guarantee me the positive use of two pieces of flesh and I guarantee you paradise(here and hereafter), One piece of flesh between your lips(the tongue) and the other between your legs".. And one of the prophet's companions/friends said, "no misfortune befalls you except for the ab-use of your tongue ".meaning ofcourse that all problems one gets trapped in are created by one's wrong use of one's tongue. This is the "pathology" the misfunctioning/illfunctioning of our era's muslims(myself included).. We forget ourselves when we are judging... Had this gentleman been in love with humanity, he would have said the same thing in words that would please the nation, the supreme court, the common sense of all human(brethren)… Instead, the "zeal" for "excelling" at being the "perfect" believer, the poor guy went and said what threw him out of the circle of 'brotherhood'/tolerance/compassion/Islam. I don’t know how the chief justice of the Pakistani supreme court will react to this man's statement, but if I was asked my opinion, I would say, "apprehend this man, tell him his mistake, make him do "tauba/ask Allah for forgiveness" publicly, convince him to apologize to the whole nation, and rephrase his statement for him to read as: "The supreme court of the nation, will guide and assist the Islamic courts' verdicts through Islamic jurisprudence, and all courts will work for the benefit of the nation as well as the entire human race". But I am not the chief justice of Paksitan, am i?? (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetopendiary(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/entryview.asp?authorcode=D154508&entry=20169&mode=date"]<< : Orya's Genuine feedback[/url]
  4. Orya's Genuine feedback Saturday, April 11, 2009 (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_recoverychat(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/"]######you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_recoverychat(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/chatlink.gif[/img][/url] salaam. I am posting/pasting below, my neice's letter, feedback about my recent post/entry about the "faatehaa/source of quran"…(this child, has scored a gold medal in her "a" levels from Cambridge…I always felt she was extra-intelligent, alhamdulillah…like me , at that age, she is always laughing(may she laugh always, all her life). She, i.e., Orya,& my twin's daughter, Aayat, and my own daughter, Aaminah…have the same physical and facial structures/features…one would think they were real sisters…Orya and aaminah would actually be suspected as twins…Aayat is taller so she stands out slightly different.. Anyway…Orya and aayat had both answered the same way to that sudden question I mentioned about Allah's whereabouts in my last post/entry… I was surprised and pleased that our children have that sense of Allah's Omniscience and Omnipresence////my nephew..the 13 year old hafiz of quran ,had also said the same thing as his sisters… I quote this letter with a purpose…the letter follows: just read ur e-mail. i really enjoyed reading it. till the first half (before u started explaining the surah),i was felling proud of myself as since childhood ALHUMDOLILAH i always considered Allah to be my best friend.when i use to have a fight with my classfellows or friends i would cry about,that no friend is there with me,then i wud think who out of all those is actually my friend who stood with me in all times,listened to my ideas etc and the only answer i would have,was and is Allah! As he is always with us no matter where v r,what are v doing...always there to listen to what v have to say,always ready to give what v ask for of course if it is good for us{he knows better},that day when u asked me.. Where is our maalik(owner) (Allah)? and i replied (wo to humesha sath hi hota hai=he is always with us)... after talking to u i asked this question again to myself ..Allah kider hai?(where is Allah?) and i answered to myself -wo to humesha sath hi hota hai(he is always along with us) infact if i m going from room 1 to 2 he is with me in room 1 and is waiting for me in room 2 ,is following me through the way and is actually leading me the way.and after that i started crying for that i didn't know what else to think or say next. in ur mail then where u wrote (spend time with urself) i enjoy my own company the best :sl:.In the morning wen i get up till the time wen i sleep at night i have Allah with me who i m talking to the most than i talk to any1 else.....mostly my sentences start with "Allah G"......every night before going to sleep this is a must for me that i recall in my mind { this is a talk with myself and my best friend Allah}-1.what good things happened today,2 what bad things happened today,3.what good deeds i did today, 4. what bad deeds i did today _and { may be it is human nature to over look the good things in life and focus on the bad 1s , wen i eventually started this self assisment , my list of "good things happened" would always be smaller than the 1 of "bad things happened",(because i would look at even the tiny little bad thing and would not even consider the good things in detail)Allhumdolilah i realised my mistake and now i think of every thing good in detail + my good deeds of the day, and also look at the bad things in detail + the bad deeds ( not to think how pathetic my life is, with nothing good but , look at it so that i see where what was wrong, what was my mistake in that and how can i stop such thing to happen again... ) ALHUMDOLILAH now my list oF "GOOD" IS LONGER THAN OF "BAD"..... ALHUMDOLILAH then where u started the explaination of the surah.. i started crying and to read the next line i wud clear my tears...firstly i cried because of just thinking how GREAT Allah IS. after going through all of that...i talked to mysefl that Allah says "ASK FROM ME and i will give" ... i was thinking Allah has already given every thing ALHUMDOLILAH,i m meantally normal , i have all my body parts normal and working ALHUMDOLILAH i have my parents with me,,my brothers n sisters with Me ,Allah IS ALREADY THERE SINCE FOR EVER.means there is nothing that he has even left for us to ask for (except for forgiveness that too,V know Allah IS THE MOST MERCIFUL). SUBHANALLAH he definately love each n every 1 of us more than the love of 70 mothers. if all of us think to ourselves that this life is a test,syllabus is what is in QURAN, teacher is the PROPHET and our reward of passing the test is being closer to Allah .... every 1 would be working to get a distinction than a mere pass :sl: INSHALLAH (as ami told u i just got my books today,till yesterday (although just a month left in exam) i was thinking that Allah is testing my patience,and my ability to work harder when/if i get my books) plus another thing when ever i start studying or praying for my papers i pray to Allah that m working hard,please give me good grades so that my parents are happy with me{eventually Allah will be happy with me if my parents are happy) and so that my parents know that their hard work (in bringing me up) has also paid good. Time for me to start my hardwork :no:, nice writing you this mail. remember me in ur prayers,take care .SALAM ORYA The purpose of posting this was to make it very clear to all my young readers: The biggest trick that our fame/glamour/attention/pride-seeking part does is that whenever we make a mistake…it whispers to us, : "OH YOU ARE A FAILURE..YOU ARE ZERO"… and the next mistake , it makes us commit is to get disappointed with ourselves,,..and that state of hopelessness with ourselves is when we make more mistakes/hurt ourselves/forget to remain grateful to Allah, and ignore the blessings we are endowed with,and often misbehave or are rude to those around us..or just discourteous, indifferent and cold… so the METHOD OF DEALING WITH IT IS: when I make a mistake, and my "perfectionist-part" whispers to me, "you are zero"…I say to it, "yes , you are right, I am zero…that is exactly what is meant by . "laa ilaahaa il-Allah….there is no entity except Allah".. we are humans…we will definitely make mistakes… in the quran Allah states that,(not accurately translated, )"if these people did not make mistakes and then ask for forgiveness, I would create another race that would make mistakes.." because…it is in asking for forgiveness…it is during that moment of begging/repenting, that our belief/faith in the unseen God/Allah is maximal… so I advise all patients/young men, friends.. never ever let a mistake, pull you down or disappoint you… just keep moving ahead… you made a mistake…ok..learn from it..and move on… do not get disappointed…do not feel pity for yourself..just move on… thank god for letting you realize your mistake..and decide to not repeat it… but do not let ungratefulness..EVER creep into your mind/thoughts/feelings.. every moment of this life is a blessing..every second of it, every color of it and every shade of it's mood My dad (Yarhamhullah=may Allah bless him with mercy)used to say, when you make a mistake…be prepared for the results..then when the results arrive, you wont lament and cry like a child, but face it like a man… So mistakes are actually what we learn from…it is the medium that teaches….dont let your teaching syllabus disappoint you.. salaam. (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetopendiary(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/entryview.asp?authorcode=D154508&entry=20168&mode=date"]<< : My Daughter/faatehaa/21st century teens[/url]
  5. Shariah Program - Online

    but what if one avoids credit cards due to the usury involved.... i wish someone somewhere would offer a FREE ARABIC/SHARIAH COURSE over the net...
  6. My Daughter/faatehaa/21st century teens Thursday, April 09, 2009 (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_recoverychat(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/"]######you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_recoverychat(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/chatlink.gif[/img][/url] It is very difficult to remain absolutely neutral while writing about my Owner/Allah The attention/fame/wealth/glamour- seeking Part of my self, keeps trying to punctuate my writings with words that would exhibit my "dr.mahmood's" 'might' at writing I share it here so that, now, that part of me stays away and lets ,me write freely 21st century teen agers although tired, yet this has to be recorded for good. These teen-agers coming as cigarette smokers, or cannabis, charas smokers, Or even those not doing any drugs but dressing up trying to look as much like a monkey as possible..are in for a very tough haul. I feel for them, I see my son in themand I also muse at the naivety of this(teen)age First of all, what hits them like a train, and it is such a BIG human tragedy that we all were hit by that train the same way at some stage in our live :.. That we have all come to this planet for LEAVINGnot STAYING Strange that even in the 21st century, education does not start with this statement, which is THE ONLY Absolute Certainty that we ARRIVE here FOR DEPARTING.. Next the road of life in my teens1970's was not so mottled by the mire of drugs Now the road of life has drugs scattered all over it.these young ones have to step cautiously, or get stained permanently and lose their person to a dead master/drug. I tell them life is easier for them nowroads, cars, ceilings, fridges, phones, screens are all better..the only test they are subject to is of "self-control" Most can not spend a single minute with themselves I mean a teen ager will not spend a minute with himself..will reachout for the cell phone, or the p.c. or the t.v. or the c.d.player or just chatter away.this is the eye of the needle.if I can thread this eye the teen-ager gets cured I mean, in simpler words, that if I can teach the teen-ager to spend time with himself and be content with it..the teen-ager is already cured. Teen-agers especially and other patients invariably..each (myself included) , I tackle with one single tactic The purpose of this therapeutic community when I was advised by my twin(another doctor) and his friend (a very staunch-to-the extent-of- being-absurd/incredible/unbelievable/irking, believer)another doctor.; was to train addicts in starting a love affair with Allahto progressively become aware of personal flaws through the affair's growth/aging, and automatically develop an affection/sympathy, compassion, and earnest sincerity for fellow humans. When I started this "Islam-based' therapeutic community for drug addicts, I did not know, that I was myself going to go through all the stages enumerated/mentioned above I am surprised and amazed at what has grown from that first step the three of us talked about .and I took.(my true feeling is that I did not take that first step, I was pushed into it ..alhamdulillah) And I share the' hat-trick' here for simply propagating/spreading knowledgemay many benefit from it here and hereafter (amen) In my interaction with visitors (patients) here, during the course of normal, usual history taking or gossip ,day 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5.. I wield/wave around/exhibit/expose my psycho-socio-surgical tool, viz.,: I start by suddenly asking during our solo(one person to another, without any other listeners) interview, "and where do you think is Allah this minute?" This startles them and they appear confused and describe whatever position/distance they think Allah is at.at that given moment. Most, usually say, "on the seventh sky/in the heavens".. So I say, "Is He not the third one in this room?""listening to us, witnessing our conversation, rather knowing our thoughts and feelings even before we express them?".. And they slowly understand and agree.. alhamdulillah So then I continue, "I never waste a single moment of mine, without Him, I always keep Him with mewhen you (patient) are alone in your ward, dont waste time..talk to your boss/lord/owner/rubb/Allah.whatever you plan,think, remember, wish..keep sharing it with your bossHe is always with youmake friends with himthe only purpose of my keeping you in treatment is that you develop a relationship with our Boss/Owner/Allah..when you wish to drink, ask your Boss..share it with him , say, 'I am thirsty sir/boss/yaar/dear/paland then drink water..when you are planning to write something, tell him, 'I want to write, help me please'.. when you are changing sides/shifting on the bed.. say 'now sir/boss/lord/Allah I switch over to my other side' but please start a relationship with the Most Beneficial Friend of all and for Ever. .do itmake this relationship .no one can make it for you..not your parents not your wife, not your kids. you alone have to start this affair.and believe me once you are started your life will change for very good for ever.". Then during the course of treatment I explain the seven repeated lines of muslim prayersthe surat fatehaathe mother/source of the quran I explain how He/Boss/Allah has taught in those seven lines..: First.(in the first three lines) His Own Nature/Entity.. 1---That he is praise-worthyand all praise is for him alone, because he created everything.. even the words we use to praise are his creation and even the senses that feel, the beauty, that we then express, as praise..(6 different creations in this sentence alone) and he nurtures/sustains/nurses/brings-up everything in creation 2---that he is Absolutely Merciful and advantage-giving meaning he never does anything else but practice mercy and gives advantage. Sometimes we may not see the mercy in the slap that a mother gives her child's hand when the child keeps trying to touch the fire in the stove But the slap is a slap of mercy..to prevent the child from getting hurt by fire..,,, 3---Then in the third line of the faatehaa..He tells us an even Bigger Blessing that He has granted all creation, "maaliki yaum-ud-deen"the Owner of the moment/minute/day/time of result I explain that this is the Most precious of all favors He has done to all of creation: That he has kept the result of every and each endeavor/effort/exercise/struggle/wish/desire/will.in His own ,Absolutely Just and Absolutely Merciful and Absolutely All-Knowing, All-Regulating, hands This law of His naturethat He did not give the right to choose a result of (a created being's)own liking/choiceis the Biggest Favor Allah has done to all creation Patients very easily accept that yes, had the results been in their hands, they(the patients) had already killed themselves a thousand times..and their families too Or a neighboring enemy of one country would not let the sun rise/set for the enemy.. .like with such examples as, "when you wish to light a cigarette, you take it out of your pack..you take the lighter outbut now will you manage lighting it or notis upto Allah , because, suddenly the bell may ring, or you may see your dad, or you may feel like pulling your trousers up or shirt down, or you may simply cough or sneeze.or the lighter may not light at your first 'click'. Even this conversation that I am having with youthe results of my words, the meanings that you are understanding of whatever I am saying are 'those that Allah wants, and not those that I, dr.mahmood wants" Patients understand the point I try to make..i hope readers do too Then I explain the 4th line of the seven repeated lines of muslim prayers.. 4---"iyyaaka na'budu, v iyyaka nasta'een".. extremely superficially,the literal translation is, "we are slaves to you, and You do we ask for help" I explain that the word, "na'budu"..comes from the Arabic root.."a'bd".. Pronounced with a glottal 'a' and connected to 'bd' where the 'd' is pronounced as the "th' in mother A'bd in Arabic means "that dust, which has been trampled upon so excessively that it's particles have lost friction against each other".that they remain solid in state/appearance, but their ease of sliding over each other is like fluids So I explainthat this phrase, "we are slaves to you"..means that we are so choice-lessly bound by His Controls over our , ""eyesight, listening powers, sense of touch, breathing, heart's beating, intestine's working, liver's functioning, kidney's filtering, muscles of arms and leg's moving, skin covering and remaining free of filth, the earth's gravity pulling us down, the air's pressure pushing us down, the sun cooking our crops, the rain watering our lives and the trees refreshing our atmosphere"" that being his slaves is not our achievementit is actually our status. and we are as powerless in this slavery to Allah, as the dust particles that have lost friction against each other due to being trampled upon so excessively/frequently/permanently. I explainthat the sounds of my words are being carried to your ears through the waves my voice makes in air the airwaves then move your ear drum. .the ear drum pushes the fluid in the choclear tubes of your middle ear cavity(lying next to the ear drum...the drum acting as the curtain covering those tubes) as that fluid moves in those tubes, there are fine hair growing from the ceiling of the tube. downwards, into the cavity/bore of the tubeso as the fluid moves, it touches those fine hair, hanging above the fluid from the roof/ceiling of the tube the louder the voice..the farthest down the tube are the hair that get shook by the waves in the fluid caused by the moving air drum. This movement of hair is then conveyed by electrical impulses that travel at 100 meters/minute to your brain's 'auditory/listening centre"there the strength/intensity of the current & the fluctucations in it..are all registered and sent to your 'memory' centre through still more electrical impulses traveling through still other nervesthe memory centre then translates that word for you and the meanings are conveyed to your consciousness/mind/person/awareness/knowledge. And neither I am doing it, nor you..it is Allah who does it,has done it, will continue doing it..that is how ENSLAVED we are. Next I explain, the second half of the 4th line.."iyyaaka nasta'een" Translated as, "and it is you that we ask for help" Why do we ask Him..? Because He is the Creator/sustainer/nourisher/of all Creation and because he is Always Absolutely Merciful and Advantage-giving and most of all , we ask Only Him , because all results are only ..ONLY in His Just/Merciful/All-Wise/All-Knowing/All-encompassing/All-Controlling Hands Then I tell myself and my audience/patients/friends/nephews/listeners.. In the last three lines of the seven repeatedly repeated lines of muslim obligatory prayerssuraa faatehaa.. The Absolutely Merciful Master/Lord who loves each of us more than 70 times a mother loves her child. Tells us what to ask of Him.. what to aspire for in this creation what to yearn for in this life what to live for on this space ship called the planet earth He tells us.. 5---"ihdina assiraat al-mustaqeem" guide our thoughts/sentiments/focus/feelings along the vertically straight path not horizontally straight path, but vertically straight path because when we, the humans on this planet see along the horizontal axis/direction we see our own kind and roads, walls, trees, bushes, troubles, fears, posters, salesmen,.all creation/created beings/things. And if we mistakenly remain focused along the horizontal axis/direction, we start believing that whatever is happening and will happen in the next minute , is arising/originating and will arise/originate from around us(in the horizontal axis). While in truth all that happens, originates from the vertically above point..from the Controller Subhanohu-v-ta'laa He Controls each moment and whatever happens in it..has Controlled, Will remain in Control for ever An example I quote here is from the life of the holy prophet Muhammad alaih assalaatu wassalaamwhen he was once resting in a trees shade, and an enemy touched muhammad's adam apple(the conical bulge in the throat of males) with his sword and awoke Muhammad.. The enemy then asked Muhammad.."who will now save you from me?".. Then ,at that moment, anyone who was used to focusing along the horizontal axis would have started shiveringbecause death was as close as the adam's apple(in the throat)but Muhammad, like all prophets was always focused along the vertical axis..so he calmly replied,"He will save me Who owns you ,me and everything" The assailant/enemy started shivering, the sword fell from his hand( definetly, the atoms of the steel of the sword, must have shivered /writhed out of the assialant's handssince Allah is The Owner of each atom, or whatever is smaller than that too..meaning..all creation) Muhammad picked the sword and smiled at the assailant/enemy, who then testified, "I testify that there is no entity except Allah and you(Muhammad) are His slave and messenger" So I quote this example to tell my listeners and myself( and I am a very very stubborn primate myselfhave said this for years but practice it so rarely), that all the troubles and problems and disputes and quarrels we see around us are because man has focused along the horizontal axiseach has thought/feared that the next moment with it's results will originate/depend on someone /something in the horizontal plain/axis/direction Had mankind focused along the vertical axis, like the birds and the fish and the plants donone would have quarreled or felt scared . So , He tells us in the fifth line of the seven repeatedly repeated lines, what we are to aspire for, ask for, live for, yearn for That our focus not deviate from the vertical that we do not become scared/affected/by whatever is happening around us in the horizontal plain.. that we trust our Boss/Owner/Allah, that He will remain the Absolutely Merciful, Just, Kind, Advantage-giving, Generous and Absolutely in Control of everything in the next moment/minute/hour/day tooas He Has Remained for centuries. 6-&7--Then in the sixth and the seventh lines He Elaborates/Explains the difference between those that remain focused vertically above, and those that remain focused horizontally ahead Those that focus vertically above, believe that the Absolutely Merciful, Never erring, Absolutely Just, All Knowing, All Owning, King, has not created all this for nothing/waste but with the purpose of choosing from among the most intelligent/superior of His creation(humans), neighbors for Himself Neighbors that He accommodates in the joyous environment of heaven/paradise, And they are there for the infinite journey of getting closer, knowing better, the Infinite Entity of The King/Allah. And these wise humans ,due to their vertical focus, start recognizing heaven and heaven's environment during their worldly life. That journey commences already from this life, on this planet, because every instant/moment, some aspect of The King's Nature is being exposed to their sensesin this worldly life These are people, who may be in rags but remain rich, may be starving but remain energetic/agile, may be wounded but remain healthy/steady, may be old but remain young. for them, each arriving moment, along with the situation that moment brings, is a blessing because it discloses some new aspect of The King's Nature/Mercy/Generosity/the"99 attributes of The King" told of in the Quran.. Thusthese are those for whom, this entire existence, together with it's evils and darkness and ignorance and cruelty.is a blessing.(the negatives mentioned in the sentence above, only brighten the positives). And those that sorrily remain focused along the horizontal axis/plain/direction for them existence is very very taxing..there is a rush of created beings and their created Creations.every nook, corner, turn, curve, shadow and sentiment is glued to a 'fear' these define wisdom as the ability to foretell/foresee hazard/dangerto prevent harm before it happens/arrives to save for the rainy day, spending the dry day saving for the rainy. these wisdoms waste: lifetimes, human resources, human sentiments and precious moments of this worldly life where they themselves are granted kingship over all creation(temporarilytill death) worrying, fretting, arguing, competing, fighting, fearing, scheming, and sleazing and at the end of this narration, He Teaches us to say , "AMEN"which in Arabic means, "I repeat/affirm what I said/asked above" My mind was fed this entry through my thoughts for my dear daughter, aaminah maryam mahmood.. (aaminah was the mother of Muhammad alaih asslaatu wassalaam, maryam/mary the mother of jesus, and mahmood is an attribute of Muhammad) I am certain, she , like all muslim daughters(insha-Allah) will be an asset for all humanity and that she will make me and my father and our spiritual father, Muhammad rasoolullah, proud. (amen). Teen age is dangerous I think those that come to me are lucky because they have me full time I tell them things no one told me when I was 19 And I tell them that too I hope one of these teen-agers who lived through my treatment , will carry on the work I was used to start And do it much better than me..(amen) (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetopendiary(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/entryview.asp?authorcode=D154508&entry=20167&mode=date"]<< : ABSOLUTE Islam, ARRIVES[/url]
  7. Absolute Islam; Arrives

    Salaam: I consider myself very fortunate, extremely fortunate, alhamdulillah, to be allowed this entry by circumstance. A self-assembeled jamaat/group of 13 pakistanis, went to the elders of the tableeghi jamaat/preaching group of RAIWIND, and asked that they be allowed to travel away from their homeland, for preaching through practice, forever…..meaning that none of those 13 will ever come home again, they will continue traveling ,and as each completes his course of granted life here, the remaining will bury him and go on in their travels…. This means an ABSOLUTE copying of the lifestyles of the SUHABA(the companions of the last prophet, alaih assalaatu wassalaam)….. The, group/jamaat was granted their wish through collective counseling/consultations and re-counseling, and the group/jamaat has already been on their course abroad for one year. To me this meant an absolute ‘come-back’ of the absolute Islam that the holy prophet alaih assalaatu wassalaam had brought forth through his practice….and he had foretold that, “Islam came as a strangeness to humanity, and will arrive back to humanity as a ‘strangeness’â€â€¦ I am very grateful that, absolutely by my Owner’s Grace, I was/am among the fortunate ones who craved for this …. Along with this came my debilitating lung infection….a doctor myself, and having maltreated my lungs all my life, I was aware that this would happen… I know, cough and chest infections better than I know my siblings…so this time I know that this sudden loss of 5kg bodyweight in 11 days and an intractable infection, behaving so indifferent to the strongest medications my doctor’s mind knows, means I am at the helm of some chronicity/malignancy… If I am right, then it is only my own stupidity of oscillating between absolutely healthy, and absolutely suicidal health regimes, all my life…I reiterate my Owner’s words that “He (Allah) is not cruel to anyone, but it is one’s own (human)willful errors that subject one to tragedyâ€â€¦(RESULTS OF TESTS, REVEALED IT IS JUST AN ACUTE EXACERBATION DUE TO THE SAND-LAND I WAS TRAVELLING IN,DURING THE HAY-FEVER SEASON, ALAHAMDULILLAH) The jubilation I write above, at those 13’s excursion is because now the practice of Islam, with absolute indifference to material/worldly definitions of success/common sense has come into humanity’s practice …and not through the destructive practice of suicidal bombers but through the very constructive and very difficult/taxing practice of self-discipline, self-sacrifice and absolute love for all humanity as exhibited by all the prophets and especially the prophet of Islam… This heralds the advent of true/absolute Islam for all humanity, this does also bear very bad tidings for those muslims whose practice of Islam/faith was/is subject to their comfort levels, for now the contemporary indices to ‘faith’ and ‘sincerity’ have been evidently raised to perfection by those 13 brothers…now bankruptcies and clan-wars and chaos will infest all those lives that stained the virtues of absolute Islam through false/double standards of practice,(my own infected lungs is probably just that)… But being even a verbal claimant to Islam is fortunate in the sense, that honest self analysis does lead one to confession and self-correction(insha-Allah). Now I address my son and daughter, ibraheem Abdullah mahmood, and aaminah maryam mahmood:(and through them, all muslim sons and daughters,insha-Allah) My dear son, and dearer daughter, All great men were raised without fathers..adam, ibraheem, moses, jesus and Muhammad alaihum assalaatu wassalaam… 1---So being raised father-less is actually a sign of good fortune and not a cause for self-pity.. Among the purely Bedouin arab tribes , it is still a practice to send their newborn sons away to desert tribes…desert tribes that still wear goat skins and the famous King faisal of Saudi Arabia, saw a modern day toilet for the first time when he was 14…. So; NO…being raised without a father is no weakness or handicap at all….. 2---When one is a muslim by birth, it means the person has god-given talents, that make the person capable of doing what a non-muslim(by birth) does not possess…there is no doubt about that in my scientist’s mind….. but when we, the muslims, are raised by societies that , by tongue, claim Islam, but in practice, worship the worldly standards of success (money-based social status), then. Each of us by the age 14 or 15 years (of age), is a complete master at chicanery/being a crook. If anyone raised in the muslim societies of the 20th and 21st century tries telling you (or you yourself tell yourself)that it is not true, then the joke is on whoever agrees/the fool is whoever agrees….because the surroundings engrave this cheating so thoroughly on our brains and systems, that we become masters at remaining thieves, and yet seeming to be muslims. Each of us is given god-granted abilities to get rid of this thief within each of us…. No one can help us get rid of the crook inside each of us…only we can kill that thief in us, and only our own determined efforts will give us freedom from that crook who rules our hearts through the false labels of Islam (that actually act as a cover for all our, cheating and lying) coveting fancy lifestyles in reality, contradicting our verbal claims to this life being a test and the next life being the actual … Some of us who are not affected by the money-based living standards, fall prey to the grandiosity-based ills of our surrounding society’s false-ness…we become patients of anger, and we rationalize our beast-like behaviors by judging others (around us)… Either way and in either case, each of us has to grow out of that crook by our own efforts… By remaining focused on ourselves… ..by telling ourselves again and again, that Allah has already given us all the powers and abilities needed to be honest and sincere slaves to Allah. ...and by telling ourselves again and again that the index/measure to/of success, honesty, sincerity is the life and the behavior of Muhammad alaih asslaatu wassalaam… Yes you may be right when you say that a common, 21stcentury non-muslim(by birth) does not have the abilities to copy Muhammad absolutely….but a muslim(by birth) does… If you examine yourself honestly and with sincerity to Allah, you will realize I am not wasting time and words writing this to you… that YES , you do have that ability to be ABSOLUTELY earnest and honest…in all your dealings with other humans and with your Owner/Allah. 3--- I write here, publicly, because I wish my words to do good to not only my son and daughter but to many sons and daughters… I also write here because you will need 15 to 20 years to understand all that I write…the meanings are not going to arrive at your minds overnight, or in a month or a single year… 4--- I always had the choice to waste my life running after you, fighting court cases that your mom’s dad had in store for me…..but the Holy Quran, forbids to go to courts that one already knows will use laws other than Allah's to decide cases...and ofcourse you are by-now aware of what our court/judicial system is worth... but alhamdulillah I came to this pakistani society from the arabia of 1960’s … I knew I will never fight the raja dahirs of this land in fields they choose for war… I have never in my life fought as my enemy wished, I always chose my own time and the place, and my own standards for war and victory… I knew I had already won when your mother had sworn falsely by your life ibraheem, when you were only one month old… But I could divorce her and distance myself from the poison and stench of lives lived for pleasing or in fear of other people; you could not divorce your mom. So I knew that for you my son, and daughter, it was designed such by the Designer Subhanohu v ta’laa that you live with these people whose only focus of life is “to please others†and thus they lead entire life-times dictated by others/ in fear of others. You had to witness their misery and their weak-cheap-sick standards yourself to decide finally (insha-Allah)that I , your father, am right and was right in letting you be the judges, and in distancing myself from that blight. No it was not a tragedy that we lived away from each other…nor was it a tragedy that this blood-line of your mom crossed mine to make you (ibraheem and aaminah)… This was the only way my children could have seen the truth of Allah and understood the falseness and the poison of double-standard Islam. My father(when he was only 13)had witnessed the martyrdom/shahaadat of his parents (when the Sikhs in India slaughtered them), and I witnessed my own parents’ death at the early age of 21 and 22 …to learn the meaninglessness of a people-fearing/pleasing life or a life that judges success by material/worldly standards of comfort or wealth. The purpose of your life and mine is not to have things the way we want them…the purpose, was/is and shall always remain, that we all see the truth and live accordingly…or at least try living accordingly/admittedly. When you lived with me, ibraheem at age 5, you and your cousins were attacked by dogs in the park..all your cousins ran away but you did not, and when I asked you why you had not run, you had said, “jee-jee you yourself told me that if I fear anyone other than Allah then I should say’a’oozubillah’(I seek refuge with Allah) and that thing will fear me, so I said a’oozubillah and the dogs got scared of me and started wagging their tails and sat at my feetâ€â€¦ So what I intend to say here is that I did fall short of being a good father in many ways, but that can never be an excuse for you failing to be a good father , my son, and you being a good wife and then a good mother my dear daughter… ....daughters often-times copy their mothers…this is my greatest fear… I wish that my daughter doesnot make a muslim man’s life hell, like your mother tried her stupid best to make mine. And then deprived you (her own children) of the truth and your father’s influence all your lives(exactly like a poisonous snake that eats it’s own child)…if you ever do that aaminah, I already ask Allah to punish you as severely as possible. Remember there is no greater torture/punishment for a woman than having to raise children by herself, without a husband…so please my dear daughter, don’t repeat what your mother and her father/family did.(amen) 5---No…the purpose of my writings is not to cause hatred or anger against your mom in your hearts…she was trained to do what she did…so treat her with sympathy and respect…but do not grow to be the cowards that your mother’s family is..be brave muslims…that is all I wish for you and from you….and if you maltreat the woman who raised you without her husband, you will be cowards…give her the handicap of being, ill-/mis-informed and raised by a shopkeeper who measures all things/virtues in life with pennies. the purpose of all the experiences of life you have had so far, and these writings I leave on the internet, is that you do not follow in the footsteps of these ‘by-name’ muslims who actually fear people and not Allah, and worship money not Allah… like rasoolullah was born in mecca…with all the ignorance and social crimes ever possible, rampant in mecca….your mecca is the surroundings you were raised in..you can never blame anyone or make this an excuse for breaching Allah’s laws… and if you do, you yourself will get broken..that is another of Allah’s laws. I pray that you be good muslims, who create an example through their dealings with other humans, and lead others to true Islam…(amen). Tears, sweat drops, happy minutes and sad ones are already fixed for each of us…we can not escape them, and we can not change them…we can only remain sincere to our Owner Who blessed us with tears so we would know happiness and with sweat/hard times so we can appreciate comfort…. Salaam. (I consulted a very close friend about this entry….attached below is the feedback I received,and the answer I wrote back to my friend) ---j....someone here objected to my addressing my children publicly.... however this may be the last ever entry addressed specifically to them... due you think i should go ahead and post it on my diary and the Islamic forum..?or should i refrain? help me decide, please. Date: Sat, 4 Apr 2009 12:23:36 +0200 From: j To: hotmail(contact admin if its a beneficial link)]moodeaz[at]hotmail(contact admin if its a beneficial link) Subject: Re: urgent/feedback pls. Hi. I think you've trashed their mother a little bit too much in your letter. Although you do, after that, tell them to respect her. The advice your children need is the latter ......to respect her and have the ability to tell right from wrong. What happened between you and her family is long gone - they don't need to be reminded of something they had no part of. Post your letter it's your business if you want to do that, nobody elses. (my answer to my friend, a Christian cousin) i agree about the thrashing, but she and her family has kept my children in absolute darkness about the reasons for that damn arranged wed-/pad-lock …besides they have to learn grow positive in the presence of all the truths their genes and their environment contain....THAT IS ENTIRELY THEIER OWN RESPONSIBILITY…it would be unfair and actually criminal of myself, to try protecting them from the harsh seasons/truths of life…they must learn to remain positive and grateful for whatever they have been given, in whatever way by their/my/our Creator(alhamdulillah). yes you are right, i will go ahead and post it... besides the letter is not meant for my children only...it is meant for almost 99% of the muslim families of the globe...so i cant hide/mask things.. thanks, i felt encouraged...maybe will attach this 'feedback' as well as my answer to you, to the mail/post salaam. Dr.Mahmood Rafiq Project Director: Rah-e-Rast, Therapeutic community for drug addicts. 0092-(0)301-8419461;0092(0)42-5300187 (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetrah-e-rast(contact admin if its a beneficial link)"]you are not allowed to post links yetrah-e-rast(contact admin if its a beneficial link)[/url]
  8. A Story For You All

    below is quoted a dua'aa of rasulullah alaih assalaatu-vassalaam: {allaahumma laa yudrikni zamaanun v laaa yudrikuo zamanan laaa ya-ttabia'a fihi al-aleemu, v laa yasthyaa fihi minal haleemi, quloobuhum quloob al-a'aa'jim v alsinatuhum alsinatul arab} amen...but i personally feel we are there already. salaam.
  9. Thought-food

    Think…..i am thinking…..[using large font size is not allowed] Where did I come from ,how did I come to be…?...[using large font size is not allowed] ……………[using large font size is not allowed] I, myself am writing…………………………[using large font size is not allowed] that ; whosoever created this universe +me.[using large font size is not allowed] Uses me , my Owner, as He Uses you the reader.[using large font size is not allowed] And the same way that I was created and bestowed with other creations (like this that you read….count the creations ..start from the eyes that serve you and expose the surroundings to you)…the Maker, of all this… is going to take account of me…off me…[using large font size is not allowed] That time is here…it is somewhere round the corner, that time when He asks me about the way I used the knowledge that He Gave..[using large font size is not allowed] And He is the "close/near without distance……qareebun ghaira ba'eed" [using large font size is not allowed] He is sustaining my heart's beats…this body that I am given….for riding,[using large font size is not allowed] Is not I, ….I am simply permitted, using this machine (with two legs and two arms and a tongue and brain…every strand/thread/cell of this machine, is independently following His Commands to it ,which is most of the time….'obey mahmood')..[using large font size is not allowed] That is how close He is….. and how True He is…..and He knows the Absolute truth of how I used this machine and used it's cognitive(thought/sentiment/emotion/feeling/wanting/) accessories.(and this too is the reality of the other things I mistakenly put/consider "in-between" myself and Him)[using large font size is not allowed] Ya-Allah…[using large font size is not allowed] Readers…my brothers, sisters, cousins, humans..[using large font size is not allowed] Think please….not about me..not about the grammar of [using large font size is not allowed] This post..[using large font size is not allowed] About yourself…[using large font size is not allowed] About:[using large font size is not allowed] " how am I, and how have I ,used this machine(accessories included) that I ride..,so far"?[using large font size is not allowed] I must help myself, and you must help yourself,[using large font size is not allowed] The Owner is as True, as your ability(created) to understand(understanding being one of the creations) and decipher(deciphering another creation) this writing that you read………and that is how close, how in-control, how strong and omni-everypositivepossiblyimagined He Is[using large font size is not allowed] There is no room/space in truth for anything but truth.[using large font size is not allowed] Lie…is the creation of the created 'intelligence'..[using large font size is not allowed] 'bad' too[using large font size is not allowed] I hope this writing….. and your reading, Please Him(amen) [using large font size is not allowed]
  10. Plain,simple-truth

    TRUTH/TESTIMONY CONTINUED: When religious principles are used by humans for analyzing other humans’ caliber of goodness or vice, (playing god)the spirit of disciplining self through those very principles evaporates and pretentions replace originality and religious rites become traditions and customs and rituals,followed out of competition/fear of other humans…..this is already a dead society by Islamic codes….and it needs awakening…. Some may be awakened by a jolt, others by a stick,still others by a bullet and still others may have to have non-muslims come into their lands and remove the multistoreyed idols/ statues of their muslim leaders…. The Absolutely Merciful Allah is showing Mercy and Grace, awakening this ummah from slumber….i testify to that here and am prepared to repeat this afterhere too. May Allah Bless us all with preaching through our daily lives practice of Islamic principles….and those that find it hard, may Allah grant them the courage to say that they are not muslims BUT wish to be…(amen)
  11. Plain,simple-truth

    Salaam:[using large font size is not allowed] My twin brother also a doctor, called me today, and we spoke over the phone….he told me how 4 of the mullahs in the northwestern province of Pakistan had declared that mullah omar was there ameer/leader and usama bin laden their hero….[using large font size is not allowed] There was a time when I sympathized with these mullahs/talebaan….but now, after having seen these bearded muslims' behaviors and ofcourse having learned only recently that"mua'amla is deen, not salaat/prayers/nimaaz and fasting"(saying of omar razi allahu anhu…mua'amlaah = dealings)..[using large font size is not allowed] I now firmly agree with those scholars who say that MUSLIMS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL THE HAVOC on the planet….[using large font size is not allowed] If one man(alaih assalaatu-wassalaam's) ma'amla/dealings could make 1/4th of the globe muslim…why is it that these 1/4th of the globe could not convince the remaining 3/4th that Islam is salvation?[using large font size is not allowed] Because muslims failed at dealing fairly, dealing according to the quranic code, with each other, and with non-muslims…[using large font size is not allowed] When they did that ….non-muslims….those that were educated, decided that the code is correct, 100%true…but the muslims are crooked…[using large font size is not allowed] And those non-muslims who were/are not informed enough, just branded muslims as barbarians…[using large font size is not allowed] And why was it that this nation…the claimant to the BIGGEST EVER BLESSING ;QURAN….are so down trodden in this century and before it too..?[using large font size is not allowed] Because the info in the Quran and hadeeth was for each person to analyze self..NOT OTHERS….while muslims used that info to analyze others and not themselves…[using large font size is not allowed] This caused "hatred" to become an index to the muslim's mind's imaan…a measure for his/her imaan being the hatred he/she feels for the non-muslims, or in other words, the the hatred for the un-informed. How ironic and illogical!!!![using large font size is not allowed] Usama bin Laden and his kind…could verily not start jihad/(what they think means only war) against the tyrants ruling in their own lands….and found the poor afghans the guineas…on which these arabs experimented their brand of Islam..[using large font size is not allowed] I agree with yusuf abdussalaam/cat stevens…that they abducted my religion….they defamed Islam the most.[using large font size is not allowed] May Allah guide all muslims to focus on themselves/each person on self…and may he make us all earnest, generous, honest and self-less in our dealings..dealings with each other..and that starts from our maids and drivers and servants and parents and siblings and uncles and aunts and neighbors…..ameeen[using large font size is not allowed] And it is such honest and earnest delings that then attract the un-informed/non-muslim, to Islam…this is the real essence of da'waa/preaching….[using large font size is not allowed] Ya Allah forgive us and Bless us with wisdom to preach through our practice(amen).[using large font size is not allowed]
  12. 2nd International Conference Of Islamic Scholars

    our webdesigner has blkackmailed us for over two years now(webtechnos(contact admin if its a beneficial link))...this time they are upto some new trick having wiped off my website's front page...it will soon be re-posted(insha-Allah and the books mentiooned above will remian freely doqwnloadable..insha-Allah v b aunehi..salaam
  13. 2nd International Conference of Islamic Scholars I wrote here in the past, hoping my children would one day read my mind through this diary…[using large font size is not allowed] But today I simply write because I owe it to whoever(Allah Subhanohu v-ta'aala) provided me with everything, including my mental and physical faculties…I am ordered to share whatever I am given so I do this writing today to share(amen)[using large font size is not allowed] I write after so long because I am busy cleansing my own inner-being….it needs too much work and the p.c.consumes too much time.[using large font size is not allowed] I was subjected to the situation of being nominated as the Islamic scholar from Pakistan by the Anti Narcotics Force here, probably because I founded and administer an Islam-based therapeutic community, authored a couple of books, and they usually use me for university and college students to debate in favour of sunnah way of living & against drug abuse.[using large font size is not allowed] The conference was fine, one good thing was the fact that nearly 30% of the scholars were muslim women scholars…[using large font size is not allowed] [using large font size is not allowed] At the end of the conference, that went on from 24th to the 27th of November 2008,at the Legend Hotel of the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur; a protocol was agreed upon by the conference members ; to be passed on to the participating governments…[using large font size is not allowed] I agreed with everything except the term "Islamic ways"…[using large font size is not allowed] [using large font size is not allowed] I was insistent that it be termed "sunnah ways" and my logic was that 'islamic ways' is too vague a term and whatever is being practiced in my country and most (so-callled) Islamic countries would be encouraged by the mis-term; 'islamic ways'…[using large font size is not allowed] [using large font size is not allowed] The chair person "Datu,Abd Bakir Bin Zakir Din" the director general of Malaysian home ministry verbally agreed to make the change as he spoke from the podium, but when the printed document was handed to us on the 28th.. it had the term 'islamic ways' instead of the 'sunnah ways'…ofcourse the conference was already over.[using large font size is not allowed] [using large font size is not allowed] The chairperson of the organizing committee was a Christian lady Ms. Chia so she could not (probably never) understand the difference between the Islamic(which means paki,Saudi,Egyptian,Malaysian indonesian ways) and the sunnah ways…[using large font size is not allowed] [using large font size is not allowed] So I guess I am correct at considering myself at failure to contribute anything scholarly to the scholar's conference…I did however learn many new things..[using large font size is not allowed] I stayed on in Malaysia till December 18th and learned to speak read and write Malaysian too…Alhamdulillah..[using large font size is not allowed] My book about curing muslim drug addicts, reached the hands of the most patriotic of all malays..Dr.Mahateer Muhammad (the ex-president…who is also a graduate of the same medical college as myself)…I hope it to be translated to malay through his influence..(insha-Allah)…am following up on that.[using large font size is not allowed] [using large font size is not allowed] Malay are shaafe'e muslims, and I was impressed by their stringent adherence to tauheed….however some of the cultural/colloquial customs are contrary to tauheed but I guess they will continue…[using large font size is not allowed] Another very impressive fact was that at juma prayers the imam's speech is displayed in English ,on a large screen(The words only….not the imam's face),[using large font size is not allowed] within the Masjid and during his narration(in malay)..[using large font size is not allowed] And the 3 Friday prayers I was fortunate to attend , the juma'a speeches were very relevant to here and now…like he spoke of some new "get rich quick" scam that was going on in Malaysia and other south pacific countries…in another he spoke about A.I.D.S….and once he lectured about nutrition, the nutritional value of some common foods, the ill and the healthy eating habits and the significance of physical exercise….[using large font size is not allowed] [using large font size is not allowed] I also visted and stayed at an Islam-based therapeutic community in malaysia…myself and the founder became very close friends since he too had recovered through the tableeghi-jama't therapeusis….and he asked me to shift to his community from my hotel..and he also insisted that I prolong the stay..[using large font size is not allowed] PENGASIH…meaning 'compassion' is the name of the malay therapeutic community I wrote about above…in fact I celebrated my eid-al-azha with them as their guest…[using large font size is not allowed] I don’t think there is any other therapeutic community which is as intense/strong ( in numbers and) in dedication as pengasih…they have 5000 recovered members and the community is being run by 67 recovered addicts , and the program of rehabilitation is very , rather absolutely, curative….[using large font size is not allowed] Each day the patients spent the time between maghrib and ishaa in the Masjid, reciting the surah yaaseen collectively(when used for therapeutic intent, this is not a bida'at)…..this is besides the fact that they have to say all 5 prayers in congregation….during the initial stage of the treatment it is mandatory and during the secondary level of it, the salaat/prayers attendance is optional for the patients….which becomes a very good index for grading the patients progress/regress. And the therapists can be very confident in the prognosis report they deliver to the family as well as the patient..[using large font size is not allowed] However they had hindu as well as Christian and Buddhist patients and from multiple nations…like I said I was very impressed.and when interviewd by a malay daily newspaper, I said, "Malaysia is lucky to have pengasih…not pengasih being lucky for being in Malaysia"[using large font size is not allowed] Yunus my friend understood my distance from my children…he actually asked me to shift to Malaysia, but I told him that although I wanted to, but once I was back in Pakistan, many things will stop me…mainly my friend and secretary here and ofcourse the comfort of being on home-ground…and yes I am very grateful to be in my house, alhamdulillah.[using large font size is not allowed] [using large font size is not allowed] Gaza happened when I was back in Pakistan….i could not understand why muslims from around the world keep yelling at israel but say nothing to the 16 arab countries surrounding gaza..i can never understand that…it is so illogical and so ironic that an entire ummah(body) is blind to this very basic fact of the gaza 'wound' that has bled/weeped for over 49 years(my age) now…it is analogous with my right hand's thumb being crushed, and the entire defence and repair mechanisms of my body working overtime to heal it but the entire right arm denying to betake any assistance to the healing process[using large font size is not allowed] Will write later…time for dinner now[using large font size is not allowed] [using large font size is not allowed] Salaam.[using large font size is not allowed]
  14. The World Of Jinn & Devils

    salaam ukhti... i could not help commenting on the prayer under your name..."ya Allah make me better than what they think, and (i forget this part but it was also something about their perception of you).......forgive me for what they know not"... ofocurse it is a very deep and meaningful prayer,,ameeen ya arham-arraahimeen....but i would not choose it as a permenant addition to my 'icon/photo/nickname/frontpage' i have read this dua'a.. ilaika rabbi f habbibni v fi nafsi laka rabbi f zallilni v fi a'yuni-nnaas f a'zzimni v a'laa siraat al mustaqeem f thabbitni v a'laa ahsan al-ikhlaq f qavvamni v a'la al-a'adaa..a'adika...a'aada'a al-Islam f ansurni allahumma ansurni v laa tansur aliyya v amkur li v laa tamkur aliyaa v laa tusallit aliyaa bizunoobi mun laa yarhamni(like the gaza episode) allahummaa rabbi, habbib illiyya al-imaan v zayyienhu fi qalbi v karreh iliyya alkufra val; fusooqa val i'syaan allahumaaa aja'alni min-arrashideen sometimes i add to it allahumaa aja'lni min ashuhdaa fi sabilik....shahaadatan yuballighuni rizaakaa...amen.
  15. Gaza

    salaam: today i received a text message from my twin (who too was born in saudi/ofcourse) the text message said, "israeli tanks enter gaza, slaughtering [palestenians..." and i replied to his text: "gaza is surrounded by 16 arab/muslim countries, if i was god, (and alhamdulillah i am not) i would punish the arabs more severely and deliver greater damage to them...you love the arabs because you saw them the last time in 1991, but i was there in 2007...believe me , PALESTINE AND GAZA ARE PURELY AN ARAB PROBLEM...IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH Islam..." then my twin replied, "EGYPT IS HELPING israel" and i replied, "Egypt directly and the other 15 arab states, indirectly, success is in a'amaal...dont let the 'one-eyed' screen of the devil hinder your a'amaal. salaam.