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  1. Gcse Arabic

    :D dont worry about how much u wrote as long as wot u wrote was quality! it was ur writing paper then! i was wondering why u were back for more exams on tuesday lol
  2. Random Discussions!

    :D thats stupid man, no school is gonna ever change its routine just for a football tournament lol!!!!!!!! dont expect so much from them. i reckon john hampden did them too early anyway, u've had easter and half term to prepare for them now.
  3. What Now...

    :D erm thats a tough thing to decide upon. his motive was good but the way he went about it wasnt exactly the cleverest was it....
  4. Exams

    :D inshallah u'll be fine, now how about an idea....get off of here and do some revision lol
  5. 4000 Posts

    :D congrats bro...i can only wish u'd be as keen as this in other things as well lol
  6. A Really Cool Optical Illusion

    :D :D it worked for me, how freaky!!
  7. Random Discussions!

    :D why?
  8. Random Discussions!

    :D no its cos u reek of rabbit pellets....but im used to it now after 15yrs.... i dont like cauliflower...makes me retch....sorta like abu ubaydah does
  9. Random Discussions!

    :D the catherine tate show is so hillarious, she was on blue peter recently as well was scaring everyone off lolll lime coke looks ruff man, pepsi-twist-of-lime is nice though.... gcse physics is hard man, i got a B in my one but i did double science so it was an average of my 3 papers....thank God i got near full marks in chem and bio so it turned out ok in the end
  10. Wrigleys Haram & Halal Product Alert!

    :D loll u know wot i mean!
  11. Gcse Arabic

    :D i have to wait till the 26th! im so annoyed....whens ur results day siraj? mines august 17th i think,ill have to look it up
  12. Park The Peugot...

    :D wooah i cant play this game its too difficult lol i think my brain is frazzled with revision at the moment!!
  13. Three-armed Baby

    :D (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/5032906.stm"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/5032906.stm[/url] amazing incident.....Allah help him and his family
  14. Gcse Arabic

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA its a maths retake and i got taught by Cooke!!! somehow i think im gna need a miracle lol
  15. Wrigleys Haram & Halal Product Alert!

    :D oh good the ones i eat are still ok!