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  1. back it up? how’s so its a blog. Thoughts based of life experience i didn’t sit around for a hour researching facts, it was more of a emotional appeal. So sorry i can't really back it up until the day when people can experience life through other peoples eyes.
  2. Thank you for the defense. :D , I am not trying to mock Islam or Muslims for the record.
  3. OPPPS sorry forgot about the link thing
  4. Because of the complete insanity of my Iraq Muslim brothers and killing 79 people I thought the world deserves to get at least some reason for why someone would blow themselves up. Here are a few I could think of... Possible reason’s why Muslim Terrorist blow them self up? 1. For 72 virgins, of which none know what to do 2. Uncle Osama told me to do it 3. Its israel’s fault if they are destroyed I wont kill my brother Muslims 4. Islam is the religion of “piece†so I should be in pieces right? 5. It’s the JEWS they control the world you know 6. I like dressing up as women 7. They told me it was confetti 8. Jehad?!? I think I mean press the red button. 9. If I don’t kill them the guy next to me will and then he gets all the girls! 10. Because I am a poor uneducated young Muslim who was born to a society that has forgotten there great roots of being the epicenter of trade, commerce and society it was in the ancient world. Where once a proud people incredible development dwelled, now because our ignorance and fear we have lead ourselves to abandon all thoughts for improvement of this life and instead focus on the selfish development of self, using the line of possible ignorance and lack of knowledge to keep ourselves from feeling accountable in life. So instead being a proud people we limited our development of which causes our populous to starve and live in ruins! Turning there sadness to anger when trying to figure out who is ate fault. I hope people understand what I am trying to say. It’s sad but at one time Muslims lead the world in development but now, this is what we did to ourselves. So when people die and some Muslims act in terror we know where we can find out who is really is at fault. We just need to look in the mirror. at: (www.)"http://themuslimcorer/mc/content/view/1250/58/"]themuslimcor er/mc/c...t/view/1250/58/[/url]
  5. Hello From Califorina

    Thank i am glad to be here
  6. Hello everyone Well basicly i need some help. i Started the a website call the the muslim corner and i need some feedback on the site. Check it out register there and let me know if you have any issues. Also leave some comments and questions thanks *Link removed*