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  1. Salaams All, So I was reading over this hadith on Ramadan: The prophet (S.A.W.) said: "Whoever prays with the Imam until he leaves, it is considered as Qi-yam of one night." So my question is, if we pray all the Taraweeh prayers for the night, are we still recommended to get up at the last third to pray more, even though Taraweeh counts as praying the whole night? I don't know if I'm misunderstanding the hadith.
  2. Assalamu Alaikum! So I have to take this really important exam (5 hour long) at the end of this month, which will fall during Ramadan. I need this exam to apply to Optometry schools and it's going to need my full concentration because it's very important that i do my BEST on it. I have to take it around noon, which is when I will start getting weak, especially since I am anemic. I am just too worried :sl: I would never break my fast for an exam. I am leaving my trust in Allah and inshAllah during the month of Mercy he will open the doors on me .... but I just hope that my concentration level will still be functioning and may Allah make it easy on me.... please make duaa' for me! Anyone else been in the same situation? How do get through important exams like this ??? Wasalaam
  3. How Many Of You Would....

    Assalamu Alaikum! yes, I definitely agree. We really don't know who is right for us without Allah's guidance. marry someone who has engaged in sexual activities Well, the thing that I'm wondering about is how do your really KNOW??? I don't think most guys openly admit it. So you can never be too sure that the guy you're marrying is completely clean, Allahu a3laam. I choose not to ask too much about the person's past. That is something between him and Allah. I really don't even want to know if he's had relationships in the past, as it might affect my own relationship with him. As long as he is a righteous person at his current state, that is what matters. If Allah can forgive his people, we should forgive each other rather than shunning away people who've made mistakes (so long as they have repented of course). marry someone with children from another relationship I said No just because I personally don't want to be raising kids right away early in my marriage. I would want to have that time to spend with my husband to get to know him and grow on our relationship before the kids come into our lives. marry someone who has been married before Depends why the previous marriage failed.
  4. Islam in Syria

    Assalamu Alaikum ! I'm taking a year off between studies, so in this year, I would love to study abroad in Syria. I've been to syria many times before as I'm originally from there, but unfortunately I never had a chance to benefit from their educational programs. Alhamdullilah, now I'm making time for that. I would like to learn more about the different programs offered in syria. This post was very informational about the arabic programs, but what about Islamic Studies courses offered in English? Anybody can recommend good schools or links or anything? I would really appreciate any help as I need some direction in finding a good place to study. JazakumAllahKhair :sl:
  5. Salaam Sis Monica, I pray that Allah makes everything easy on you. Yes, the best thing to do in your case is seek Allah's guidance. Try praying salat al istikhara (the prayer for guidance). You can find out more on how to pray this here: (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_islam.about(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/blistikhara.htm"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_islam.about(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/blistikhara.htm[/url] InshAllah Allah will guide you towards the best decision. This really is a test from Allah. How he planned your mom's visit during Ramadan, it seems like Allah really wants to test your faith. Are you planning on giving up your fasting and possibly cutting down on worshiping Allah in the most blessed month just to please your mom OR are you going to put Islam as the priority in your life and not let anyone affect your deen. Just ask yourself what is more important. When you do something for the sake of Allah, Allah will not let you down. Just have trust in him. And you never know what your mom's reaction might be. Right now, you are assuming she might react negatively, but maybe Allah will open her heart and have her accept your decision to become Muslim, as long as she sees if it is for the better. You shouldn't be scared. You have Allah by your side. And inshAllah Allah will also give you the strength to support your deen. Just be yourself, you don't need a whole year of Islamic knowledge to back yourself up in front of your family. You are Muslim now and that shows you know enough about the deen to support your decision. Just tell her why you personally made this decision. And if she asks questions that you don't have answers to, it wouldn't hurt to tell her that you're still in the process of studying the religion and will have answers to all her questions once you find them. InshAllah all will go well. Let us know how it goes! WaSalaam
  6. Back From Hajj

    Assalamu Alaikum Everyone, It's been a while since I was here, but anyhow, alhamdulilah, Allah had just given me the greatest gift, the chance to perform Hajj. I'll be more than happy to share some experiences. It feels weird to be back to the real life, but just wanted to stop by here and say salaam to everyone :sl: Anyone else did hajj this year?
  7. Need Help !

    InshAllah, I can send it to whoever is interested. It's about bonding our Ummah.
  8. Need Help !

    Assalamu Alaikum, I would like to ask a big favor from anyone who would sacrifice a few minutes of their time to translate this Islamic article into URDU. I'm planning on distributing this article to a nearby "Pakistani" mosque, but it would help tremendously if I can get it translated from english into urdu. Plzzzz let me know soon if you can do it . JazakumAllahKhair... may Allah reward you tremendously!
  9. A Special Request

    Assalamu Alaikum Sister, May Allah make it easy on you and bring the best of khair into your life. Just be patient, and Allah will soon unveil many surprises for you, as he loves the ones who are patient. I am also on the same track you are.. Med School hunting... i'm taking the MCAT in 26 more days... OMG! soo soon! do you have to take that exam?
  10. Eating at Muslim house but unsure of meat status

    Assalamu Alaikum, JazakAllahKhair for sharing the hadith, except I think that the sheikh was over interpretting it. It doesn't specifiy whether the Muslim is living in Muslim or Non-Muslim land, so there is no reason we are obligated to ask about the meat in non-muslim land as there is no solid proof for that.... atleast my opinion.
  11. Eating at Muslim house but unsure of meat status

    Assalamu Alaikum, JazakAllahKhair for your view on this issue. It has cleared up some misconceptions. And again, Islam is supposed to be balanced religion. This example just shows us how we can be obedient, but yet balanced in our actions. The reason I asked this question in the first place is because my masjid does happen to serve non-halal meat (sometimes) believe it or not. I do attend many of the activities, such as camps and picnics, etc... that sometimes, there is no other food to eat rather than their meat. I find it a hassle to ask every single time regarding the status of the meat since sometimes they serve halal, and sometimes they don't. Our Imam has made it "OK" to eat non-halal, so the rest of the community chose to follow his word. I am not talking about a small village, but rather a city that holds up to 5,000 muslims. So people hear have basically chosen to follow blindly. I still eat from their food whenever I don't have any choice. I just hope that Allah accepts my sincere intentions...
  12. Assalamu alaikum, Does anyone know what to do regarding eating at a Muslim's house or even at Masjid activities, where you're not sure whether the meat is halal or not. I heard it is not right to ask about the meat and that you should eat it anyways.
  13. What Do You Want To Be Later

    Assalamu Alaikum, A Doctor inshAllah. I'm in the process of applying to Medical Schools now, so we'll see how that goes ! :D
  14. Single And Unhappy :(

    :D The only thing I can really advise you is to be patient, as Allahs says: “ O ye who believe! Seek help with patient perseverance & prayer : for Allah is with those who patiently persevere ! " ~ S2 V153 Also, a solution can be that you find a wife and maybe get engaged to her and even have the nikkah (marriage contract) signed. You don't necessarily have to live with her, but atleast she will still be considered your wife and whenever you're ready, then move in with each other. They do that a lot in the arab world. For some, it lasts only a few weeks before they move in with each other and for others, years. Discuss that with your parents and see what they think about it as well.
  15. Islam in America

    :D I personally don't see a greater advantage of living in the US verse a Muslim country. Yes, it's true that we get to practice our religoun fully, but WHO takes that advantage anyways? In this area, we have a fairly large Muslim community with an active Masjid and Islamic school, but yet, I feel like i'm surrounded by a bunch of hyprocritical Muslims. You have the adults here trying to encorporate their culture into our deen and then you have the youth who have MAJOR issues. One by one, girls starting to take their hijabs off for no reasons. Oh yea, there are plenty that wear hijab and jilbabs, that's great for them, but that doesn't make them a good Muslim based on other things they do. :D Islam has lost its purity here. It's been so hard to find friends that will guide you in the right direction rather than the wrong. No one is chasing after their deen anymore, rather, they are chasing after their lives. I understand that Muslim countries are just as corrupted (almost) but atleast much of the haram is "hidden" so the fitnah isn't as strong over there. There are also more choices of friends to choose from rather than being limited like we are here. I would do anything just to hear the adthan 5 times a day from a real masjid, rather than my computer. In a Muslim country, I would atleast be able to go to knowledgable scholars to learn my deen from. So there are much more Islamic opportunities to take part with, atleast what i feel. Please mark me if I'm wrong. Wasalaam.