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  1. Can you give us a quote from the Qu'ran to prove that?
  2. But I didn't even bring that up in the first place. You were the one who started talking about predictions in the Qu'ran. :s
  3. I don't think that it does. I hate when people talk about psychics and predictions but you can only tell what the prediction is AFTER the event has happened because it's so vague. What's the point in that? But tell me what it says about computers and Japanese cities being bombed in the Qur'an and I'll make my mind up.
  4. I hope the information about computers and Japanese cities being bombed in the Qur'an isn't so vague it could be one of Nostradamus's predictions!
  5. Some Miracles Experienced By The Salaf

    weird how there was a lot of miracles in the times when everyone believed in the supernatural, but in the modern day there doesn't seem to be any miracles!
  6. Why Is Music Bad?

    Thank you.
  7. Why Is Music Bad?

    I have a few Muslim friends I chat to and they told me the other day that they never listen to music because it's bad. Why is this?
  8. Incredibly Amazing Cat, Subhaan Allah

    That is quite incredible.
  9. A Now Common Occurance

    I hate that rule.
  10. -- Evil --

    Some people believe in God and not Satan....but I think everyone who follows Islam or Christianity or any of the other popular ones believes in Satan...it's in their holy books after all.
  11. Brutality Of The Egyptian Police

    It's probably legal in Egypt for the police to do that. Terrible though.
  12. Morality Poll

    I can't believe someone actually voted for the 'they have no morality' option..
  13. ~ Blind Mechanic Hires Deaf Assistant ~

    That's nice but how do they communicate?
  14. ~ If It Ain't Islamic It Ain't Terrorism ~

    I thought the word 'terrorism' was used to describe groups that use the fear of people to play into their hands and not just lone gunmen who kill people because they're insane.