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  1. Did You Pass The Test?

    Assalamu alaikum, I passed.. BUT question 2 = NO! Peace
  2. Can A Muslim From The Us Move To Mecca

    Assalamu alaikum, I don't see why you can't move to Makkah! Go there if you wish and have the right intention. As far as getting into Saudi, it is not easy. You'll need to find work there to be able to stay. The Saudi Government is very particular about who is allowed to stay. Then there's a constant renewal of the visa and all. Peace n blessings!
  3. Asslamau Alaikum, I wanted to share a scenario with you, one that happened to me today and ask what you would have done. I was walking out of the store and in the parking lot was holding the hands of my two boys. I felt the presense of someone walking close behind me. But I didn't turn back. I wasn't worried. It was just a feeling. Anyhow, I reached the car and began to put the keys in the door when I heard a voice of a man. "Excuse me sister, I'm Muslim and my car stopped on the road. Can you spare a few dollars?" I sat my two boys in the car and searched my purse for some money for the guy. I only found a 50 dollar bill and told him I only had a big bill and was unsure what to do. He said that he could change it for me. He LOOKED honest, but you never know. Without telling you what I ended up doing, tell me what you would have done. Then, I'll share what I did, inshaAllah. Peace and blessings to all!
  4. Holiday

    Salaaam, sis Muzmur: I'd LOOVE to see Turkey. My great grandparents are from there! Peace!
  5. Holiday

    Assalamu alaikum brother, How about Egypt? IF you are considering a more "religious" beach, go to Marsa Matrouh in Egypt. It's beautiful and peaceful. Many religious folks go there because people aren't really bare! They do "Islamic swim wear", where women are covered at least to their knees. There are hijaabs, jilbaabs, and niqaabs on the beach. The scenery is beautiful, the locals are friendly, and you get a religious feel there. Peace and blessings
  6. Giving Someone On The Street

    Assalamu aliakum, Nice story aunty umahmad! Alhamduillah he was honest. Your intention and actions were admirable. Sis Mehnaz: Yeah, i too was a little weirded out. He mentioned twice that he was Muslim. I kinda got the feeling that he was saying... I'm Muslim like you, help out a fellow Muslim. He also asked a funny question. Are you MUSLIM? I said, YES. Hehe, I am covered in hijab and abaya but maybe he was just trying to show that he recognized that and that he too was Muslim!? Bro Aaqib: I'd say that for someone who I don't know to trust or now, I was surely hesitant to give the full fifty. When he asked, he said he only needed a few dollars. The other thing, I surely wouldn't have a nice talk with him because he was a man! I was honestly creeped out a bit by his style. He was following so closely behind me that I couldn't even see him from my periphery. I felt his presense though and was only sure when I heard his voice. Thank you all for your input.. jazakum Allahu khair! OK ... for all of you.. I'll give you the end of the story and tell you why I did what I did. So the guy said, "I'll change it for you." That was kind of suspicious for me. So I guess it was obvious from my expression that I wasn't really comfortable with that. So then he said, "or you can change it yourself." So I sat for a sec there thinking I had to make a decision. Honestly, I felt somewhat vulnerable. I was sick, throwing up earlier, so my stomach was really off. I had two young boys sitting in the back of the car. I didn't want some guy following me in a parking lot so I could reenter the store and give him money. I didn't have the energy to pull my boys out of the car and head back to make change for him. It felt like such a hassle. I worried that if he was a thief, that he could be standing at my car window and ready to grab my handbag and could hurt me and my boys. With all of this running through my mind, I said, "Fine, you change the money," and handed him the bill. He walked off. I thought to myself that I was risking losing a fifty... but that if he didn't return at least I was safe and my intention was to please Allah taala. I waited just about 3 minutes and found him beside my window with two twenties and a ten. He handed the money to me. I asked how much he needed and he responded, "Twenty is fine." He took it, stuffed it into his back pocket, and crossed the lot. I was a little curious so I stayed parked in the lot and watched him walk away. When he was in the distance, he turned back and looked in my direction. I wondered if it was his curiosity or if he was up to no good. I reminded myself of the intention and drove home. My hubby said that I should have just left the car with my two boys and made change for him and just given him what I wanted. Oh well... Peace to all!
  7. Dua For Tomorrow's Results

    Assalamu alaikum, I second Umahmad's post.. I'm very happy you posted. I was getting worried! May Allah make your pregnancy easy and grant you a pious healthy child. Peace and blessings!
  8. Travel... Where Is Home?

    Assalamu Alaikum wa rahmatullah, A question came to mind today in terms of travel and shortening prayers (and combining them). I left home (the US) a few years ago and live abroad. When I return to the US for a short visit, am I permitted or not to shorten prayers? I really feel more at home in the US than anywhere else in the world so shortening prayers while here for a short time would seem strange. I am temporarily in the US and home is really elsewhere now. I appreciate your help! peace!
  9. Travel... Where Is Home?

    Assalamu alaikum umahmad, Jazaki Allahu khair for checking on this for me. I really appreciate it. You have answered the question then... it seems that home is not your place of comfort but the place where your belongings are. salam!
  10. Public Toliet

    Salaam, The mirrors from the outside aren't so bad but inside looking out is really strange. Who cares what the world is doing out there when you are using the restroom? LOL!
  11. Scary Sounds That I Only Hear!

    Assalamu alaikum, How about reciting verses of protection before you go to bed. Surat AL-IKHLAAS, Al-FALAQ, and AL-NAAS and of course, AYATUL KURSI. Those will help inshaAllah, if there is any sort of jinn interference.
  12. New Forum improvements

    Assalamu alaikum! jazak Allahu khair bro dot for this addition. I found the mushaf altajweed helpful while I was learning tajweed. I have one issue with my pronunciation using the rules of tajweed and was hoping someone could help me hear the correct pronunciation of the letter ja. I took years of tajweed but that letter, I still have yet to perfect. Does mushaf altajweed do pronunciations? I guess I could find alHuthaifey online and listen to him. Peace and blessings.
  13. Assalamu alaikum, It's the end of the night for me and I'm just about ready to hit the sack after a long day. Before I sleep I like to think about my day and try to see whether it was a good one or not. I think about my good and bad deeds, do some istighfaar before bed, and then do my right before bed supplications. Today I think I will sleep rested (inshaAllah) because I did a few good deeds. I wanted to start this thread as a reminder for us all that we need to be thinking about the things we do during the day and should always be finding ways to erase those sins we all tend to accrue and add more to our balance of good deeds. I had my reservations about starting this thread because I felt it could be in a way a showoff thread, causing us to express aloud what we've done. I hope this is not considered Riyaa but I wanted people to share their good deed of the day. Perhaps sharing our deeds can give others new ideas of good deeds and allow us to remember to think about our deeds everyday. A good deed can be anything you do to seek Allah taala's pleasure, whether it is for yourself or another. Today I read the verses of healing over some black seed oil and dropped it off at an ill woman's house. How about you? What was your good deed of the day? Peace
  14. Birth Controlling Pill For Skin

    Assalamu alaikum, Your issue might be hormonal but it should be a relief to know that acne doesn't last forever! My doc told me when I was a teenager that it'd last until I was 30. LOL, that was way too long for me to imagine. From experience, the black seed oil has made my acne go away completely. I'd recommend that if you decide to go off the pill, that you rub it on your face before you sleep and perhaps take internally some of the seeds, like seven of them, right before or with every meal. You'll find that it does wonders inshaAllah. Peace n blessings!
  15. Assalamu Alaikum wa rahmatullah, I've heard that whistling is forbidden. If this is true, which proofs are used to back it up? Jazakum Allahu khair.
  16. So What's The Deal With Whistling...

    Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatulah khala umahmad! Jazakee Allahu khair for the response. I guess that clarifies it for me. There's nothing prohibiting it but it appears to be hated (makrooh). I had that SAME verse in mind when thinking about whether whistling is permissible or not. Peace and blessings!
  17. Something We Must Do!

    Salaam bro SubhanAllah, ' Ameen to your supplications. May Allah taala guide your parents to the straight path! Have you shared your story of how you embraced Islam? I'd love to hear it. Peace and blessings!
  18. Swiss People Burning A Cardboard-mosque!

    salaam, HMMM, and I thought the Swiss were the neutral ones who liked to stay out of trouble! Peace
  19. How To Understand This

    Assalamu alaikum, Bro brooklyn: NO need for apologies! Bro SubhanAllah: wa iyyak, alhamduillah it's clear to understand. Peace n blessings upon all!
  20. Random Incoherence

    assalamu alaikum! just thought i'd pop my head in to check out today's randomness. RANDOM: I've had a very long day and am off to bed. I was so busy in preparation today for my sister in law coming to town that I didn't accomplish much on my Ibaaadah list . Sigh... inshaAllah tomorrow's another opportunity.
  21. What's Your Good Deed Of The Day?

    Salam, Serving ones guests generously.
  22. Can We Pray On The Dark?

    Assalamu Alaikum again brother! I have heard that it is makrooh to pray with the eyes closed but I'll have to confirm that. Sometimes I feel that I can attain more humility when my eyes are closed because I'm not distracted. However, eyes closed to attain greater humility versus eyes closed because you're falling asleep are two different situations. InshaAllah someone with greater knowledge on this subject can interject. Peace!
  23. Can We Pray On The Dark?

    Assalamu alaikum, You can pray at anytime you wish, in the light, or in the dark brother! Prayer is a form of worship and doing it at anytime is good. However, there are times when the likelihood of a prayer being answered is higher. There's a an authhentic supplication the Prophet Peace and blessings be upon Him taught us to say if we wake in the middle of the night. InshaAllah I'll locate if for you and post it soon. Peace and blessings
  24. What's Your Good Deed Of The Day?

    Salam bro alsheeba, MashaAllah, niiice deeds.
  25. Having Twins!

    Assalamu Alaikum, WOO######, mashaAllah tabarak Allah! Very exciting. May Allah taala grant you pious healthy offspring. Peace and blessings sis.