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  1. Assalamu Alaikum, I have some relatives who are struggling with the cigarette addiction and are hoping to quit sometime soon. Unfortunately, it's been hard for them. I was wondering if anyone is aware of a traditional / herbal method to quit smoking. If so, please share the secrets so I can pass them on. Is there any mixture of herbs or any natural things one can take to stop? Jazakum Allahu khair!
  2. Jinnat Or Just My Perception?

    Assalamu alaikum, Welcome to the forum. Your answer is the qur'an, specifically ayatul kursi, alfalaq, alnas and alikhlas. You must read your morning and evening supplications without fail. You must not sleep without reading these surahs. You should make wudu before you sleep and sleep on your right side. By the will of Allah taala, all of the sleep paralysis symptoms should disappear. May Allah help you. Psychologically, you must remove the fear from your heart because fear makes you more vulnerable. If something is trying to scare you and it is finding you scared, it will continue. Don't think too much about all of this. Just take your precautions. Peace
  3. The Blessings Of Salat

    Assalamu alaikum, thanks for sharing... "In order to maintain a relationship with Allah, its best to offer Prayer five times a day." It is obligatory for one to pray the 5 prayers. I would change that sentence to read, "... it is required that one offer prayer five times a day."
  4. Introducing Myself - Jshl

    Hello and salam, it's not so easy to learn Arabic ON this forum as it is not an Arabic forum however, you certainly have found a place where your questions relating to Islam can be answered and where you can find many resources for learning Arabic. Wish u the best.
  5. Practising And Not Practising

    Salam, I've had many similar experiences.. Just pray for their guidance. That's the best thing you can do for them. As far as being sad, that's normal. When you have something good, you want it for those you care for. PRAY PRAY PRAY
  6. The Date-palm And Its Uses

    Salam, never mind my question. I found the reply under the topic: Benefits Of Dates, History and Benefits of Ajwa Dates
  7. The Date-palm And Its Uses

    Salam, So can you post specific benefits of dates, specifically, the ajwa type which if one eats 7 every morning he has protection from the shaytaan.
  8. Losing It...

    Salam, make a lot of duaa that Allah taala softens their hearts so that they change their minds. Make sure that you have done an istikhara for this person before you fight the fight for him. May Allah make all of your matters easy and blessed.
  9. I Am Adeel Raj

    Salaam and welcome to the forum Adeel!
  10. What Do You Like About Islam?

    Assalamu alaikum, I love Islam because I'm constantly linked to my Creator and always have an outlet. I never feel hopeless and always have Him to turn to. I love Islam because by being Muslim, I never deny the benefits and blessings He has bestowed upon me. Islam is submission and submission to the ONLY ONE who deserves our worship is a blessing.
  11. Manipulation Of Energy

    Assalamu alaikum Freedslave, Thank you for sharing the above links. They were very interesting and informative. Salam
  12. Assalamu alaikum, I think most Muslim women wouldn't prefer law enforcement jobs and their families wouldn't want that for them either. Law enforcement usually means wearing clothes that Muslim women are not permitted to wear. Tight fitting pants and those shirts that are tucked in show the woman's figure. If you are speaking of HIJAABI women, I think it's totally out of the question. The job itself is rough and tough, not a job suitable for a woman . (Sorry if i've offended feminists). Muslim women should work jobs that are appropriate for them, ones that do not force them to compromise their hijab or religion. Peace!
  13. Jinn Powers

    waalaikum assalam sister, To answer your questions, it is true that some imams and others cooperate with the jinn. Jinns can get information about you from your companion jinn (Qareen). Spells can be cast on people using the jinn. This is haram and spoken about explicitly in the qur'an in surat albaqarah. Spells can cause all sorts of damage in ones life. That imam who found out how where the things the other woman put to place the spell on her, found it out through a jinn. That knowledge is only known through contact with the jinn. Jinns are oftentimes dishonest and lie to create enmity between people so they are not to be trusted. Jinns are more corrupt than people. Yes, jinns are around us at all times. They are not like Angels. They are different in nature and oftentimes the disbelieving ones hang around to sow enmity and hatred between people. They hang around to distract you during your prayer. If you are reading your morning and evening supplications and those before bed, you should be protected from their harm. Doctors can not always solve the problems of those who have spells on them because the jinn are the cause and oftentimes it's hard to diagnose those sorts of issues. This world is truly full of hate but what you can do is avoid thinking about jinns much and protect yourself. Peace
  14. Islamic Names And Their Impacts

    Assalamu alaikum, Hope this link helps: (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetislamswomen(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/marriage/manners_of_welcoming_the_new_born_child_in_islam.pp"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetislamswomen(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/marriage/manner...ld_in_islam.php[/url]
  15. Trouble With My Fetus And His Heart

    Assalamu alaikum sister, I'm so proud of how you are handling this. May Allah taala make this an atonement for your sins and reward you immensely. InshaAllah you will meet him in Jannah.
  16. Assalamu alaikum, My brother's best friend was hospitalized this week and underwent a major surgery. He has Chrons disease and right now is suffering really badly from pain even though he's on some heavy narcotics. His family is in another country and he came alone to the US for treatment. Please make duaa that Allah taala lifts the pain and heals him. Jazakum Allahu khair
  17. A Brother Suffering From Severe Pain

    Salam, ameen, jazakum Allahu khair for the duaa's. He's still in the hospital with unbearable pain.
  18. Assalamu alaikum, I have two Muslim friends who have gone through and continue to go through very difficult situations in their lives and have lost their patience with their tests. The first is young and has a husband who is dying of cancer, and lost a child after carrying her to term a few months ago. She is constantly depressed, negative, says she hates life and can not understand why it has to be so tough. She's highly emotional and says that she can't see any good in it all. She says she's upset that Allah taala has not answered her prayers to heal her husband. The second's father refused to allow her to marry anyone for the longest time and refused every suitor who asked for her hand until she gave up on waiting for her father's approval and went without his approval and married someone who was interested in her. She has a child and her husband decided all of a sudden that he doesn't want her anymore. She gave up her family for him. She's shocked by his decision and does not have a good relationship with her family and is shocked that such a thing can happen to her. In talking to both, I'v noticed a consistent pattern; negativity and blame. The negativity is apparent through their lack of belief that things will get better and from their comments about how life has treated them. They think it could not be worse. They have trouble seeing some of the most basic of blessings that Allah the Almighty has granted them. They harp on the negative. What's worse is that they blame Allah for their problems. They feel that what He has put on their plate is unfair and they do not deserve such pain. One says, she's a good person, so why should this happen to her? The two make comments that in my opinion can make them fall even harder. They question why He has made them suffer and why he does not answer their prayers. Both women pray, fast, and observe an Islamic way of life. I have explained that life is a test, that their faith will be tried in many different ways and that the path to heaven is not meant to be easy. The way they deal with their trials is what will help them get through. Their trials are an atonement for their sins. The must be steadfast in their prayers and never give up. I've asked them to remain positive and to remember the blessings in their lives instead of a constant focus on the negative. I've spent a lot of time talking to them but feel like my words fall on deaf ears. They can't see past their trials and feel like there isn't any good in this life. I need your help, suggestions, and recommendations.. How would you advise such people. When they blame Allah taala for their troubles, how would you respond? How would you redirect this negative thinking and blame to positive thinking in an Islamic light? One is reading self help books and the other is ready to get on anti-depressants and talk to a psychiatrist... I eagerly await your responses. Peace!
  19. 7 Tips to Improve Your Relationship With The Quran

    Salaam, Yes, jazakee Allahu khair. What a nice reminder.. I loved number 1. Peace!
  20. Help Brothers And Sisters

    Assalamu alaikum, Age should not matter however, you should not take a step before doing an istikharah. Whatever you get from that, go with it. Peace
  21. Assalamu alaikum, Only in Arabic countries and in Northern Africa have I seen that people are strongly discouraged or prohibited from bathing during maghrib time. I know that a little before Maghrib time people call thier children inside the homes and recite supplications and that holds legitimacy in the hadith. However, I'm not sure about there being any prohibition regarding bathing during maghrib time. So what is it? Tradition? Superstition? or truth? If it is true, please cite the hadith. Thank you for your assistance. Jazakum Allahu khair!
  22. Giving Advice To Those Who Blame God

    Assalamu alaikum, Jazakum Allahu khair for the good advice. May Allah taala reward you for the detailed advice. Peace!
  23. Unhappy Marriage

    There is a hadith regarding divorce: "Ibn 'Umar reported, The Prophet, peace and blessings of Allāh be on him, said "With Allāh, the most detestable of all things permitted is divorce." So, it is permissible, but hated.
  24. Who Are The Jinn?

    assalamu alaikum, Why do you think they are symbolic and not literal? Did Allah Almighty say that they are symbolic?
  25. Assalamu Alaikum, I am well aware that Allah taala has given the pregnant woman a "license" to not have to fast and understand that pregnancy is considered a sort of temporary illness, that pregnant women are to make up their days some time after the pregnancy and perhaps after they breastfeed. I understand that the scholars differ about whether you have to make the days up, pay for them or do both (pay and make up), depending on whether or not you broke the fast out of fear for yourself or if you broke it out of fear for the baby. Some scholars (AlAlbani I believe) say that pregnant women can pay up for their missed days. I owe a bunch of days from past pregnancies - I've had five (2 made it) and this year I'm pregnant alhamduillah and not planning on risking fasting while pregnant. If I have days from the past, and they are adding up, is there any fatwa about making up days of the past that are past due by paying up for them? Or am I to add the new to the old and make them up once I am able? I'm not looking for the easy way out... just for the right way. So if I must make these days up, inshaAllah eventually I will. Peace and blessings!