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  1. Salams All!

    Assalamu alaikum welcome to the forum brother in Islam :sl: inshallah, may your stay here be fruitful
  2. Perfection Through Islam (my Book)

    Assalamu alaikum Mashallah congrats bro! keep up the good work. may Allah help you thru the process and grant you success. please sharing the book when you finish :sl: ameen to all the duas.
  3. When Is Your Birthday ?

    ASsalamu alaikum why Octoberrr! lol mashallah im march
  4. Do You Give Up Your Seat

    Assalamu alaikum yes i would definitely give up my seat for those weaker than I. its a good feeling when someone gives up their seat for you, someone did that for me once and i still remember it.
  5. Sheikh Sudais - Surah Rahman

    Assalamu alaikum Mashallah. shiekh Sudias, my fav. jazakallah khayr ukhti for sharing.
  6. My Hajj Journey 2007

    w/salam Mashallah, great poem, very expressive. the video, i was showing it to my mom, who also performed hajj this year, she was moved by it as it brought back memories. may Allah give us the chance to experience the joy of hajj. jazakallah for sharing.
  7. Asalamu Alaykum

    Assalamu alaikum subhanallah time passes by quickly than we realize. mashallah and congrats on your accomplishments, may Allah accepts your hajj akhi welcome back again :sl:
  8. Assalamu alaikum Belated Congratulations bro, Allahu akbar, may Allah SWT keep you in the right path in all the days of your life! mashallah i'm soo elated as i read this post, such an exciting news to hear as always. wsalam
  9. Just Thought I'd Introduce Myself

    Assalamu alaikum welcome to the forum ukhti, glad to have u :sl:
  10. What Kind Of Sister/brother In Islam Are You?

    Assalamu alaikum yes please do repost the link, the previous one isnt working jazakallah
  11. ASsalamu alaikum Mashallah! very happy for you and may your family become muslims :sl:
  12. Aaqib's Best Poem

    Assalamu alaikum mashallah, your poems are all outstanding, my few picks are My Disable Friend, I love u Oh Prophet s.a.w, al rahman, as well as this really sad poem i once read, it was quite long too abt a mother and her child in hard times setting, cant remember the title sadly, but it left such an impact on me, *cries* mashallah.........hope succeed in publishing the poems :sl: wsalam
  13. When One Is My Little Niece? :p

    assalamu alaikum aamin a###### cute mashallah, were they dressed for halloween or something?
  14. Asalam Aleykum!

    Assalammu alaikum MAshallah, allahu akbar...........congrats sis and welcome hope you a wonderful and beneficial stay :sl:
  15. Dua For Practical Test

    Assalamu alaikum ameen........inshallah may you pass sis, and do read those duas, inshallah they will help
  16. Emaan- Faith

    Assalamu alaikum Mashallah sis Aamina thts good, thanx for sharing. alhamduillah what seems to increase my emaan is attedning friday lectures. my emaan seems to be at the high ends after Friday salat......also reading or hearing stories of the sahabas as well as in company of righteous persons as sis aamina said
  17. Tho Wind Touchth Ma Soul

    ASsalamu alaikum bro aaqib, very intricate work..... i read your poem like 3 times, i'm not even sure if still get it....it reminds me of those poems we're told to analyise in english classes...mashallah, very skillful
  18. Assalamu alaikum i like it, it good to know that in whatver state we're in we could always turn to Allah, so long as we're welling to repent..Alhamduilah
  19. The Most Beautiful Place...you Have To See This!

    Assalamu alaikum omr..ok that was a killer......plus its halloween today, not that i care but this adds to all that weird, scary costumes i have seen today.
  20. Talibaan Declare A State Within Pakistan

    assalamu alaikum i think only Allah knows who carried out the plan attacks that killed so many, so thats da on the other issue, i think its fair to say that many agent provocateurs and spies, whatever you wanna call em, disguise themselves under the umbrella of aid works and massionaires to create havoc and rifts among people, and they do get differentiated from those who are there for the right reasons, otherwise the cases would've been relentless.
  21. Hello My Friends :)

    assalamu alaikum sis Lisard welcome to the forum. inshallah have a good stay :sl:
  22. Salam

    assalamu alaikum bro welcome to the forum, inshallah may your stay here be most benificial. :sl:
  23. Du'aa' For Aunt's Husband

    Assalamu alaikum i'm sorry to hear that sis, aameen to the duas........may Allah grant him jannah
  24. Hi Friends!

    Assalamu alaikum welcome to the forum nathan. hope you have a wonderful stay :sl:
  25. Random Incoherence

    Assalamu alaikum Oh my, quater a million ppl have been evacuated in the area, the air so unhealth, thank Allah schools are closed tomorrow. i hope things brighten up tomrrow