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  1. Economic Essay

    Assalamualaikum I have an essay due for tommorrow which will count for a major precentage of the marks. The problem is I cant find any information for "China's impact on the Canadian economy" and "China competing against Canada for exports to US". At the last minute our group member dropped classes and we are stuck! My computer [at] home suddenly stopped working so I came to the library now to get info. I am really worried for tomorrow because I have not found any relevant info. If anyone can please help, may Allah reward him and I will greatly appreciate it. The library closes in 2 hrs. Could the answers be prompt plz.
  2. Du'aa For University Acceptance

    Has anyone who applied to University of Toronto got an acceptance from the University ??
  3. My Grandad Is Dying

    I am sorry to hear that sis! Your Grandad passed in much the same way as my Grandad! No struggle and as if there was some sort of Noor (light) on his face. Till today I cannot get over the fact that my Grandad is no more, I lived withh him for 19 years of my life in the same house that is why I shared a closeness with him. He gave me so much respect, anyways sis I had a hunch something was going to happen to him, I made lot and lots of du'aas for your grandad. Allah knows best for everthing. Insha Allah Allah grant him Jannatul-Firdouz. Ameen.
  4. My Grandad Is Dying

    slm I can fully empathize with you. I was in a similar situation, unfortunately my grandad passed away although we had expected that he would come out fine. it came as a shock! I would advice you to stay with him because you never know what happens. Please be patient and I will be making lot's of du'aas. Wslm
  5. Confused

    I haven't applied to ryerson because lot of things I have heard about it were not good. But some people say it is good for Business and some say not!
  6. Du'aa For University Acceptance

    Slm Jazakallah I hope they will too...I phoned then today and they said that they still haven't reviewed my application...I was like can you please review it. The lady then told me it is not up to her...!! :D Anyways keep me in your du'aas and if you have anything that you want from Allah I will also keep you guys in my Du'aas. Wslm
  7. Du'aa For University Acceptance

    Thank you keep me in ur du' sis
  8. 'i Want To Open People's Minds'

    I also think she is kidding herself Btw isnt acting supposed to be haraam?
  9. Grettings All

    Welcome :D I hope we get to learn from each other
  10. A Case Of A Kiss And A Slap

    I admire Aishwarya Rai...now dont be hating on her...she is vry beautiful and apart from that I'm surprised to find her name mentioned in IF. B) Aishwarya Rai is the best
  11. Du'aa For University Acceptance

    Slmz Plz keep brother Zaid in your du'aas for getting accepted at the University of Toronto this Sept '06. I am praying so hard. Hope Allah hears me out and blesses me with good news...insha Allah. Wslmz Take care evry1 Zaid
  12. Confused

    Thanks for the welcoming , I happened to look at that Istikharah thread yesterday.
  13. Salaamz

    lol...i am from Ontario and I am planning to transfer to UTSC this Sept from my other Uni
  14. near the Mavis and Dundas area, how abt you
  15. Assalamualaikum I too am looking for friends in Mississauaga. Any one from Mississauaga