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  1. In Memory Of A Great Leader

    "You sound so desperate and bitter. You can't even deny and address a single fact that I show you and here you are resort to your typical ramblings. Your attitude speak volumes. " I wasnt attempting to address any "facts". ""You sound so desperate and bitter.", " Your attitude speak volumes. " Hey im just pointing out the obvious. Care to prove me wrong? Saddam has hardly popular b4 he was removed from power, its only now that muslims are praising him and even then only because the US is mainly responsible for his removal. Go back in the last 10 yrs and find some positive comments made about saddam by muslims while he was still in power.
  2. In Memory Of A Great Leader

    Only when it agrees with crackpot ideas and conspiracys and blames every problem on the world on non muslims while praising muslims. I think we can all agree this is wot is accepted as a reliable source for muslims.
  3. Bush / Blair

    Yet again rather onesided dont you think, muslims can mock non muslim leaders yet non muslim cant mock muslim leaders. Shouldnt muslims show the same restraint and respect they demand themselves? Are you not infact hypoctrits even posting stuff like this on the forum?
  4. Bush / Blair

    Ok then, Bush and Blair are both christians, imagine it was 2 muslim leaders in the video. Even without religon being mentioned, would u find it even slightly amusing then?
  5. Panorama

    Did any1 see Panorama last night (sunday 30th july) on BBC1? Im sure it has opened some eyes amoungst non muslims and hopefully amoung muslims aswell. Any comments about last mights program?
  6. Bush / Blair

    Yeah pretty funny. I just wish u had a sense of humour when it comes to taking the mickey out of muslims.
  7. Unbelievable Snowflake Detailed Photo

    So some extreme close ups of snowflakes comfirm the presence of Allah? Were descriptions of snowflakes included in the koran or something?
  8. World Of Warcraft

    Hmm this may not be breaking forum rules but im pretty sure wot ur suggesting is illegal. Anyhoo half the fun of WOW is creating a char and lvling up, u cant just get a lvl 60 char and know how to play. Im a LVL 60 orc warrior protection specced :D
  9. Athiests Must Watch This Video

    "If muslims had told the world of all this so called scientific knowledge in the koran b4 science had descovered it then i would be impressed. How are we to explain a form of knowledge we dont even understand? The quran was revealed, as the video explains, 1400 years ago. there was no prevailance of science back then as it is now and society was living in a tribal environment. " Well ur all claiming it was in the Koran. "As for dr naik, well some of the gibberish that he comes out with, any non muslim that takes him seriously is only doing so as to be polite. again displaying yopur ignorence in accepting the truth. No facts or sources to prove your facts whatsoever. Please restrain your gibberish from this forum." Dr Naiks theorys of pigs has been discussed on this forum (www.)"gawaher/index.php?showtopic=33907"]gawaher/index.php?showtopic=33907[/url]
  10. Athiests Must Watch This Video

    If muslims had told the world of all this so called scientific knowledge in the koran b4 science had descovered it then i would be impressed. But its only know once all this has been discovered do we find muslims reinterpertating the koran to fit in with scientific knowledge. As for dr naik, well some of the gibberish that he comes out with, any non muslim that takes him seriously is only doing so as to be polite.
  11. A Question To Atheists

    Wot Eoin said. A figure of speach and nothing else. And just for the record can u provide proof of some1 falling down a hole, praying to god and a huge hand come out of the sky and liftng him out. If not wot is the point of the orginal question?
  12. Atheists Are Polytheists!

    The author of this article knows nothing of athiests.
  13. Gaza Women 'die In Mosque Siege'

    So i made a fool of myself by pointing out the hypocarsy of muslim thinking regarding Isreal being an illegal state? Im no fool but i believe ur confused.
  14. Arabs Break Palestinians Aid Blockade

    "I assume you mean palestine...or maybe Lebanon...." Very droll, u know fine i mean Isreal.
  15. Arabs Break Palestinians Aid Blockade

    When will u bite the bullet and accept that the sourrounding Arabs started and continue the war against Isreal. There is no crime in assisting a nation that is continously under attack. Wheres our outrage at Islamist fighters deliberatly hiding amoung civilians just so that they get caught in the crossfire and fuels there propoganda? And please spare me the "western media bias", "zionist controlled media" that u assume i got all my information from, it sounds pathetic and desperate. Funny how so may non muslim governments are considered terrorists, yet in the muslim world despite having the some of the worst governments on the planet there barely a whisper about them. Ur a NON-muslimaphobe.
  16. Arabs Break Palestinians Aid Blockade

    In northen ireland the political wing of the IRA, when voted in to positions of power were only dealt with once they renounced terrorism, just where are u getting " hypocrisy rules the order of the day"?
  17. Evolution?

    "Science is a way of understanding Islam. I am a student of science and i have been for the past four years. I still see no incompatibility" I would put it to you that you see no incompatibility because to choose not to, otherwise ur world would come crashing down.
  18. Gaza Women 'die In Mosque Siege'

    "So now we are back to my original theory, West wants to dominate the region so they keep comin to take over, with your statement that british owned the land, in other words they illegally took over and made it a british colony, just like what the US is doing right now except the fact that the US is not using the term 'colony' but rather 'Sphere of Influence' it is. And so the british took over made it a colony then sold the colony to Jews of Europe. And thats what you call Legal, and i call it Illegal!" Learn some history b4 u make such ridiculous claims. The land in question was conceded to the british after the ottoman surrender after WW1, if this was illegal then all muslims should return all lands taken after warfare of any kind back to its orignal owners. Honestly do some non biased research b4 u make a fool of urself.
  19. "Rape was never practised or justified...the Prophet also advocated kind treatment for the slaves, and eventually many of them at that time were freed, and converted to Islam." Only because ur not allowed to enslave a muslim, wot about the slaves that didnt convert? "No in this case, you have the more or less correct translation. Nothing about Arabic here. But you made a baseless assumption. You are not familiar with the condition of Arabia and the treatment of slaves during the Prophet's time. In other words, you are not familiar with the context of the situation. And you chose to make an ignorant statement based on something you do not know or understand." A true man of peace and indeed a "blessing on mankind" would have banned slavery completely.
  20. Was Islam Spread By The Sword

    So what did the the chatholics do when a muslim shot pope john paul II? No riots. No revenge attacks. No burning of Masjids. If it didnt blow over wot did happen?
  21. What Do We Belive In

    "1. Everyone is born knowing things like hot, cold, big and small. That knowledge is called Ilmu Zaruri (necessary knowledge). The other kind of knowledge is Ilmu Nazari (the observed knowledge). With the necessary knowledge (Ilmu Zaruri) that everyone is born with, everyone knows that there is a Creator and if we look at all people, everyone on earth worships something." If this was actually true u would not have any athiests.
  22. Reward Of $50,000 For A Captured Us Soldier To Kill

    Anthony, have u been radicalised recently? Its starting to look like it.
  23. Imposed Islam

    "So in brief, no, we aren't allowed to force anyone to follow our religious rules. Under the ideal Islamic state, non-Muslims would be allowed to live their own life but they would have to pay a small tax that Muslims wouldn't have to pay. (But the non-Muslims don't pay the zakat (charity, which is obligatory on every Muslim) so everyone's happy." Lets not kid ourselfs, non muslims would be second class citizens, less religous rights, less rights in courts. In the west today muslims have more rights than non muslims would have under sharia and yet muslims still complain constantly. So ask urself if muslims are unhappy as things are at the momment, how unhappy would non muslims be under sharia, with even less rights and privalages?
  24. (www.)"jpost/servlet/Satellite?cid=1159193478190&pagename=JPost%2FJPArticle%2FShowFull"]jpost/servlet/Satellite?cid...icle%2FShowFull[/url] I suppose this is justified then?
  25. My morals would stop me from stoning some1 to death.