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  1. Muhammed (pbuh) & The Bible

    Well, God bless you, but I believe that Jesus is God himself. Jesus came preaching repentance and the Kingdom of God. I did answer your query about original sin. I am very much against trinity doctrine and the Roman Catholic Church, the Mormons, the Jehovah's Witnesses,etc. I think it is neat how you people pray five times a day. It seems you are really into your beliefs. I do not believe that Muhammed said what the Lord said the Lord was crucified for our sins and was risen from the dead by God's power.
  2. Muhammed (pbuh) & The Bible

    I'm sorry, I forgot to answer your question asking which Bible do i read. I own about tweny Bibles, and have also the talking Bible, The Illustrated Bible on cassettes. The Bible I least like is the Living Bible, but the one I like the best is the King James version. My problem with the Koran is I have not found anything in it that I don't already know. I started reading God's Word when I was 17 years old and studied it for many, many years seriously, but I did not start reading the Koran until about three years ago, but after reading the Koran, I did not find even one thing I did not already know from reading God's written Word, the Bible. Exactly what is the message of the Koran? because I could not find anything in it that Moses did not already say.
  3. Muhammed (pbuh) & The Bible

    Yes, I believe in one God because of Deuteronomy 6.4" Hear O israel, the Lord our God is one Lord" The trinity notion was invented by the Catholics in about the 3rd century or so, but the apostles never taught a trinity. No, I do not believe in original sin, but I do believe in the Genesis account of how sin entered the world. God gave Adam and Eve a clear command...that they could eat of every tree in the garden, except for the one in the midst of the garden. That eating from it would cause their death. They were in perfect obedience to God until the serpent came and called God a liar. But immediately God dealt with them and actually spoke to the serpent telling him he would put enmity between his seed (serpent) and the seed of the woman. Since a woman does not have seed (only a man does) this clearly indicated a virgin birth. It would have to mean that a woman will become impregnated somehow with seed not from a man. The story continues through the Bible about how this seed is brought into the world.
  4. Muhammed (pbuh) & The Bible

    I've already seen all that. I have studied the Koran for three years, and the Hadiths. How convenient for you people here, that not one of you can debate, so you copy and paste. Is there not one Muslim here who can debate a Christian?
  5. Muhammed (pbuh) & The Bible

    The Koran states that Allah does not beget; BUT, the Bible says that God beget a Son...it is Jesus so the Koran and the Bible do not agree. And the Torah was given over 2500 yeatrs before Muhammed was born in Mecca. The Old Testament as proved by the Dea Sea Scrolls is over 2000 years old, whereas all that Muhammed taught is centuries after the Jews gave the world monotheism that the Lord is One. Please consider that I amn ot trying to offend or insult you prople, but as we decided we are discussig the Bible and Muhammed. The Bible tells the story of Jesus and of only Jesus. I could prove this.
  6. Muhammed (pbuh) & The Bible

    Jesus Christ is the center of history as time was split by his birth, death and resurrection; BC and AD is because of Jesus Christ. No man effected the world like Jesus Christ. When God handed down the Law to Moses at Sinai the descendents of Ishmael were not even there. Present with Moses were the twelve tribes, which were the descendents of the twelve sons of Jacob. Over four hundered years had passed since Abraham. Remember the israelis were four hundred years in slavery in Egypt. (They started out in Goshen when Joseph was prime minsiter of Egypt, but a Pharoah rose who knew not Joseph) So when God told Moses what he did recorded in Deuteronomy 18.18 he did not refer to any of Ishmael's descendents, they were not even there. "......I will raise up a Prophet unto them......." "them" is israel. israel does not recognize Muhammed as a prophet. How could you think that God raised up Muhammed unto israel? "From among their brothers" Jesus of the tribe of Judah was RAISED FROM THE DEAD You cannot be more raised than that. Muhammed was never raised fromt he dead. In Acts 3.22-26.... Peter explains that the Prophet Moses spoke of is Jesus Christ. Also Jesus said that Moses spoke of him inJohn 5.47 ...he referred to Deuteronomy 18.18 The Comforter came in Acts 2 when the Holy Ghost was poured out on the Day Of Pentecost as prophesied by the prophet Joel and clarified by Peter. The Bible is true from beginning to end, there are no contradictions. I could prove that so called contradictions are not contradictions at all. '
  7. Student Of The Bible Christian

    Just one more thing; I also do not believe in the Methodist church. I have read the Bible through and through and cannot find Muhammed mentioned there. I cannot find the Catholic Church there or the Methodist. I look forward to our discussion. I am also on other boards elsewhere discussing other subjects on Christianity.
  8. Student Of The Bible Christian

    To my new friend..... On second thought, this is a better way. Since this is an Islamic forum, why don't you start the thread, and let me know' its title and I will join you there. Is that okay?
  9. Student Of The Bible Christian

    Hi there. Well I undestand we must begin our discussion on another thread, so let us begin. I have no degrees. I hate the Catholic church. I think nuns are not of Jesus, but from Florence Nightingale. I do not believe in a trinity, I believe that Yahweh is one Lord. Do you still want to discuss with me? I will start a thread then entitled; Jesus is God See you at the thread. God bless....
  10. The above post does not even make sense. There definitely is no trinity, I agree, but the above post is still nonsensical. Because God is omnipresent, which God is the Holy Spirit.
  11. People of The Book" & The Muslims

    God calls you, not a fool, but the fool. Morals come from the Mosaic Code. Yes, tell me about Hammarabi and the Vedas and whatever, but it was God who gave us the Law which Law taught us right from wrong. Man's very nature does good and evil, but it is God who told us NOT to do evil. This is found first in the Bible.
  12. People of The Book" & The Muslims

    This following true story will explain the above quoted parable of Jesus: A young backslidden hurting woman came to her mother with this; "Mom, I know I did wrong in leaving my husband, and leaving my sons also. I have not been obedient to Jesus and have messed up my life. I am so sorry to God. But, as I sat on your couch very sad, Jesus touched me and I started crying. I am so happy now because He reminded me of his parable of the landowner who hired workers to work in his vineyard. He told me that even though I have come in to work for him at late in the day instead of in the morning, he said I will get paid the same wage as those who have been working all day. His workers who did not leave their spouses or mess up their lives as I did, but they have borne the burden and heat of the day. The faithful workers cannot compalin because Jesus promises all of us eternal life... the same wage will be paid to those who started early and for those who came in late like me. Her life was blessed greatly by God nad she is doiong better thane ver. When she cried to Jesus he reminded her of his parable and she understood that it was not too late to start doing what is right before God. This is Christianity's understanding of Jesus' parable of the Landowner, the Landowner is Jesus.
  13. Student Of The Bible Christian

    Thank you all for your warm welcome. I became a Christian when I was eighteen years old, and was raised in the Church, and am Christian through and through. I had never heard of Islam until I read about it a few years ago. America is a Protestant nation as you know, so I have been pretty well protected from outside influence. I read about Muhammed, his birth, life and his claims that he saw Gabriel and I have read that the Koran says that God does not beget. But for this to be true, then Jesus' words to Nicodemus in John chapter three, verse sixteen would have to be false. I cannot believe the Bible is false in any verse. I can explain why if anyone cares to converse with me. I am a nice person, do not wish to argue or fight. Only discuss peaceably the Word of God.
  14. Hello eveyone, my name is Sharon. I am a Christian and a serious student of the Bible.. have been since I was seventeen years old. I am grown woman now, but still spend much time studying God's Word. I was called into the ministry when a child by hearing God calling me. In the last four years I have been studying Islam and the Koran's contents. I would lile to converse with others on the Bible and the Koran. God bless you all.